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    2. Janet Ribbens
    3. Diane, I must tell you about my trip to the Jacoby Cemetery in Plymouth, Indiana, where by Aunts and Uncles that died in infancy are buried. I went there with a cousin and he parked in the far back corner of the cemetery. We walked all through the cemetery and found graves of several of my grandmother's family but could not find the graves of these precious babies. We were giving up and walking back to the car when my cousin found a small stone, mostly covered by grass, but showing the 'eazel.' It was right next to the car. Any closer and it would have been under the car! We cleaned the grass off and there was two of the children's grave markers right next to our car, in the very back of the cemetery!. I was so excited! We did not find markers for the other two but I am convinced they are back there too but did not get a marker since the family was very poor. Then, last week I went there and someone had pulled the stones up to the surface where we were once again able to see their markers. The mold was on the stones so it was hard to discern the names again and I didn't have anything to clean them with. At first I did not know they were even the markers and I was so upset but another cousin and I started to srape the mold off and sure enough, it was them. Only other genealogists would understand and be so thrilled as I was! Janet Ribbens ----- Original Message ----- From: "Diane Sowden" <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 2:31 AM Subject: [yeazel] Halloween > In the spirit of Halloween, from now through Oct. 31 please feel free to > post > any spooky tales related to your family research. Found a grave with the > help > of that ancestor? Tell us about it. Share a family tradition with us. What > did your ancestor's do for a holiday? A special family recipe? Get your > creative > juices flowing and share with us today! > > It works every October and is fun for many list members who may have been > afraid to post before. It tends to get them talking anyway! > > I set the time limit for this topic so that after Oct.31 we can get down to > some really good researching... > > Diane (List mum) > > > > ============================== > Gain access to over two billion names including the new Immigration > Collection with an free trial. Click to learn more. > >

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