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    1. [WIWASHBU] BROWN Family Photographs and Letters
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    3. I've "rescued" an group of old photographs and papers belonging to the BROWN - COLLINS - GOODELL Family. Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding this family and have included that information along with details for each of the items as follows: 1 - Photograph of Jessie May BROWN and Pauline LEMKA or LEMKE BROWN, no studio or loc, Jessie in her teens and Pauline in her 40's Jessie May BROWN was b. 10 Mar 1884 or 1885 in Oshkosh, WI, she first married Leo COLLINS and her second marriage was to Thomas Merit GOODELL (1883-1928). Jessie and Thomas had a son Jerry Thomas GOODELL (1822-1980). Jessie died in Tacoma, WA on 7 Jul 1973 and is buried in the Tacoma Cemetery. Paulina LEMKE was b. 28 Nov 1860 in Wisconsin or Prussia to parents Fredrich LEMKE (1819-1908) and Dorothea BONICH (1827-1899). Paulina was one of 7 children born to this couple including, Gustave or Gustav Henry (1847-1901); Henrietta Gens (1850-1939); Augusta (1853-1941); Ernestina (1855-1924); Paulina; Albert (b. 1883)and Anna Louisa LEMKE (b. 1887). An earlier marriage produced a daughter, Julia LEMKE born 1850. Paulina died 20 Jan 1922 in Outagamie Co. WI and is buried in New London, WI. Pauline was the Mother of Jessie May and also had a son, Willard Dextro BROWN (1878-1941). 2 - Photograph of Caroline BROWN on Duluth, MN postcard, in her teens or 20's 3 - Photograph of Bessie BROWN, no studio or loc, 1900's, in her 20's 4 - 1922 letter to Mrs. Jessie GOODELL in Tacoma, WA from her sister Caroline BROWN of Eland, WI announcing their Mother's death and including Pauline BROWN'S obituary 5 - 1949 Letter from Caroline A. BROWN including family history info 6 - 1922 Letter to Mrs. T. GOODELL in Tacoma, WA from her sister Bessie from Eland, WI talking about the impending death of their Mother 7 - 1922 Letter from Bessie to "Dear Sister" updating her on life with Mother 8 - 1921 Letter from Bess to "Sister" including general family info 9 - Photograph of Grandpa COLLINS and Dorothea COLLINS at age 9 months, taken at Kuether & Von Wald Studio in Sheboygan, WI, 1900's, man in his 60's 10 - Photograph of Dorothea COLLINS at age 9 months, taken at the same studio in Sheboygan, WI Dorothea died in Pierce Co. WA at the age of 76 with her birthdate listed as 24 Jul 1909 11 - same photograph as above but name on back is Dorothy COLLINS 12 - Confirmation Book for Veronica Dorothea COLLINS born 24 July 1909 and confirmed at St. John's English Ev. Lutheran Church on 13 Apr 1924. 13 - Western Union Telegram dated 26 Nov 1928 at 5:55pm from Tacoma, WA to Miss Vera COLLINS at Palo Alto, CA "Daddy died this morning, funeral Friday Morning - signed Mother" 14 + 15 - Notices from Western State Hospital regarding Dorothea and what appears to be her court ordered status at the hospital, listing her as a "parole" and including notification to "Jessie M. GOODELL on East 61st St in Tacoma, WA" notices are both dated in Aug 1930. ¬Census records provide the following details: 1880 census of Oshkosh, WI: George BROWN, age 22, a Laborer, born WI, parents born VT/NY Paulina BROWN, wife, age 20, Keeping House, born Prussia, parents born Prussia Willard BROWN, son, age 2, born WI Harriet BROWN, dau, age 1 month, born WI 1910 census of Evergreen, WI: Leo COLLINS, age 26, married 2 years, born WI, parents born Ireland/WI, a Sawmill Filer Jessie COLLINS, wife, age 25, married 2 years, 1 child/1 living, born WI, parents born WI/At Sea Vera COLLINS, dau, age 8 months, born WI 1920 census of Tacoma, WA: Jessie M. COLLINS, age 34, a widow, born WI, parents born WI, a Chocolate Factory Worker Dorothea V. COLLINS, dau, age 10, born WI, parents born WI Bessie M. COLLINS, dau, age 8, born WI, parents born WI 1930 census of Tacoma, WA: Jessie GOODELL, age 48, a widow, born WI, parents born WI, a Housework Laborer Jerry GOODELL, son, age 7, born WA, parents born MN/WI Jessie GOODELL, dau, age 5, born WA, parents born MN/WI 1930 census of Steilacoom, WA: - Western State Hospital Dorothea COLLINS, age 20, a patient, born WA, parents born WI 1940 census of Tacoma, WA: Jesse GOODELL, age 57, a widow, born WI, a Private Family Housekeeper Jerry GOODELL, son, age 18, born WA, a Salvage Company Wrecker Jesse GOODELL, dau, age 15, born WA 1940 census of Steilacoom, WA: - Western State Hospital Dorothea COLLINS, age 30, born WA, a Patient I am hoping to locate someone from the family so that these wonderful old treasures can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

    11/20/2015 12:56:40