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    1. [ADMIN] Caretaker - possibly List Owner - needed for this List.
    2. Vic Brocklehurst
    3. Hi Listers: Several months ago List Owner Diane asked that I caretake this List for her for an agreed period. This is the normal procedure when a List Owner (or Administrator if you prefer) is going to be off-line for more than a few days. Usually everything runs smoothly, and the List Owner returns as planned. In the meantime the Caretaker, having the List password, attends to any subscription or other problems on the List. Unfortunately Diana hasn't returned and attempts to contact her at her last known address have been unsuccessful. The time has now come to make fresh arrangements for administration of this List:. As a "stranger" I'm unable to do anything for the List beyond the "mechanics". I can't promote the List topic, or answer any queries! Is there anyone on the List who would be willing to Caretake on the understanding that if Diane does return she has prior claim to the List? If Diane does not return then you will probably inherit the List by default. No pay of course - it's all voluntary "work" done out of love for the hobby! If someone volunteers who hadn't managed a List before there's plenty of help available from Rootsweb, or I'll help if need be. Interested? Contact me at [email protected] and be sure to put the name of the List in the subject. Diane had a lot of List's that I'm still caretaking and am now seeking to hand over! Vic List Caretaker. .

    06/24/2006 02:03:11