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    1. [WIMENOMI] Surnames: BEACH & ZARUBA
    2. Our Ancestors HIStory
    3. Hi am searching info on.... Arthur Alfred Beach, Sr and his wife Elizabeth Beach (Zaruba)   Arthur Alfred Beach, Sr. (b: Feb 1870 Menominee, Michigan)         • married to Elizabeth Zaruba         • residence             • 1870 age 6 months old lives in Menominee, Michigan             • 1880 age 9 lives in Menominee, Michigan             • 1900 age 29 lives in Dunbar, WI             • 1910 age 39 lives in Dunbar, WI             • 1920 age 49 lives in Gladstone Ward 4, MI             • 1930 age 59 lives in Gladstone, MI          • children: Henry J. 1896,                         Nancy M. 1897,                         Margret E. 1901,                         Arthur Alfred Beach Jr. (b: 28 Sep 1902 Dunbar, Marinette, WI)                         George L. 1910,                         James E. 1910                         William Dolphus 1912         • Father: Arthur Alfred Beach ?         • Mother: Mary Jane Dashner ?   We were told that we have Menominee Native American in us.   Any info would be great many thanks. ~Danel

    08/03/2009 06:12:48
    1. Looking for a family!
    2. Maryann Swigart
    3. Hello - I am new to this list and am at a difficult spot in my research. I'm looking for a family with no last name! I have a list of first names and birth dates but that is all. Theresia was born 2 Dec 1863 in Austria. She came to the United States in early 1882 and gave birth to her first 7 children in Menominee, Wisconsin on the following dates: Marie M. - 1 Jun 1882 Frank Joseph - 3 Sep 1883 Wilhelm G. - 4 Mar 1885 Adelheid - 17 Jan 1889 Emma - 14 Aug 1890 Sebastian - 4 Sep 1893 Theresia - 23 Jun 1896 The children's father is listed in the 1900 Federal census as also being from Austria. Sometime in 1897, Theresia married Joseph Mueller, a physician from Switzerland, and their daughter, Viola, was born in Michigan on 17 Apr 1898. From that time forward, the family lived in Saginaw, Michigan children went by the last name of Mueller. I do not know when Theresia moved from Wisconsin to Michigan (after Jun 1896); I do not know whether she married Joseph in Michigan or Wisconsin; I do not know anything about the father of the children other than his country of birth. I assume he died sometime between September 1895 (when Theresia would have become pregnant with his last child) and July 1897 (when she would have become pregnant with Joseph's child). The family remained in Michigan; Joseph died in Alpena in 1918. Does anyone have any relation to this family or have any suggestions on how I might go about finding the father? Thank you for any information you can provide. MaryAnn

    08/12/2006 11:43:38
    1. Looking for Timothy F Burns
    2. Paul Francis
    3. Greetings, I am looking for any details on Timothy F Burns, resident of Menominee in the late 1960's, early 70's. He had a twin sister, Anne who married and lived there as well, to I believe a Burkhart. Tim's older brother, William Patrick Burns married a PA Woman, worked for Schneider Trucking, and died here in PA in the 1990's. I attended Funeral and there was no trace of Tim Burns, only his sister, Anne who has not heard from him either. Reason why I am researching the Tim Burns name is that he is a 1st cousin. I have not heard from him in 30 years. I am writing a family history book. The parents, William and Helen Burns lived in Menominee, WI for 10 ++ years. William, senior died in a fire at their home in the years 1972-1985. William Burns, Sr. was a printer / stenographer at the newspaper there. I would appreciate any details on the whereabouts, traces of Timothy F Burns, born Warren, PA 16 June, 1951 and will keep my sources confidential. There are many stories of when he left Wisconsin. I do not have a social security number for my cousin. His original SSI No. may have been issued in Wisconsin, no record in PA-or Ohio. Thank you Paul Francis, Erie, PA 16505-1812

    07/16/2006 05:23:12
    1. Andersonville Civil War POW site
    2. Kevin Frye
    3. Hey gang, Just a short reminder to the vets and newbies at this site of my free research for the asking here at Andersonville. Of the 41000 Union soldiers on record, 957 are from Wisconsin. Please email me directly at [email protected] with request so we dont tie up the county site. Kevin Andersonville Historic Site Historian / NPS Volunteer

    05/05/2006 03:15:04
    1. Deaths Added to Wisconsin Vital Records Index
    2. Melissa McLimans
    3. Last month the Wisconsin Historical Society introduced our new Pre-1907 Wisconsin Vital Records Index, which can be found at We began the index with nearly 1 million birth records and are excited to announce the addition of nearly 400,000 Wisconsin death records. The new death index, like its companion, began as a 1970s microfiche publication. The Schoenleber Foundation of Milwaukee generously provided funds to convert them to electronic form, so now genealogists have free public access to a comprehensive pre-1907 index to Wisconsin births and deaths. Marriages, for all Wisconsin counties, are up next. You can discover ancestors by individual name, by browsing by county and year, or by exact date. Births and deaths can both be searched at the same time and then viewed separately, if desired. State law prohibits publication on the Web of original birth or death certificates, so when you discover someone about whom you want more details, you can order a paper copy of the complete certificate from the Society online. Most are delivered within two weeks, and Society members receive a 10-percent discount on each order. Or, you can use the index as a research tool that points you to the birth and death records that you need. Vital records are not the only genealogical source available on the Society Web site. To learn more about what we have online check out our genealogy page at Hope you enjoy the new additions. Melissa McLimans

