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    1. Fw: Roll Call
    2. Ray Baker
    3. Whoops, we all spell it differently! ---------- > From: Ray Baker <[email protected]> > To: [email protected] > Subject: Fw: Roll Call > Date: Saturday, July 22, 2000 3:46 PM > > > > ---------- > > From: Ray Baker <[email protected]> > > To: [email protected] > > Subject: Roll Call > > Date: Saturday, July 22, 2000 11:10 AM > > > > I am a descendant of Jacob Yazell, Sr., Jacob Yazell, Jr., John Simpson > > Yazell, George Henry Yazell and then my grandfather, Wiliam Emmett > Yazell. > > I would appreciate any information on John's first wife to Lonia > Hamilton > > (1840), second marriage to Caroline Conway (1869). Am also searching for > > information on George Henry Yazell's wives: Elvina Hamilton, (1877) and > > Amelia Heflin (1883). Dates are for marriages. > > Sylvia Evans Baker > >

    07/22/2000 09:53:06
    1. Re: Roll Call]
    2. Robin M. Yeazle
    3. GOOD DAY, So far I haven't been having much luck finding out any more info. on my family. I am still working on it though. I did find out that my grandfather was married to 6 women at one time!!! Seems like this entire thing is going to get even more difficult for me. I also know that my family comes from around the Spooner and Rice Lake Wisconsin areas. I will keep trying to get more info. and send it to you when I can. A TRUE FRIEND IS SOMEONE WHO'S ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU. THANKS FOR BEING THAT TO ME... ROBIN

    07/18/2000 04:32:13
    1. Yeazel roll call
    2. virginia & doug
    3. Here is the family I am researching. Edward S. Yeazel married Kate Aken in 1868 in Clark County, Ohio. They are found in the Pierce Co. Washington census in 1900. I have found 2 of their children in California. Harry, married to Cornelia, in the 1910 census in Sausalito. Walter, wife Norma Barron, in the 1920 census in San Mateo. Other known children Anne, Catherine, Bessie m. Woodward and Frances m. Landecker.

    07/17/2000 02:31:01
    1. Re: [Fwd: Roll Call]
    2. Jennifer Yeazel
    3. I wish I had something exciting to share; I recently joined the list to start learning what I could but don't have anything new. My branch of Yeazels still resides in the mid-west, mostly in Chicago area. We do descend from the Ohio Yeazels, I know that much due to research done by a cousin of my father's. Does anyone else have more info about our connection with the name VanYsselsteyn? Jennifer Yeazel At 05:17 PM 07/16/2000, you wrote: >This is a multi-part message in MIME format. >--------------48DEA4FBDECB11CEFDCB7D85 >Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii >Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit > > > >--------------48DEA4FBDECB11CEFDCB7D85 >Content-Type: message/rfc822 >Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit >Content-Disposition: inline > >X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 >Message-ID: <[email protected]> >Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 20:15:45 -0400 >From: Paula Sprouse <[email protected]> >X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.6 [en] (Win98; I) >X-Accept-Language: en >MIME-Version: 1.0 >To: [email protected] >Subject: Roll Call >Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii >Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit > >After a long vacation from Yazel family history, I am interested in >restarting my pursuit of knowledge on our Yazel ancestors. Let's do a >roll call of list members and see who we are all researching. I will >start with my many great grandfather John Yazel b. 1785 d. unknown. >His father being Jacob Yazel b. 1752 d. 1841 in Allen County, Ohio. > >I am anxious to hear from all, especially the new members !! > >Paula Sprouse >[email protected] >Yazel family historian > > >--------------48DEA4FBDECB11CEFDCB7D85--

    07/17/2000 05:18:42
    1. Re: [Fwd: Roll Call]
    2. Dick Rice
    3. Great Great Great Grandparents Christian Yeazel born 1772 in Hampshire County, Virgiana and died on Apr 12, 1836 in Montgomery County, OH. Great Great Grandparents John Yeazel was born on Oct 16, 1804 in Hardy County, Virginia and died on Jan 2, 1871 in Montgomery County, OH Great Grandparents - Hellen Yeazel was born on May 9, 1849 in Miami Twp., Montgomery County, Ohio and Died on Dec 2, 1908 in Newberry Township, Miami County, OH. Hellen married Charles Wesley Rice. Grandfather - Charles Edwin Rice was born on Jan 21, 1891 in Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio and died on March 3, 1953 in Covington, Miami County, OH. Stilling searching for the ancestry of Christian Yeazel (Yazel) Dick Rice

