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    1. Changes to Mid-Wales mailing lists - Let's go for it!
    2. John Ball
    3. **To BRE, MGY, and RAD Lists** 11:50 am Friday 10 Feb 2005 Message from Julie Preston and John Ball (List Adminstrators) Good morning Listers, Thanks to all of you who have let us know your views. The general feeling is that we should 'go for it', make a start on implementing the proposed changes, and see how we go. The first step is to make sure you are subscribed to the Powys List. To subscribe, compose an e-mail containing just the one word SUBSCRIBE and send it to: [email protected] for mail mode or [email protected] for digest mode We have set up a new webpage for the Powys List - - which contains useful information about the running of the list, including a section on joining and leaving the list. You can subscribe from there if you're not already with Powys. The webpage also includes a "Do's and Don'ts" section: it would be very helpful if everyone had a look at that please - no excuses for NOT getting the right county code in the subject lines! You may wish to refer to the Powys List webpage from time to time so please bookmark it in your 'Favourites' for future reference. We'll probably add other relevant items as we think of them. Once you've subscribed to the Powys List, send all future mail to [email protected] As we've said before, the BRE, MGY, and RAD lists are NOT being closed. They are unlikely to be carrying much list mail but it is entirely up to you to decide whether to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe by composing a message containing just the one word UNSUBSCRIBE and send it to one (or more) of the following addresses: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Change the L to D if you are subscribed in digest mode. See you on the Powys List :o) Julie Preston and John Ball Joint Administrators, Powys, BRE, MGY, and RAD lists.

    02/11/2006 11:01:15