    04/04/2006 10:07:27
    1. Burt Bowen
    2. Vallerie Jane Valentine
    3. Does the following look familiar to anyone on this list? Burt Bowen is my brick wall. I cannot find information on him. The information I have is pieced together from family members. There is some talk within the family that Cora married a man with the surname MASON a short time after the divorce Burt. ALSO, talk has it that Burt left the area. I did find a Bert Bowen in Washington state in the Fed Census for 1920 and 1930. Daughter, Glyde Adelia is my grandmother. Thanks, Vallerie 1. BURT WILLIAM2 BOWEN (BOWEN1) was born Apr 1872 in Wisconsin. He married CORA A. SMITH 1896 in Wisconsin, daughter of REV. SMITH and HANNAH DOUGHTY. She was born Dec 1879 in Wisconsin, and died Abt. 1948 in West Salem, Wisconsin. DEATH: DATE OF DEATH POSSIBLY IS 1948 WEST SALEM, WI. Divorce: The 1910 Fed Census Mondovi City, Buffalo Co.,Wisconsin has the marital status for Cora as Divorced. She and her four children are living with Hannah J.Smith. Alice P., dau to Hannah and sister to Cora, is also in the household. Cora is 31 born in Wisconsin. Leslie H. Smith, probably the son of Hannah is living next door with his family, Lulu B, wife age 41, Ralph D., son age 15, and Cyril B. son, age 9. Children of BURT BOWEN and CORA SMITH are: 2. i. GLYDE ADELIA3 BOWEN, b. 14 Oct 1896, Louisville, Dunn Co., Wisconsin; d. 17 Mar 1974, Springfield, Oregon. 3. ii. LOLA GRACE BOWEN, b. 13 Jun 1899, Mondovi, Buffalo Co., Wisconsin; d. 23 Dec 1989, Danville, Des Moines Co., Iowa. 4. iii. FLEDA P. BOWEN, b. 09 Sep 1904, Wisconsin; d. Jun 1987, Wisconsin. iv. KEITH S BOWEN, b. Abt. 1907, Wisconsin.

    03/03/2006 10:48:10
    1. New Online Birth Index
    2. Melissa McLimans
    3. I've noticed that this has been posted to some email lists already (so please excuse any duplication), but thought I would send out some more information. The Wisconsin Historical Society has just made available an index to Wisconsin pre-1907 births at It was made by digitizing the 1970's microfiche index (with which some of you're probably familiar) and then expanding it with tens of thousands of delayed births. The Schoenleber Foundation of Milwaukee generously covered most of the conversion costs, and the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society graciously let us include their delayed birth records index. The result is free public access to more than 1,000,000 Wisconsin births. As you'll see, you can search in a variety of ways. When you find someone for whom you want a birth certificate, you can order hard copy from us online or use the results to locate the film yourself. We plan to add pre-1907 death and marriage indexes in the next few months, creating a comprehensive vital records index that will be entirely free and publicly searchable. Until the death and marriage indexes are available, you can request searches through our Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service at Let us know how you like the index and happy searching! Melissa McLimans Administrator, Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service Wisconsin Historical Society

    02/24/2006 08:44:18
    1. New Online Tools from Wisconsin Historical Society
    2. Melissa McLimans
    3. The Wisconsin Historical Society is very proud to announce the Dictionary of Wisconsin History ( The online dictionary gives more than 2,000 brief lives of famous Wisconsin people (and many not-so-famous ones). It provides the exact location of every community and civil township in the state, and explains how every county and 800 cities and towns got their names. You can even display a map or satellite image of any city, town, or village with a single click. The dictionary includes mid-19th century descriptions of about 500 Wisconsin cities and towns from contemporary gazetteers and travel guides, too. You can imagine how this could help your genealogical research or just give you some interesting facts about Wisconsin history. We also encourage you to submit entries to help us grow the dictionary. The Society has also been busy adding 3,500 entries to the Wisconsin Name Index ( For those of you unfamiliar with the name index, it was started about 1870, when WHS staff made a catalog card for every biographical sketch in each new Wisconsin county history. They made a similar card for every obituary added to the scrapbooks they called the "Wisconsin Necrology," and frequently added cards for magazine and newspaper articles about Wisconsin residents. After more than a century of such work, the data on the original cards was typed into a database that you can search online today. This time we have indexed Wisconsin World War Obituaries, a three volume scrapbook, containing newspaper articles and obituaries about the men and women of Wisconsin that served in the military during World War II. The index is available for you to find listings of your ancestors at your local library, through library loan or you can order copies from our Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service ( Please forgive the length of this post. I hope you have found it useful. Best, Melissa