    07/16/2000 03:22:40
    1. yazell family members
    2. I am researching my mom side of the family and my great great grandfathers name was John Yazell (b) 1841 (m April 1859 in Fleming Co KY ) Sarah Amanda Johnson (b) 1840 they moved to Ohio shortly there after and had a son Calvin who married a Hattie Ayers and they had 3 children. My road block starts with John and Sarah for when they crossed the Ohio River they changed there last name to Jones. Thanks

    07/16/2000 02:28:00
    1. [Fwd: Roll Call]
    2. Paula Sprouse
    3. This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------48DEA4FBDECB11CEFDCB7D85 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit --------------48DEA4FBDECB11CEFDCB7D85 Content-Type: message/rfc822 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Disposition: inline X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 Message-ID: <[email protected]> Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 20:15:45 -0400 From: Paula Sprouse <[email protected]> X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.6 [en] (Win98; I) X-Accept-Language: en MIME-Version: 1.0 To: [email protected] Subject: Roll Call Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit After a long vacation from Yazel family history, I am interested in restarting my pursuit of knowledge on our Yazel ancestors. Let's do a roll call of list members and see who we are all researching. I will start with my many great grandfather John Yazel b. 1785 d. unknown. His father being Jacob Yazel b. 1752 d. 1841 in Allen County, Ohio. I am anxious to hear from all, especially the new members !! Paula Sprouse [email protected] Yazel family historian --------------48DEA4FBDECB11CEFDCB7D85--

    07/16/2000 02:17:08
    1. Colorado News
    2. Richard Ribbens
    3. Even though all of you are not here in town, I have put all the Yeazels in one group in my e-mail address book so you do not necessarily have to reply to it. Just thought you may like to know what is going on here. That is why you received the invitation to go to the Art Museum. Maybe eventually I will know more about all this e-mail stuff! Also, for those of you who are my genealogy cousins, I opened a "My Family" site but I don't think that is going to be what I wanted. We have the Yeazel-L that Paula is in charge of but I didn't know if you all would want us "Colorado Yeazels" to use that for our family gossip, prayer requests, etc. Also, for the genealogy cousins, have you thought of submitting our tree to the Family Tree Maker? I am not sure how it is done and I am not even sure if you would want all your work open for anyone. I have the information for my husband's family and have not yet submitted it. Supposedly, they do not print information on any living relative but I am still hesitant. What do all of you think on this? Now, Gloria, you can ignore the genealogy cousins information. (Ha!) You are so good at answering me that I just don't want you to think your are "obligated" on this stuff. Now, to all of you, Aunt Ethel is just getting weaker herself but she is still able to get around. Some of us went to her house and had a pot luck lunch this week. I think it is very draining on her to take care of Uncle Lester. He is probably down to 100 pounds. He fell again and hurt his arm and shoulder and cut his head. The doctor said he probably bumped his throat also because he can hardly swallow and sounds different. He is the one that is loosing so fast. He can't remember what you told him 20 minutes later, however, he does like to tell stories of his youth. (some we think are fiction!). One blessing with that is that when you can't remember things, you can't stay mad at anyone and you don't know if you consented to go to the doctor or not, right? Aunt Naomi is wearing a heart monitor for two weeks because at times her heart beats way too fast. She already has a pacemaker that keeps her heart from beating too slow, so who knows what comes next. She tires out easier but anyone knowing Aunt Naomi knows she would never be happy not being with people and being involved and active! For my genealogy cousins, these two aunts are our loves. We want them to be here for a long time. It is a snowy day here. Two days ago, it was 80 degrees. Incredible Colorado weather! Talk to you soon, Janet

    10/16/1999 01:20:15
    1. oops!
    2. Richard Ribbens
    3. I can't believe how easy this is and every time I goof. Did you all get the message about the museum? If so, I forgot to say it was the Art Museum and the Impressionists show. We need to make reservations soon as they book pretty fast but the last week of October is ok right now. If you did not get the message regarding the prices, let me know. I still can't get any messages to Donna. What am I doing wrong, Brenda? OK Now I think I have this right!!!! Janet

