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    1. [WIMENOMI] Wisconsin Chat
    2. Paula Vaughan
    3. I want to thank you all for all of the VERY positive responses. Many of the mail list administrators have stated it is all right to continue to post the reminders I am choosing not too. I did not solely join the county mail lists to place a weekly reminder on them. I felt I could contribute to others research not only by having a gathering place (weekly chat), but I have also answered many questions for many different researchers on the various county mail lists. I was hoping to help others. Should anyone need information on the Wisconsin Genealogy weekly chat-I have this information posted on the Waupaca County Website at the following address I will will continue to post chat reminders on the Waupaca County mail list, WauShaOcon Mail List and Wisconsin Mail List. Hope you all break through those brick walls and find those lost ancestors-have a great week! Paula _______________________________________________________ Say Bye to Slow Internet!

    10/14/2000 08:56:53