    01/24/2006 06:31:16
    1. Willing to do Lookups
    2. Due to the overwhelming number of requests I have received in the past few days, I am asking that everyone please use the format shown below to submit any new requests to me. It is just too time consuming for me to have to read through two pages of information to find out what someone is looking for. This does not pertain to the requests that I have already received through today. They have all been received and I am currently working on them. There is not a limit to how many people you can request on your list within reason. I just ask to keep it short and sweet. :-) Also, a note that I do not have access to any of the more recent newspapers after the period of the 1970's. For those who are looking for something more recent, I suggest checking the current newspaper websites,, or the particular List for the counties you are searching. There is also a new website which is which has links to some funeral homes with recent obits from 1999 to the present. Format for Requesting Lookups: 1) Type of article requested: Obituary, Marriage Notice, Wedding Announcement, Special Interest 2) Name of person you are looking for - include any middle initials and husband's first name if it is a woman. Note: There are many times when I find an obituary under "Mrs. John Smith" rather than "Mrs. Mary Smith" 3) Date of death, date of marriage (approximate dates are fine or time periods if unknown) 4) If looking for obituaries, it is nice to have children or close relatives names that could be listed to make sure I have a match - just a few is fine. It's hard when it is a common last name like Smith or Jones - like looking for a needle in a haystack. 5) Any special note of interest: (i.e., drowned, suicide, in prison, etc.) This kind of information is always helpful also. 6) Please do not give me a 2 - 3 page explanation of who you are looking for. Although you may think it helps me, it does not. It just takes more time for me to figure out who you are looking for and takes time away that I could be searching for you and for others. Thank you all for your requests and you will be hearing from me soon. Michelle

