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    1. A website that might interest you.
    2. Diane Sowden
    3. Hiya list, I am sending you a website that you might be interested in. Diane (list mum) FYI -- To those of you with England-based lists, I just ran across a resource which your lists might like to know about if they don't already. Harvard Law School has a collection of English deeds in their library, and these deeds are described on their website, including all names and locations contained therein: < pts/deeds/> There is a small search box on the left-hand side at the bottom. If "HLS website" is clicked, then entering a search term in that box and clicking on "Go" will search those deeds for you (and probably any other pages on their site as well). Some of these deeds mention land in America, but most of them are for land in England. They go back as early as the 1300's and go through at least the latter 1700's. It doesn't appear to be possible to search on just the deeds, so a search on a common name like Lewis will get way too many hits. Adding the term "deed" to your search will help, but there may still be irrelevant results. The deed descriptions are also browseable in the event that the name search isn't fruitful. Please feel free to forward this message in whole or in part to your list(s) if desired. -- Mary Taffet ==== Listowners Mailing List ==== Got suggestions or ideas for new tools and tweaks for admins? Join [email protected] ============================== Gain access to over two billion names including the new Immigration Collection with an free trial. Click to learn more.

    10/04/2004 11:22:07