    10/05/1999 04:06:17
    1. Museum Tickets
    2. Richard Ribbens
    3. I checked on the museum ticket prices etc. For Adults is is $12.75, Seniors $9.75 Children 6-8 $600 under six free. They let people in on the hour and ever 20 minutes thereafter. If we order the tickets over e-mail or phone there is another $2.00 per ticket. If someone goes down and picks them up, the $2.00 is not charged. (If several of us are going, it would be worth the trip.) The tickets must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. With this information, who all would be interested in going? If none of you want to go, I can always go with my kids so don't feel pressured but I think it would be fun! If we are going to go, everyone will need their money for the show when we get together next Teusday. Janet

    10/05/1999 04:00:21
    1. Unidentified subject!
    2. Richard Ribbens
    3. Hi all, We Colorado Yeazel Cousins had our yearly reunion. This year we did some brief organizing. We had door prizes, games, good food and a "Stinky No Talent Talent Show. It turned out to be real fun. One of the families (Gladys' family) that we expected to sing (cause they sing so good) got up and did a hokey dance. The men were hysterical. They turned around and each guy had a word on their shirt. Altogether it said "we are never doing this again!" At the end, they each pulled out a squirt gun and squirted the audience. Now the rest of us have to top that next year! Two families did sing together (Glenn's family and Naomi's family). They were so good! Our family (Minnie's family) did a silly skit. Violet's family read a portion of the "Life Story of Geo Yeazel" that I e-mailed to you all. It really added fun and we are going to do even more next year. All of you are invited! Aunt Ethel is not doing well. Her heart continues to get worse. Aunt Naomi was to her heart specialist and she is needing to change medicines or something. She already has a pacemaker so that may have to be adjusted or something. Anyway, right now she is not feeling real well either. It is so hard seeing them all fail. Aunt Naomi and Aunt Ethel are the only ones left in the family of that generation. Paula, I still have not gotten down to Sante Fe to look up the Goodyear's records. Perhaps after the first of the year when I head to Texas, I can swing by Sante Fe and get that. I have not forgotten. I tried to set up a site for our family on " but I don't think it is really what I wanted. I think this Yeazel-L really does what I want for our cousins . Would you all care if our cousins used this to contact each other. Obviously, you would be getting our family news, etc. so if you would rather not, I can set up another spot. Fall is here in Colorado and the Aspen Trees in the mountains have peaked. We usually get just golds and a small amount of red or orange. Our falls are not as spectacular as all of you have back east with all the different kinds of trees. I love the fall! Well, my love to you all, Talk to you soon Janet

    10/02/1999 02:31:36
    1. Our Yeazel Cousins Reunion
    2. Richard Ribbens
    3. Our cousins reunion will be on September 6, 1999. All are invited, however, since we are going through major redoing, it may be more fun for you to come next year. We have set up a committee to really organize some of the events. In the past, all we did was get together, eat and talk. Next year we will go to a park that has a petting zoo, a stream and many other things. Also, for those of you who have been in touch, I may just give you a little information on the happenings in our family. My Aunt Ethel has just learned that besides congestive heart failure, she is having "fibrilations" and also all four valves are "leaking." It is really not good news but we have not heard from the specialist yet exactly what they can do. She has already said she would not go through surgery. She will be 85 in March of next year. She doesn't look it and certainly has never acted that old. Her husband, Lester, is failing also. There doesn't seem to be anything one can nail down but he is loosing ground. He has fallen twice in the last few months but fortunately did not break any bones. Aunt Ethel is our sweetheart. To think of loosing her is an almost unbearable thought. She is the pillar in our family. She has always been healthy. She is aware that she is not well and is resigned to it, however, as she said today, she is not wanting to go yet! Please keep her in your prayers. She is praying that she goes as my mother did. She just sat down in a chair and was gone. If any of you have any questions you would like to ask her, it probably would be well to let me know as soon as possible and I shall ask her. I feel quite distressed, thinking of loosing her but she truly has had a good life and has always served the Lord. Secondly, did any of you receive the copy of my grandfather's story. I made a couple mistakes in it but with all the bad spelling, no punctuation marks and no capitalizations, it was difficult. We find it wonderful because we can almost hear him saying the words. My husband couldn't believe the story about the horse that he tried to get moving. He thought someone made it up, but not so. Grandpa had such a funny way and he always saw the humor in his life. It is hard to believe though that as he said "thats all the important " He talked more about horses than his family! What fun. I thought I might try to type up what he was really saying for those who can't decipher his words. He wrote all this in cursive which wasn't all that legible either. Keep in mind, he only had a third grade education! It shows! My cousin, Jack Yeazel, lives in South Padre Island. We haven't heard how his home is yet but we are thinking positively since they were south of the eye of the hurricane. His brother, Dick, in Fayetteville, N. C. is in the hospital and not expected to make it. It is his heart also. Well, we do have some good news though. One of my cousins, once removed, and his wife are expecting twins after having artificial insemination. We are thrilled for them. Well, love to you all Janet