    07/12/2005 04:36:26
    1. Willing to do Lookups
    2. Dear Listers and Administrators, Let me introduce myself. I am a genealogy buff just like all the rest and have 90% of my family located in WI. I do lookups for people in newspapers that I have available to me for the WI area. I do not do this for self gain, only to help others who have hit a brick wall. I have been there myself and know what it is like. I do not charge for any of the many hours I spend doing these lookups. I only ask for reimbursement of the copies and the postage which is very minimal. I do work a full time job during the week and am only able to do these lookups in my free time in the evenings and on the weekends. I do tend to get swamped with requests so I ask for your patience. This does take time away from my family and my own family tree. Last December I posted a list of WI newspapers that I have access to and am willing to do lookups for obits and other special articles. At that time I stated that I would update the list as more become available. Below you will see an update of that list without the time frames. Since as you can see, this is a very extensive list, I thought it would be easier for those interested to email me and I can provide you with a more extensive list showing the specific time frames I have available. For those who are interested in lookups, please note that the more information you can provide me with, the easier it makes it for both of us. Especially for the ones that may have info available through the obit indexes, this really speeds things along. Please see the list below. Thank you, Michelle Abbotsford The Southport American The Wisconsin Valley Settler Appleton Appleton Post Crescent Sunday Post Crescent The Appleton Crescent The Appleton Daily Post The Appleton Motor The Appleton Post The Post Crescent Baraboo Sauk County Democrat Sauk County Farmer Sauk County Standard Bayfield Bayfield Mercury Belmont Belmont Gazette The Belmont Success Beloit Beloit Journal Beloit Journal, Of Politics, Literature, And General Intelligence Daily Outlook The Beloit Crescent The Daily Citizen Benton The Benton Advocate Berlin The Berlin Evening Journal The Berlin Journal The Tri-County News Black Creek Black Creek Journal Black River Falls Jackson County Journal Blair The Blair Press Bloomington The Revealer Brodhead Brodhead Independent Bruce Bruce News-Letter Burnett The Burnett County Resorter Butternut The Butternut Eagle Centralia The Centralia Enterprise And Tribune Darien Darien News Darlington Lafayette Co. Union Republican Journal The Darlington Republican The Delavan Shopper The Republican Farmer The Republican-Journal De Pere De Depere Standard De Volksstem The De Pere News De Soto The Bi-County Argus Dodgeville Iowa County Advocate The Dodgeville Sun The Weekly Herald Du Buque Du Buque Visitor Eagle River Northern Lake Press Northern Lakes Press Eau Claire Chippewa Anzeiger Daily Free Press Eau Claire Argus Eau Claire Daily Argus Eau Claire Free Press Eau Claire Telegraph Eau Claire Weekly Free Press Eu Claire City Telegraph Evening Free Press Sunday Morning Forum The New North Wisconsin The Toiler Edgar The Edgar Enterprise Edgerton Edgerton Union Elkhorn Elkhorn Methodist High School Stylus The Conservator The Light Of Home The Walworth County Democrat The Walworth County Reporter The Western Star Walworth County Democrat Walworth County Independent Walworth County Reporter Western Star Elkhorn Ellsworth The Ellsworth Record The People's Champion Fairchild The Fairchild Graphic Florence The Florence Mining News Fond du Lac Daily Fond Du Lac Press Fond Du Lac Commonwealth Reporter Fond Du Lac Journal Fond Du Lac Reporter Fond Du Lac Weekly Commonwealth Found Du Lac Trade Extension Foutain City Herald Nordwestlicher Courier The Daily Commonwealth The Daily News The Democratic Press The Fond Du Lac Journal The Fond Du Lac Whig The National Democrat The Press The Reporter The Western Freeman Unterhaltungs-Blatt Wisconsin Republican Footville The Footville Hustler Fort Atkinson Fort Bargains The Wisconsin State Senator Wisconsin Industrial Review Fort Winnebago River Times Fox Lake Fox Lake Representative Gays Mills The Orange And Black Geneva The Wisconsin Standard Gillett The Gillett Times Gilman The Homecrofter Glenbeulah Glenbeulah Advertiser Grafton The Grafton Enterprise Grand Rapids The Grand Rapids Daily Tribune The Grand Rapids Tribune Granton The Granton News Gratiot The Gratiot Reporter Green Bay Green Bay Advocate Green Bay Commerce Green Bay Republican Green Bay Spectator Green Lake And Marquette Counties Trade Review Sunday Advance The Phoenir The West Side Messenger Wisconsin Democrat Wisconsin Free Press Wisconsin Republican Green Lake The Dartford Advance The Live Wire Greendale The Greendale Reporter The Greendale Sun Hales Corners Voice-Herald Hancock The Hancock News Hartford Hartford Press Hartland The Hartland Index Hayward The Hayward Journal News Highland Highland Weekly Press Horicon Horicon Volksfreund Hudson Hudson Chronicle Hudson City Times Hudson Journal The Hudson Democrat Hurley Iron County Citizen The Northland Bethany Record Hustisford Hustisford Journal The Hustisford News Janesville Janesville Daily Gazette Janesville Daily Recorder Janesville Gazette Janesville Morning Gazette Janesville Semi-Weekly Gazette Janesville Weekly Gazette Rock County Democrat Sunday Mirror The Alliance Messenger The Badger State The Evening Republican The Janesville Daily Gazette The Janesville Free Press The Janesville Gazette Weekly Gazette And Free Press Jefferson Students' Experiment The Students' Experiment Juneau Der Volksbote Wisconsin Granger Kaukauna Kaukauna Times Outagamie County Chief The Citizen The Kaukanna Times Kenosha Daily Ledger Kenosha Aigredoux And Illustrated Dime Kenosha Democrat Kenosha Telegraph Kenosha Tri-Weekly Experiment The Chronicle The Independent The Kenosha Democrat Kingston The Kingston Spy The Kingston Tribune Kohler Kohlerian Lancaster Grant County Herald The Wisconsin Herald Wisconsin Herald Wisconsin Herald And Grant County Advertiser Madison Campaign Express Der Wisconsin Farmer Juneau County Rundschau Madison City Express Madison Daily Record Madison Democrat Madison Express Madison Zeitung Our Church Home Peoples News Progress Sheboygan Daily Herald Skandinavisk Tribune Soldiers Record State Journal Madison The Capital Times The Dane County Populist The Password The Patriotic Crusader The Suburban Post The True American The Weekly Wisconsin Argus The Wisconsin Populist The Wisconsin Tri Weekly Capital The Wiskonsan Enquirer Tri Weekly Argus Tri Weekly State Journal Unterhaltungsblatt Veterans Herald Vox Populi Weekly Wisconsin Union