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    3. Newspaper Abstracts - where we are finding our ancestors in the news! Over the years many records regarding our ancestors were lost or destroyed in fires, floods and other natural disasters. Newspapers contain much information that may not be found elsewhere such as births, marriages, deaths, court notices, land sales, tax notices, businesses, etc. They hold many glimpses of information in their community news and provide us with many fascinating details about the lives of our ancestors from the businesses they frequented to the hardships and triumphs they endured while building a new life in a new land. Newspaper abstracts came online October 1999 and since that time has grown to over 2,800 pages of data all of which has been contributed by volunteers. This site contains abstracts, extracts and links to newspaper articles across the United States, Ireland and Canada published prior to 1923. More volunteers are also needed in all geographic areas - no submissions are too small or too large! Visit us at: to see how we are finding our ancestors in the news!

    11/03/2000 07:42:09