    08/24/1999 04:53:09
    1. Unidentified subject!
    2. Richard Ribbens
    3. We just found this in one of my Aunt's papers. I have tried to write it just as he did. I hope you enjoy it and can "translate" it. Remember, my grandfather only had a third grade education (and he must have not learned much!) Anyway, enjoy! "My Life Story by Bill Yeazel, ( page one is missing)" I, went out with my Dad and brother John to saw wood. I, thought I was such a reale man. We lived near a saw mill. I went to scheole 2 miles. I, had to walke snow ore no snow. I fell a stradle a board fense and I. had to lay in bed for a monthe or more with my feet hung up in the eare about 3 feet ore more/ then we moved 4 miles west of Rochester on a farme where I got a job herding horseses. I, was about the age of 12." (This page was not numbered but I believe it fits here. It said:) " I got 3.00 a mounth this man was Charley Dllin I. would hurd the horseses about 3/4 of a mile nite and morning they were horseses that he bout of the street car at Schago about 25 head of them he would fix them up and teame them up and seal them. one day he harnest up a teame and said fore me to fitch them to the wagen and feth them to town well I. did but on ther way they got Stard Sarted running they ran about a mile it was a nearo road and they stad in the Road I, bounsted around in the wagen and thay finley stod up and I, got holte of there lines but the lines wernt much good to me onley to gide them with I. warked there one Summer. that winter I, Stayed home helped cleare land we lived in a log house one rumse 15 x 24 my dad mom and 7 chaildren we finley bilt a chichin on the side/ I. remember we cut corne by the shoulk and snbures would stek to our pant lages until they were so stif thay would stand up alone well I. and my brother Con would Ride the horeses out to the water tank one day I. led one that was fealing mity good I. was a holding lins by the halter and he kicked me rite in the jaw lusend up Sum of my teathe. as I said we wer clearing and holling wood to town it was in the winter time my dad and I. tuck a load of wood to town it was a courd of grean wood we got in town I. went to get of the wagen I. Sliped and fell under the wheal and the wheal ran rite over my head But I. had a heavy cap on over my eares my dad heard the bump and he jumped of and praked me up and helped me in a Store my head was as big as a barle foer a few dayes wel life is life/ I. remember we trimed of sume sprouts of stumps Barwood Stumps and theay were grow fore 3 or 4 years the leaves were packed in them and they ful of this viper sakes we would take a long pole and scratch them out and kil them there would from 1 to 3 round each sumps they would blow poisen but we got the job dun withow harme/ well then we moved on a farme east of argoes where I helped rais peperment the land was mersh land and it was soft we had to weave pades on the horses feet to hepe them from maring down. wel I. went to warke fore a farmer by the munth I. got up earley in the morning don all thi chorse with tuck 1 oure and a half then went in to breckfest after brekfest got the team out got to the feald at sunnup the supper bell would rng at sondown by the time I. got to bed it was 9 oclock well I. warked there 4 munths he was a young man that came out of chichago did not no a haro from a plow trying to run a farme I. would warke about 13 ourers and then go back to the shugr camp and bonsel down Shuger water until 11 or 12 oclock for 15.00 a mounth one nite I. was caring to pailes of surpe that had bin boilded down and at the edge of the woodses there was a grohne hog hole that had bin dug up from under neath so there was no durt to shoe So i stepid rite in that hole went down to my kne and sprled rite out on the grund and set them pailes rite down on the ground and never spilt a drop and they were brim full he sais If that would ben me I, would Spilt every drop well we got along until he bout a sture in inwood he would go to the store and come home grouling about everey thing he saw. so him and I. couldnt get a long eney more So I. went back home to help on the peprment Stil. well my brother and I wanted to do sumping actrave so we got som butchere knives and made a stufed dumey man to thro knives round but dat hid our nives he thought we wood hurt our selves we got good at throing them around each other but he stoped the warkes we never did find our nives then we moved back to grager where I. got a job picking up patatoes after a diger a man by the name of jim - durmrenes had 15 acoers he had 9 felows helping pick potatoes pad us 10 sense par oure I, one day I. said I. was going to cuiet we was in the barne eating dinner. they all said we nead more mouny so they droud cuts to see who go in and ask fore a raise so my cousen and I. got the Short cut so we went in and told him we thought we would haft have more mouney he went and got muney and payed us. we went out and told the other gies but they wouldn't stick. they all went back to warke and we went home. So we got redy to hunt that winter we got a tent, trapes and all ecuipments so we ... camped loung the River so we set traps fore furs of all kind we wood look after our trape in the moring then go out to hunt rabets we sold our rabets to a man in plymouth fore 10 cents a pair. we got us a fairet to chase them out of gouhog holes my cusain was a crack schot so he ses to me if you want to get aney rabetes you got to get up and get them I, aint watin. So I. got so I. dident mis eather we would go out everyday dident make aeny diferse how bad the wither were we went cune at nite my cousin had 2 Cane gogs we went out one nite and got lost in a big woods we curcled3 times and came back to the sme place but we finley found our wa out/ one other tim we went cune hunting their was no teming at plymouth we tuck the teme and the wagan there was 5 of us just throde sum hay in the wagan and set on it it was halowene nite we went out about 6 we wente on down the river an but 4 ore 5 oure and sarted back home driving along aon a swift trot kebang the wagan jumped up in frunt and horses soped