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  1. gen-benelux What are we doing here: - Discuss genealogy topics that are tied to Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and former colonies. - Help each other with detailed investigations between Benelux researchers (experience exchange). - Distribution of capture from sources for general interest (e.g. obituaries from local newspapers). What has changed: - The mailing system in back-office at Rootsweb has changed (transparent to you). - The link to Usenet is broken (not provided by Rootsweb anymore) - that means parallel and different conversations take place there without integration and interaction. Sources of information: - Rootsweb information page for Gen-Benelux: - Archive of former emails: - Access to Usenet group soc.genealogy.benelux --> e.g. through GoogleGroups at!forum/soc.genealogy.benelux or new