Western Templar Western Templar Of Honor Wingra Park Booster Wisconsin Argus Wisconsin Democrat Wisconsin Enquirer Wisconsin Express Wisconsin Free Press Wisconsin Patriot Wisconsin Republican Leaguer Wisconsin State Journal Wisconsin State Palladium Wisconsin State Palladium And Statesman Wisconsin Statesman Wiskonsan Enquirer Maiden Rock The Maiden Rock Press The Maiden Rocket Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter Herald Times Reporter Journal Manitouwoc County Herald Manitowoc Herald Times Manitowoc Herald Times Manitowoc Journal Manitowoc Zeitung The Manitowoc Herald Marinette The Independent The Marinette Times The North Star Twin City Lumberman Mauston The Western Good Templar Medford Der Herr Det Deutsche Beitung The Sun Mellen Northern Bethany Record Northland Bethany Record The Northern Bethany Record Menasha Der Beobachter Am Winnebago Daily Twin City News Winnebago Anzeiger Menomonee Facts And Figures The Menomonee Falls News The Menomonee Badger Mercer The Mercer News Merrill The Merrill Daily Herald Milwaukee American Freeman Commercial Advertiser Commercial Herald Daily Free Democrat Daily Sentinel And Gazette Daily Wisconsin Der Bolfsfreund Der Volksfreund Evening Courier Hopkins School Journal And Literary Advertiser Milwaukee Advertiser Milwaukee American Milwaukee Daily Courier Milwaukee Daily Gazette Milwaukee Daily Sentinel Milwaukee Daily Sentinel And Gazette Milwaukee Democrat Milwaukee Sentinel Milwaukee Sentinel And Gazette Milwaukee Sentinel Wisconsin Farmer Milwaukee Weekly Sentinel Milwaukee Commercial Herald Milwaukee Daily Gazette Milwaukee Daily Sentinel Milwaukee Democrat Milwaukee Journal Milwaukee Semi-Weekly Gazette Milwaukee Sentinel Milwaukee Sentinel & Wisconsin Farmer Milwaukee Weekly Sentinel Sentinel And Farmer Sentinel And Gazette Taglicher Volksfreund The Commercial Herald The Daily Sentinel The Milwaukee Daily American The Milwaukee Sentinel The Milwaukeean Weekly Wisconsin Wisconsin Banner Wisconsin Free Democrat Wisconsin Freeman Wisconsin Statesman Wisconsin Temperance Journal Wisconsin-Banner Mineral Point Mineral Point Democrat Mineral Point Free Press Mineral Point Weekly Tribune Wisconsin Tribune Minocqua Town Talk Mondovi Buffalo County Herald Monroe The Informer The Liberal Press The Swamp Angel Tri-Village Review Montfort Montfort Independent Mount Horeb Mount Horeb Grit Round The Mounds Mukwonago Mukwonago What-Not Muscoda The Muscoda Watchman The Skirmisher Navarino Green Bay Intelligencer And Wisconsin Democrat Green-Bay Intelligencer Necedah Yellow River Lumberman Neenah Neenah City Times The Daily Journal The Wisconsin Boys Neillsville Badger Workman The Clark County Advocate The Union Flag Richmond New Richmond Times Niagra Niagara Journal North La Crosse North La Crosse Star Oconomowoc Oconomowoc Democrat Oconto Oconto County Enterprise The Militiaman The Oconto Times Ogema The Ogema Record Omro The Days Doings The Omro Republican The Stalwart Oshkosh Neenah Menasha Daily Northwestern Neenah Menasha Northwestern Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Oshkosh Democrat Oshkosh Monthly Mercantile Reporter Oshkosh Northwestern Oshkosh Record Oshkosh True Democrat Signal Record Telegraph Bulletin The Daily Northwestern The Early Dawn The Enterprise The Gazette The Northwestern The Oshkosh Daily Northwestern The Oshkosh Daily Times The Oshkosh Democrat The Oshkosh Morning Times The Oshkosh Northwestern The Oshkosh Republican The Oshkosh Sunday Record The Oshkosh Times The Signal The Times The Weekly Times Winnebago Telegraph Wisconsin Telegraph Osseo Osseo Recorder Osseo-Eleva Journal Oxford The Oxford Express Pardeeville The Badger Boy The Breeze Pepin Era Of Progress Lake Pepin Gazette The Pepin Herald Phillips The Upper Wisconsin Farmer The Wisconsin Homestead Pine River The Pine River Times Pittsville The Pittsville Independent Platteville American Independent American And General Advertiser Northern Badger The Wisconsin Whig The Wiskonsan Standard Plover Plover Herald Port Washington Der Adler Ozaukee County Times Port Washington Beitung The Modern Press The Ozaukee County Eagle The Ozaukee County Times The Review Washington County Blade Washington Democrat Doyle's Paper Northern Republic Portage Daily Democrat The Independent The Republic Western Advance Potosi Potosi Republican Prairie du Chien Prairie Du Chien Leader Prairie Du Chien Patriot Prairie Du Chien Union Prairieville American Freeman Waukesha Advocate Waukesha Advocate Extra Prescott The Prescott Patriot Princeton Green Lake Guide Racine Forward Greater Wisconsin Racine Advocate Racine Daily Herald Racine Independent Racine Manufacturer Agriculturist The Independent News The Index The Racine Advocate The Racine Examiner The Racine Journal The Racine Journal-News The Wisconsin Aegis Tri-City Star Randolph The Randolph Advance Redgranite Redgranite Herald The County Herald The Redgranite Herald The Redgranite Times Reeseville Diamond Jubilee News Rice Lake The Rice Lake Times Richland Center Richland County Sentinel Richland Rustic Richland Union Democrat The Richland Democrat Sauk City Wisconsin Workman Sheboygan Evening Press Sheboygan Press Telegram The Daily Press The Sheboygan Daily Press The Sheboygan Evening Press The Sheboygan Mercury The Sheboygan Press The Sheboygan Weekly Mercury South Port South Port American Southport Telegraph The Southport American Stevens Point Stevens Point Daily Journal Stevens Point Daily Journal Stevens Point Gazette The Gazette The Stevens Point Journal The Wisconsin Lumberman Strum Strum Globe Walworth Walworth News Waterloo The Parish News Watertown Democratic State Register Rock River Pilot The Reveill-E Watertown Chronicle Watertown Daily Times Weltburger And Anzeiger Waukesha Cutover Land Bulletin Daily Freeman The Evening Journal The Republican The Republican The Republican Freeman The Waukesha Freeman The Waukesha Journal Waukesha County Democrat Waukesha Daily Freeman Waukesha Democrat Waukesha Freeman Waupun De Ware Burger Prison Press The Conference Daily The Prison Light Wausau Industrial And Historical Edition Of Wausau Pilot The High School Reporter The Wausau Daily News The Wausau Pioneer West Side Enterprise Wisconsin River Pilot Wausaukee The Independent Wautoma The Independent The Waushara Argus The Wautoma Courier The Wautoma Journal Wauwatosa The Wauwatosa News Westfield The Central Union Wheeler The Wheeler Hub Whitefish Bay Pioneer Wild Rose The Wild Rose Herald The Wild Rose Times Willow River Saint Croix Inquirer Wilton The Wilton Herald Winneconne The Enterprise Wisconsin The Electric Spark Wisconsin Wisconsin Rapids The Daily Tribune Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