and the men was lying down in the wagoin I. was seting down in frunt by the dashberd driving and they all piled on top of me gogs and all we dident know what had hapned it was purty darke so we got out and looked and there was a saw loge laying rite in the milde of the road longwayes the horses stradle and the wagan axel hit the ende of the log the wagne and horses stoped sudent but we dident. well I. remember my dad moved out betwene burbon and bramene I stayed at my cousense my gal she were ther She was Staying at hear ants about 9 miles from where I, was, so I, would drive about 18 or 20 miles to see her so when I wood stort home I, wuld to to slepe and the horse would go home it wouldstanding at the gate when I. woke up I, rember won time I. was Staying at my fothers and I, went to slepe on they my horse stoped at the gate But I. dident wake up and my cusen were staying there at the time him and my bother lithed the horse put it in the barne and come out to put the bugy way down across the feald in to a march but just as they got started they ran over a pese of rail and I woke up then all I. had to do was go in and go to bed/ I. remember my horse was one of them kind that would buck som times so I. was at my cousenes and I. drove out of the gate and got out to shut the gate When I. got back in to go he stude there like a lump I. realey got mad I. put gravle in his ear no go I. went back to the straw ssarke got a big arm ful of straw and put it rite under him and set it on fire when he got a littl hot he gave a big jump and stoped the bugy sit over the fire the fire was geting mitey hot by that time I. don som mity faste warke geting that fire put out come mity nie burning up my bugey and the old dume horse stud there well when I. got the fire all out I. got in bugy again and set there about 2 minits and sed getiup away he went after all that truble owel thats a bochey horse for you. I. rember one nite we wente to breman to a dinner of sume kind and on theway home we both went to slepe and I. had my cousens horse and he went the rong way he went about 5 miles on the rong road before we woke up. I. rember I. warked fore a man how wars leigh tenserd the cows would get in corn feald now and then So got in the corn agin so I. herd him back there driving them out I.was ??? corne in enother feald and after whi9le I. heard a shot. when I. went up to spi I. saw a cow standing there with her head sweald up like a wooden pail her eis swlen tite shut she stud around for severl dayes couldn't eat ore drink but finley got well and at a nother time he was sloping the hogs and he had a big sow waid about 600 pounds she would get in the troft and Rute your pail away She made him mad and he kicked her in the jaw and sshe ran around a half acer with her head in the eair scuealing for an our or so next morning she was dead one outher time we were cuting corn with lead cutter and the horse maroed down and he bat it with a club util I. thought he wuld kil it it isent plesent to worke aroud that kid of a man wel I. went back to my cousenes and we was cuting wood and I. was sliting a block with the ax and the ax went thrue the block into my fut thru my shue into my fut I., went to the house my fut was swelling so I. could harldley get my shue of. I. carey the mark yet. well I. ges that is all that is imporent but I. got mired then the duble truble stared. no I. dont' mean it that way - well in a few dayes they come to bill us we were sleping up starres and they cowld me out but didnt giv me time to get out by the time I. got down staires they come in and they was going to take me out I. dident have my shoes on yet they graged me and was going to take me out but I. decited they couldent so I. gave them the time of there lives we had a real raciling mach and I. wone they never got me out. well then we moved to Rochester I. went to warrke on a S??? fore a whaile there Chester was born, well my fother and I. went to teaming one of hises horses dad and I bought so we warked toghter mosley halling brick I.went out about scating in the winter on morroto lake, in the summer I. road a bickle about we would ride out to the river brdge a bunch of us geis racing out there and back 6 miles My brother and I. just bought a new byke I went up town one nite and set my bike down agiast the blding and went down the street for sumting and when I caime back no bike I all over went in and ask the man that I bout it of so I. went home and there it was that women of mine had purshed that bike cleare home about 10, 12 blockes cauldent ride it just fore a joke IGESE oyes the horse I. bought was a mean one he would jump at yor like a wild lion he would bit you when I. put the corn in he wood back way up as fare as the holter strap would let him go and wene I got away he would lepe at that corne and hit it withe his tetle and corn wood fly all over the place I. got him scard of me I. was hitching him to the wagen he gabed me rite in chest I. had my coat butned he lifted me of the ground he let luse and I. fel on the rgrond whey I. jumped up I. grabed the neckwokelamed him on the head and he ran away a little wayse I went after he stud there whaking like a leaf I. got him and brithed him up. well I. moved out between Burbon and Breamen I cut wood and logs that winter I wod go over to my dads to hunt rabets back of dads place there was a claring and a lot of bruth piles about 20 feat apart I. had a little 20g musel loder dubarral I. wood get on top the brusch pile and tramp them out it dident take long to get a half dosen rabets well I. raised a log of turnips in the back of the lot and we used turneps unstid of potatoes that winter well we moved 3. miles east of plymouth where I worked fore a farmer by... from there I. moved mishawaka and warked fore the doge co melting iron about 2 1/2 y then came to South bend and warked fore the bowyser co melting Iron fore about 9 years then went to Claton new mixico there I. warked at cement masen carpender warke fore about 3 1/2 y . then came back to bowyser co fore another 7 y from there i> come to Dennver Colorado. there I warked at Conestone warke.

