Mailing Lists
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  1. backhouse-furness-district A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the backhouse-furness-district surname and variations in any place and at any time.
  2. padauphi-history Anyone with an historical and genealogical interest in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. The county was created on March 4, 1785, from part of Lancaster County and was named after Louis-Joseph, Dauphin of France, the first son of Louis XVI.
  3. alsace-lorraine The Alsace and Lorraine areas have both been claimed and administered by Germany and France through history. Their partially shared history is peculiar to this region, and many list members are expert researchers in this region. Please join us at
  4. alsachat The Alsachat project is based around weekly chats on IRC (Internet Relay Chat): IRC:// or irc:// (password roots). Our common interest is the Alsace, now in France, sometimes in the past, part of Germany. Join the new group at