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    1. Looking for a family!
    2. Maryann Swigart
    3. Hello - I am new to this list and am at a difficult spot in my research. I'm looking for a family with no last name! I have a list of first names and birth dates but that is all. Theresia was born 2 Dec 1863 in Austria. She came to the United States in early 1882 and gave birth to her first 7 children in Menominee, Wisconsin on the following dates: Marie M. - 1 Jun 1882 Frank Joseph - 3 Sep 1883 Wilhelm G. - 4 Mar 1885 Adelheid - 17 Jan 1889 Emma - 14 Aug 1890 Sebastian - 4 Sep 1893 Theresia - 23 Jun 1896 The children's father is listed in the 1900 Federal census as also being from Austria. Sometime in 1897, Theresia married Joseph Mueller, a physician from Switzerland, and their daughter, Viola, was born in Michigan on 17 Apr 1898. From that time forward, the family lived in Saginaw, Michigan children went by the last name of Mueller. I do not know when Theresia moved from Wisconsin to Michigan (after Jun 1896); I do not know whether she married Joseph in Michigan or Wisconsin; I do not know anything about the father of the children other than his country of birth. I assume he died sometime between September 1895 (when Theresia would have become pregnant with his last child) and July 1897 (when she would have become pregnant with Joseph's child). The family remained in Michigan; Joseph died in Alpena in 1918. Does anyone have any relation to this family or have any suggestions on how I might go about finding the father? Thank you for any information you can provide. MaryAnn

    08/12/2006 11:43:38