    08/20/1999 03:18:59
    1. Reunion
    2. Ray Baker
    3. Hello List, Last weekend our family of Yazells had a family reunion at the Adams Lake State Park at West Union, OH. It was a huge sucess. Lots of us had not seen each in 40+ years, and had a great time "catching up". Some of us had never seen each before at all! We are descendants of William and Zenna Hamilton Yazell. Both were born in Fleming Co. Ky. They were married for 68 years and both died in 1981. They would have been very proud of their family. Sylvia Evans Baker

    06/25/1999 10:31:13
    1. Con't. Goddard Cemetery
    2. Ray Baker
    3. Second part of the list: YAZELL, James Thomas 1879-1966 YAZELL, Sadie Lee 1884-1987 YAZELL, Charley b. 08-30-1881 YAZELL, Annie J. B. 01-03-1882 D. 03-30-1914 YAZELL, Edna F. (Daughter of H.M. & M. Humphries) 6-1878/1899 YAZELL, Hiram B. 02-16-1853 YAZELL, Mary I. B. 08-10-1859 YAZELL, Anna 1875-1963 YAZELL, Nelson 1873-1969 YAZELL, Nellie B. 1902 YAZELL, Vera B. 1900 HELPHINSTINE, Lily D. 07-06-1865/12-26-1960 McKEE, J. Stewart 06-17-1907/07-18-1974 McKEE, Carrie Francis (His wife) 09-01-1920/01-09-1999

