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    1. HUGHES born in Breconshire
    2. Shirley Johnson
    3. Can sks give me any idea what a family was doing in 1862 through 1866 in Breconshire? My gr-gr grandfather, Gordon S Hughes,was with the 92nd Highland Regiment (now Gordon Highlanders). Both he and his wife were born in England, however their 3 eldest sons (James Annesley, Francis & Frederick) were born in Llandefalsg according th the 1881 census. Can anyone enlighten me? The only connection I can find would have been his step-father, John Lloyd Vaughan Watkins, who was alive until 1865, although his mother was deceased since 1855 so that seems a little unlikely. I'd really appreciate the assistance of anyone with more expertise than me. Shirley Carson Johnson Canada

    02/24/2006 12:19:27