    07/08/2005 07:33:15
    1. Dick Metko
    2. Chad E. Goodrich
    3. Hello - New to the list and I am looking for any information anyone can provide on Dick Metko. Anything genealogical would be nice (i.e. cousins and so forth), but I am also looking for memorabilia - photos, newspaper clippings, old recordings, scrapbook items, concert handbill/flyers...pretty much anything. Thank you - Chad E. Goodrich p.s. I am his son-in-law and I have his obit Descendants of Wilhelm (William) Metko 1 Wilhelm (William) Metko b: Abt. 1873 in Austria/Bohemia d: 05 April 1965 in Mattoon, Shawano, Wisconsin .. +Wilhelminne Schattl b: Abt. 1880 in Bohemia d: Abt. 1941 in Mattoon, Shawano, Wisconsin ...... 2 Frank Metko b: Abt. 1898 .......... +Ida b: Abt. 1902 ............... 3 Frank W. Metko b: Abt. 1925 ...... 2 Elizabeth (Bety) Metko b: Abt. 1902 .......... +Nels Miller ...... 2 Otto Metko b: Abt. 1902 d: Abt. 1951 in Mattoon, Shawano, Wisconsin ...... 2 William Metko b: 28 September 1906 in Wisconsin d: 27 July 1989 in Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin .......... +Esther Waldvogel b: 02 July 1909 ............... 3 Dorothy Metko ................... +Kenneth Philipsen ....................... 4 Coleen Philipsen ....................... 4 Timothy Philipsen ............... 3 Carol Metko ................... +George Brown, Jr. ....................... 4 Wendy Brown ....................... 4 Daniel Brown ....................... 4 Jason Brown ....................... 4 Kathy Brown ............... 3 Richard Francis Metko b: 20 September 1931 in Mattoon, Shawano, Wisconsin d: 20 April 2004 in Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin ................... +Ruth ....................... 4 Scott Metko ........................... +Kay Hartzeim ................................ 5 Alexis Metko ................................ 5 Miles Metko ............... *2nd Wife of Richard Francis Metko: ................... +Audrey Johnson ....................... 4 Pam Metko ............... *3rd Wife of Richard Francis Metko: ................... +MaryAnn Agnes Knatzke b: 24 October 1948 in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin ....................... 4 Sarah Metko ....................... 4 Robyn Marie Metko b: 22 August 1973 in Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin ........................... +Chad Eric Goodrich b: 15 May 1969 in Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin ...... 2 Herman Metko b: 28 September 1906 .......... +Connie ...... 2 Mary Ann Metko b: 31 October 1910 in Mattoon, Shawano, Wisconsin d: 27 January 2005 in Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin - Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin .......... +Florian J. (Sam) Herres d: 16 December 1979 ............... 3 Kenneth Herres ................... +Susan ............... 3 James N. Herres ...... 2 Alfred J. Metko b: 17 December 1914 in Hutchins Township, Shawano, Wisconsin d: 09 December 2004 in Wittenberg, Shawano, Wisconsin .......... +Margaret A. Johnson b: 09 October 1915 in Ionia, Ionia, Michigan d: 22 March 2002 in Wittenberg, Shawano, Wiscosin ............... 3 Alfred Metko ................... +Audrey ....................... 4 Maria Metko ....................... 4 Joe Metko ....................... 4 Gene Metko ....................... 4 Vicky Metko ....................... 4 Mark Metko ....................... 4 Andy Metko ............... 3 Thomas Metko ................... +Germaine ....................... 4 Mike Metko ....................... 4 Lisa Metko ....................... 4 Denise Metko ....................... 4 Paul Metko ............... 3 Margaret Metko ................... +Wally Mueller ....................... 4 Walt Mueller ....................... 4 Rick Mueller ....................... 4 Michelle Mueller ....................... 4 Colleen Mueller ....................... 4 Scott Mueller ............... 3 Daniel Metko ................... +Lana ....................... 4 Troy Metko ....................... 4 Ryan Metko ............... 3 Gerald Metko ............... 3 Ralph Metko ................... +Pat ............... 3 Nancy Metko ................... +Dick Eibenholzl ............... 3 Kathleen Metko ................... +Mike White ............... 3 Donald Metko ................... +Corrine ............... 3 William Metko ................... +Sandy ............... 3 Erbin Metko ................... +Elly ...... 2 Wilhelminne Metko b: Abt. 1917 .......... +Beck