    05/06/1999 10:36:24
    1. Goddard Cemetery
    2. Ray Baker
    3. I recently went through the Goddard Methodist Cemetery in Fleming Co., KY. Several names I am researching were on grave markers, including my gr gr grandfather Geo. W. Yazell and his wife Carrie. The following is a list that may of interest to others. My ties on this listing are Yazell, Hamilton, Humphries, Daulton and McKee. HAMILTON, John Isaac B. 11-25-1892 D. 10-11-1975 (my great uncle) HAMILTON, Mae ( J.I. H. wife) B. 1898 D. 1941 HAMILTON, Lewis B. 1880 D. 1934 HAMILTON Florence B. 1876 D. 1946 DAULTON, William Delmore 1882-1957 DAULTON, Anny Bell DAULTON 1890-1876 YAZELL, George W. B. 03-09-1832 D. 10-08-1901 YAZELL, Carrie (wife of Geo.) B. 11-10-1847 D. 06-04-1928 On Geo. and Carrie's monument: Letha E. POYNTER B. 10-30-1884 D. 09-19-1905 Lottie HINTON B. 09-08-1870 D. 10-04-1900 J.F.HINTON B. 01-22-1868 D. 04-21-1904 YAZELL, Luther N. B. 10-28-1894 D. 05-06-1981 YAZELL, Lola M. (Wife of Luther) B. 09-17-1900 D. 05-01-1977 YAZELL, Letha H. (Mother) B. 03-22-1888 D. 10-14-1968 YAZELL, T.F. B. 09-16-1867 D. 06-29-1892 YAZELL, W. Riley B. 04-19-1892 d. 05-02-1942 YAZELL, Joseph N. B. 03-16-1829 D. 04-05-1877 YAZELL, Martha J. (Wife of Joseph) B. 01-15-1834 D. 11-29-1889 YAZELL, Curtis B. 1890-1970 Bessie H. 1895-1970 YAZELL, James Thomas 1879-1966 Sadie Lee 1884-1987 YAZELL, Charley B. 08-30-1881 Annie J. B. 01-03-1882 D. 03-30-1914 YAZELL, Edna F. (Dau. of H.M. & M. HUMPHRIES) B. 6-1878 D. 1899 YAZELL, Hiram b. 02-16-1853 Mary I. B. 08-10-1859 YAZELL, Emma Maud 07-01-1913 09-30-1914 YAZELL, Anna 1875-1963 Nelson YAZELL 1873-1969 YAZELL, Nellie B. 1902 Vera YAZELL B. 1900 HUMPHRIES, Rebecca Martin 1858-? Burgess HUMPHRIES 1856-1931 HUMPHRIES, H.M. 1852-1928 his Wife Margaret HUMPHRIES 1850-1930 HUMPHRIES, Elmer B. 04-23-1883 D. 05-07-1938 HUMPHRIES, Rushie ( Wife of Elmer) B. 11-27-1883 D. 12-09-1913 HELPHINSTINE, Delmer D. (2nd wife of Elmer) B. 09-16-1897 D. 03-08-198? HUMPHRIES TAYLOR, Ruby D. B. 07-06-1932 D. 12-31-1988 HUMPHRIES, Lon B. 02-02-1881 D. 10-17-1955 HELPHINSTINE, David D. B. 01-11-1857 D. 02-03-1939 HELPHINSTINE, Magnolia (Daughter of David and Alice) B. 07-23-1881 D. 12-23-1954 HELPHINSTINE, Lily D. B. 07-06-1865 D. 12-26-1960 McKEE, J. Stewart 06-17-1907 07-18-1974 McKEE, Carrie Francis 9-1-1920/1-9-1999 McKEE, Sudie Mae B. 12-25-1922 Duard Cestine McKEE B. 02-15-1917 D. 04-09-1986 McKEE, Shirley Lou (Daughter of D.C. and Sudie) 1944-1947 McKEE, Lucy E. B. 04-14-1884 D. 03-13-1986 McKEE, Samuel E. 04-20-1878 11-30-1955 McKEE, Carl T. (Son of Lucy and Samuel) 09-02-1902 05-01-1970

