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  1. genealogybitsandpieces Welcome to Genealogy Bits and Pieces Mailing List. If there is any special location, ethnic group or specific topic you would like more information on; just let me know and I will try to find it for you. I try to find things that are a little unusual, things that aren't on most of the sites you might visit.
  2. new-england-irish A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the new-england-irish surname and variations in any place and at any time.
  3. shabino Antoine Charbonneau came from Quebec. He married Marie Robillard and they move to the United States. They had several children. Charbonneau's did not write english. Census takers and other Persons filling out forms for them had to sound out the name.
  4. aus-nsw-new-england A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the aus-nsw-new-england surname and variations in any place and at any time.
  5. anglo-irish No political discussions should be held on this list. It may include the genealogy of very ancient Irish families of Norman or English descent, of Irish Roman Catholic families before the Reformation, of families after that period who may have had mixed Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland (Episcopal) marriages, or quite recent families who were various Protestant sects such as Methodists, Quakers, etc. I chose the list title as a way of including a mixed bag of families who often remained in Ireland but who also may have migrated to various English colonies. Thanks for joining us.
  6. eng-shropshire-plus Research support for enquiries pertaining to places within the county. Some support for places in the neighbouring counties, because we realise people were/are itinerant as well as long-settled. This is a reasonably busy email list with almost 600 members. Archves are available at[email protected]/ Contact the listowner directly at [email protected]
  7. middlemass Exchange of information on the surname and other variations having it's source in the area around Kelso, Roxburghshire in the Eastern Borders of Scotland and specifically a place Middlemestlands from which George F Black [The Surnames of Scotland] lists as Middlemas, Middlemass and Middlemiss and Reaney/Wilson [A dictionary of English Surnames] extends to Midlemas and Middlemist with further additions in registrars' records for Middlemast, Middlemess, Middlemoss, Middlemost and Middlemus
  8. threlkeld This RootsWeb list is for discussions about the Threlkeld surname--including all variant spellings like Thrailkill, Threlkel, Thurlkill, Threkeld and Thelkeld--and accompanies the global Guild of One-Name Studies registered effort at Please consider registering at the Study website. There are no obligations, and it will always be free of charge. Threlkeld is an ancient English surname. Its etymology is the combination of two Old Norse words: thraell, from the Proto-Germanic thragilaz: serfdom, a serf, or servant; and kelda, cognate with middle High German qual (German Quelle) and Danish kilde: a spring, wellspring, or fountain. This derivation links the origination of the name to the era of Norse activity in England, circa 793 to 1066. The original adopters of the surname chose it due to the manor and chapelry of the same name in the County of Cumberland (now Cumbria), England. The first recorded use of the surname was by Henry de Threlkeld in 1292, believed to have been under-S