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    1. [YOUNG] Black Diamond Washington photographs including EVANS - YOUNG Family
    2. Shelley Cardiel
    3. I've "rescued" a group of old photographs of young ladies who I believe may have all lived in Black Diamond, WA at the time. I've included the list of photographs along with some additional information I was able to gather regarding those in the photographs. The first is a group photograph including: Jennie (I believe TURNBULL); Liz SPAIGHT; Bella FINN; Lil HUTCHINSON; Maggie EVANS; Edith BOWEN; Edith JONES; Annie HANSON; Agnes ( I believe TURNBULL); Mamie EVANS; and Mary J. THOMAS The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1890's with the ladies all appearing to be in their teens or 20's. I believe that Bella FINN is Isabella M. DAVIES FINN b. 2 Aug 1873 the daughter of D. B. and Martha J. DAVIES and wife of W. C. FINN. Bella died 20 Feb 1895 and is buried in the Black Diamond Cemetery. Elizabeth A. "Liz" GIBBON SPAIGHT was b. 27 Jul 1871 in Yorktown, PA to parents David GIBBON and Mary LEWIS. Liz was one of 6 children born to this couple including, William David; Margaret; John; Elizabeth Ann "Liz" or "Lizzie"; David Jr.; and Mary Jane GIBBON, all born between 1862 and 1880. Liz married Thomas G. SPAIGHT with whom she had 4 children including, Helen, Margaret, Thomas Jr., and Samuel SPAIGHT all born between 1895 and 1906. Her husband died in 1926 and Liz and the children moved to Green River, WA. Liz died 22 Mar 1960 in Black Diamond or Seattle, WA and is also buried in the Black Diamond Cemetery. Edith L. BOWEN was living with her husband Joseph H. BOWEN in Black Diamond during the 1910 census along with children Margaret L. and Joseph E. BOWEN. Mary J. THOMAS was b. Dec 1870 and was living in Black Diamond during the 1900 census along with her Mother Elizabeth THOMAS and siblings William, Elizabeth, Maggie, Alice, and Evan THOMAS. Maggie A. EVANS was b. 1879 and married twice, first to Charles W. CAREY (1876-1918) and second to Frank A. YOUNG (1884-1962). Maggie had three children including, Hannah Jane CAREY LEWIS; George CAREY; and Maxine Marie YOUNG FINNEY, all born between 1896 and 1923. Maggie died in 1964 and is buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Issaquah, WA. The 2nd photograph is one of Gladys JONES STEELE which was taken at the Boyd Studio in Seattle, WA in the 1890's. Gladys appears to be in her teens or 20's at the time. Gladys JONES married James STEELE and together they had a son, James Harry STEELE b. 1904 and died in Renton, WA on 7 Jul 1944 and a daughter Winifred Evelyn STEELE WOODLEY b. 1908 and died in Renton, WA on 10 Aug 1959 The 3rd photograph is one of Selma HANSEN; Mella ALDERSON; and Gladys STEELE and a fourth unnamed woman, also taken at the Boyd Studio in Seattle, WA in the 1890's. The ladies all appear to be in their teens at the time. The 4th photograph is identified as Annie HANSON or HANSEN (name is spelled in two different ways on the back of the photograph) taken at the Boyd Studio in Seattle, WA in the early 1900's. Annie is likely in her 20's at the time the photograph was taken. I know that the TURNBULL girls were from Black Diamond and I'm guessing the entire group was as well. I'm hoping to be able to return the photographs to family and would appreciate you contacting me if you are a member of one of these families, or you know someone who might be related. Thanks, Shelley

    05/05/2018 12:12:06