    05/06/1999 10:26:55
    1. Goddard questions
    3. Ray, Thanks for the cemetery list. There are several people I do not know of...can you help?? How about Letha Poyner. Is she a daughter to George and Carrie?? On Geo. and Carrie's monument: Letha E. POYNTER B. 10-30-1884 D. 09-19-1905 and.. YAZELL, Letha H. (Mother) B. 03-22-1888 D. 10-14-1968 Also, have you ever heard of a Yeazel cemetery in Fleming County that was destroyed when they paved State Route 32?? Just wondering if you ever ran across any listings from that old, old cemetery. Paula

    05/06/1999 08:02:32
    2. Brant S Miller
    3. I received this on the Sellers list serve I am on and thought some Yeazel/Yazels might also be interested. Brant Miller -----Original Message----- From: marie sellers hollinger [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 10:16 PM To: [email protected] Subject: SELLERS/TRANSLATIONS SELLERS - haven't tried it - sounded good - marie, iowa AltaVista: Translations. It will translate anything for you. It translates into several languages from English and from foreign languages back into English.

    04/04/1999 08:04:13
    1. Miscellaneous
    3. Dean, Aren't you something to send me all your old mail!!!! I am addressing each to you and the group as well. First off....William Yeazel, married to Effie Ganoe, is the son of David and Sarah Yeazel who migrated to McLean COunty, Illinois from Champaign COunty, Ohio with their 9 children circa 1847. I am positive that William is not the son of David and Esther Baumgarner Yeazel. David and Esther's William lived on the Yeazel farm in Champaign COunty, Ohio and is validated by the 1880 and 1900 census of the county. If more proof is indicated, will be glad to share. Oh yea, the above mentioned David is the 8th child of Jacob Yeazel who came to Champaign COunty, Ohio from Fleming County, Kentucky circa 1820. Second....Per p. 125 "The Families of Francis Dodds and Margaret Craig Dodds 1929" James Dodds b. 28 Mar 1799 near Dayton, Ohio d. 17 Nov 1874 m. 3 Oct 1822 Mary Yeazel children: 1) William 2) Susan 3) Isabel m. Oliver Pease 1) Fannie Pease 2) Harry Pease 4) Martha m. Lindsay Ryder 5) Felix 6) Eliza 7) Frances Mary m. ___ McLaughlin 1) Mary m. ___ Grimm 2) a son name unknown 8) John Yeazel m. Louise Clark Charlie DEAN, who is Charlie and did he write the Dodds History?? I would love to know more about Hannah Yeazel, daughter of Christian, Montgomery County, who married John Dodds 1824. Hannah filed a paternity suit with John Dodd shortly before their marriage date. Can't find anything more about her. Thirdly....still trying to find the Phoebe Hale connection. Source is not to be found!! Fourth...thanks for the death date 1886 for Catherine Yeazel, Monroe, Wisconsin. I have a picture of the gravestone when I visited two years ago. The date is difficult to read. Fifth and last!!....I think that Janet and I agree that Aunt Violet was unfortunate not to have all the records available to her in the 70's like we have today. Soloman, I am certain is the son of Christopher and Polly Likes Yeazel, who traveled to Champaign County, Ohio from Fleming County, Kentucky (probably with Jacob) circa 1820. Christopher is the 3rd son of Jacob, born about 1777. That's all for now. Please write again, it's great to hear from you!! Paula Sprouse [email protected]

    03/28/1999 03:00:59
    1. YAZEL
    2. gfcox
    3. Seeking descendants of Nancy M. Cox and William R. Yazell who were married July 9, 1867 Shelby Co, Illinois. She was the daughter of William Cox and Sarah Ryan who lived in Christian Co. One source claims William son of Adam Wallace Yeazel and Maria Crable, but this is unconfirmed. Nancy and William had the following children: Laura, b 1868, married to Palmer Johnson 1896 Sagamona Co, Ill; Minnie, married to Albert Jones 1891, Sagamon Co, Ill. and Freddie Yazell b 1872 . William Yazell died and Nancy married George Bowers. However, Bowers either died or she divorced him and she returned to using the name Yazel. She was last known to be keeping a rooming house in Springfield, Ill. Any help appreciated.

    03/03/1999 04:48:23