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    1. New Online Tools from Wisconsin Historical Society
    2. Melissa McLimans
    3. The Wisconsin Historical Society is very proud to announce the Dictionary of Wisconsin History ( The online dictionary gives more than 2,000 brief lives of famous Wisconsin people (and many not-so-famous ones). It provides the exact location of every community and civil township in the state, and explains how every county and 800 cities and towns got their names. You can even display a map or satellite image of any city, town, or village with a single click. The dictionary includes mid-19th century descriptions of about 500 Wisconsin cities and towns from contemporary gazetteers and travel guides, too. You can imagine how this could help your genealogical research or just give you some interesting facts about Wisconsin history. We also encourage you to submit entries to help us grow the dictionary. The Society has also been busy adding 3,500 entries to the Wisconsin Name Index ( For those of you unfamiliar with the name index, it was started about 1870, when WHS staff made a catalog card for every biographical sketch in each new Wisconsin county history. They made a similar card for every obituary added to the scrapbooks they called the "Wisconsin Necrology," and frequently added cards for magazine and newspaper articles about Wisconsin residents. After more than a century of such work, the data on the original cards was typed into a database that you can search online today. This time we have indexed Wisconsin World War Obituaries, a three volume scrapbook, containing newspaper articles and obituaries about the men and women of Wisconsin that served in the military during World War II. The index is available for you to find listings of your ancestors at your local library, through library loan or you can order copies from our Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service ( Please forgive the length of this post. I hope you have found it useful. Best, Melissa

    01/24/2006 06:31:16