    02/02/2005 01:45:59
    2. Dear Listers, Just wanted to pass along some helpful hints for sending me requests for searches. I have found that if you provide me with some or all of the following then the search is quite more successful. NAME (including middle initial if possible) MAIDEN NAME & MARRIED NAME (including spouses name if known) DATE OF DEATH (at least approximate) DATE OF BIRTH (if known) TOWN OF LOCATION (last known) If you do not have any these, please provide what you do have. Any little bit helps and will give you better results. I have received many requests over the past few days and have had quite a lot of success. Thanks to all of you and Happy New Year!

    01/02/2005 10:35:39
    2. Dear Listers, I am able to do lookups for obits and special articles. I have listed all the areas and time frames for the papers that I am able to check. I will update this list as more become available. Please send your requests to me directly at my email address. I apologize in advance but will not respond to any requests that are made via the list so please send me a direct request. Thank you. Appleton: Appleton Crescent – 1860 thru 1866 Appleton Daily Post – 1920 only Appleton Motor – 1859 thru 1866 and 1974 Appleton Post – 1973 and 1974 Appleton Post Crescent – 1920 thru 1932, 1937 thru 1940, 1956, 1958 thru 1965, 1969 and 1971 Post Crescent – 1861, 1864, 1929, 1953, 1959 thru 1960, 1964 thru 1976 Sunday Post Crescent – 1966 only Centralia: Centralia Enterprise and Tribune – 1890 thru 1891, 1893 thru 1900 Fond du Lac: Daily Commonwealth – 1912 thru 1913 Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter – 1965 thru 1971 and 1976 Fond du Lac Reporter – 1972 thru 1977 Reporter – 1977 only Grand Rapids: Grand Rapids Daily Tribune – 1900 and 1920 Grand Rapids Tribune – 1900 thru 1903, 1905 thru 1907, 1909 thru 1920 Janesville: Janesville Daily Gazette – 1854, 1859 thru 1864 Janesville Gazette – 1845 thru 1848, 1854, 1857, 1859, 1865 Janesville Morning Gazette – 1857 and 1859 Janesville Weekly Gazette – 1864 thru 1865 Weekly Gazette and Free Press – 1859 thru 1864 Madison: Capital Times – 1917 thru 1918 and 1920 Manitowoc: Herald Times Reporter – 1960, 1973 thru 1977 Manitowoc Herald Times – 1964 thru 1965 and 1968 Oshkosh: Daily Northwestern – 1885 thru 1934 and 1975 Neenah Menasha Daily Northwestern – 1966 thru 1968 Neenah Menasha Northwestern – 1973 thru 1976 Oshkosh Daily Northwestern – 1875 thru 1881, 1884 thru 1885, 1934, 1939 thru 1940, 1946, 1952 thru 1973 and 1975 Oshkosh Northwestern – 1882 thru 1883, 1934 thru 1940, 1962 thru 1963, 1968 and 1972 Sheboygan: Daily Press – 1909 and 1910 Evening Press – 1910 only Sheboygan Daily Press – 1907 thru 1911 and 1960 Sheboygan Evening Press – 1912 only Sheboygan Press – 1907, 1909 thru 1923, 1925 thru 1976 Sheboygan Press Telegram – 1921 thru 1924, 1950 thru 1951 and 1955 Stevens Point: Gazette – 1863, 1894 thru 1896, 1907 thru 1922 Stevens Point Daily Journal – 1878 thru 1882, 1895 thru 1899, 1901 thru 1940, 1953 thru 1963, 1965 thru 1977 Wisconsin Lumberman – 1863 thru 1866 Stevens Point Journal – 1873 thru 1888, 1890 thru 1901, 1905 thru 1917, 1919 thru 1920 Stevens Point Gazette – 1885 thru 1888, 1894 thru 1895 Waukesha: Daily Freeman – 1883 and 1890 Evening Journal – 1890 only Republican – 1887 only Republican Freeman – 1888 and 1898 The Republican – 1887 only Waukesha County Democrat – 1875 only Waukesha Daily Freeman – 1882, 1937, 1945 thru 1955 Waukesha Freeman – 1882 thru 1883, 1944 thru 1945 Waukesha Journal – 1889 thru 1890 Wisconsin Rapids: Daily Tribune – 1937, 1961, 1969 thru 1977 Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune – 1920 thru 1923, 1925 thru 1949, 1952 thru 1964 and 1976

    12/29/2004 04:55:52
    1. Vavruska
    2. Hello Listers, I am looking for information on my great Aunt and her family from Antigo, Wisconsin. I have limited information, but I will give you what I have. Mary Vavruska died on July 15, 1982 at 96 years old. Her obituary was listed in The Antigo Daily Journal Obituary Index online (I would like a copy of the actual obituary). I am not sure of her husband's name but her children are as follows: 1) Frank Vavruska born about 1918, died on July 28, 1974 at he age of 56. He lived at 1946 N. Fremont and died at the West Side Veterans Hospital after an extended illness (I have his obituary also listed in The Antigo Daily Journal Obituary Index online). He was a talented artist and was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowshipin 1945 for paintings he did while in a military hospitalin in England at the end of World War II. In 1941 he received another fellowship from the Art Institute of Chicago of which he was also a graduate. 2) Edward Vavruska attended University of Wisconsin, Platteville and graduated in 1937. 3) Mary Driscoll (Vavruska) 4) Tillie Goddard (Vavruska) Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated as I have virtually none. I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks, Tammy

    08/21/2003 03:49:24
    1. Andersonville Civil War POW site
    2. Kevin Frye
    3. Hello veterans and newbies of the rootsweb. There are some really great folks who are willing to help just for the asking. I, myself do Volunteer research at Andersonville Civil War Prison in Andersonville Georgia. There are Any research I do is absolutely at NO cost and I am willing to do what I can. There are 629 prisoners on record from the state of Wisconsin and almost 300 who died here, I thought I would send my offer. I feel the need to say I am not in anyway trying to focus on the horrors of Andersonville compared to any POW camp in the north ..( i.e.Elmira ) or any others and do not wish to stir up arguments on this site. My focus is dedicated to ALL of those held prisoner during this war , on both sides as well as all Americans who gave their freedoms for those that we enjoy today.. I just happen to be near Andersonville so this is where I do my work. I will also do lookups for any solder from any state . Here are my sources of research. There are 2 online databases to do lookups.....One by by Company and Regiment. I also have a copy of the Dorence Atwater Death list which has the names and grave numbers of 12960 graves with only 460 marked as " UNKNOWN " This along with a CD I have which contains 34,000 names of the 45,000 who were imprisoned there which helps me find prisoner records because of misspellings of the names or alternate names. I visit the prison site every couple of weeks and have access to the onsite databases as well as the physical files. I would like to let you know of another service I offer which is to take photos of graves for a small fee. Please do not consider this spam as my research offer is FREE for the asking and will be posted on this county site only once. If there is anything I can do in helping your research at Andersonville, please just ask. Kevin Frye Local Andersonville Historian / National Park Service Volunteer Please visit my website dedicated to those Americans who were imprisoned and died in captivity while in the service to our country AOL USERS go to

    08/09/2002 03:56:43
    1. LaSart/LaSard/Bosseau
    2. Karen Miller
    3. Seek above names in the Wisconsin Menomonie area mid 1800's. Also, names and addreses of catholic churches of the area. By the way, what is the difference between Menomonie west of Chippea Falls and the apparent county on the eastern side of the state? I am concerned about the western Menomonie Thank you. Karen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ including: MUELLERS from Bern, Switzerland (relationship chart) HOFFMAN from Minnesota OLSON/ THOMPSON from Norway and Seattle, Washington DRAKE/ ROBINS/ BAKER from Devon, England STONE/ PHILLIPS/ SCOTT/ MATYEAR from England and New York OSGOOD Family Also: My French Connections:

    06/12/2002 06:06:22
    1. 15-18 May 2002 National Genealogical Society Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    2. Cyndi Howells
    3. The National Genealogical Society invites you to participate in our upcoming national conference: 2002 National Genealogical Society Conference in the States 15-18 May 2002 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Please share this invitation with all of your friends in genealogy. ABOUT NGS & THE 2002 CONFERENCE IN THE STATES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The National Genealogical Society (NGS), established in 1903, annually assists over 17,000 individuals and organizational members in tracing family histories. The NGS provides leadership and education through its programs, online and home-study courses, publications, annual and regional conferences. The 2002 NGS Conference in the States will be held on 15-18 May at the Midwest Express Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is expected to attract some 2,500 genealogists from across the nation and several foreign countries. A complete copy of the program and registration information can be found on the NGS web site: LOCAL HOST - WSGS ---------------------------------- The local host of the 2002 Conference is the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society, the oldest and largest statewide genealogical organization in Wisconsin. Founded in 1939, WSGS now has more than 1,400 members both in and out of Wisconsin. WSGS is a non-profit Wisconsin corporation whose basic purpose is to encourage, facilitate and improve the quality of genealogical study in Wisconsin and about Wisconsin families. For more information, see the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society web site: Please direct all inquiries, letters and proclamations to: Jack Brissee Wisconsin State Genealogical Society P.O. Box 5106 Madison, WI 53705-0106 OPENING SESSION -------------------------------- Marsha Hoffman Rising will speak on the subject, "Strong Links Make a Solid Chain: Linking Records to Identify Ancestors." Rising is a Certified Genealogist and a Certified Genealogical Lecturer as well as being a fellow of both the American Society of Genealogists and the Utah Genealogical Association. She is a former president of the Federation of Genealogical Societies and currently serves on the board of directors of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Marsha is an experienced researcher, author and lecturer as well as being a founding member of the Genealogical Speakers' Guild. MASTER LECTURES -------------------------------- Presentations by the masters, not just for the masters. We've asked four of today's top genealogists/lecturers (Christine Rose, Helen Leary, Elizabeth Shown Mills, and John Philip Colletta) to each present a case study, on a topic of their own choosing, describing how they identified, researched, and presumably solved, a tough genealogical problem. LAYING A SOLID FOUNDATION ------------------------------------------------ Guidance by many of the nation's top teachers and lecturers on the fundamentals of genealogical research a series of seventeen presentations, running throughout the conference. An excellent foundation for the beginner, as well as a solid review and update for the more-experienced. SKILLBUILDING TRACK ------------------------------------ NGS and the Board for Certification of Genealogists are proud to offer the latest edition of the Skillbuilding track, a series of presentations designed for those researchers who want to improve their research and analytical skills. The presentations in this track, based on the theme of "standards," will help improve the research and reporting skills of any serious genealogist. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE ----------------------------------------- The four-day conference offers more than 200 sessions (lectures and luncheons, workshops and labs) on virtually every aspect of genealogy. Because Milwaukee and the Midwest have historically drawn immigrants from many countries, ethnic and immigrant research (on both sides of the ocean) will be a major feature, but it won't be the only one. From Revolutionary War pensions to the 1930 census, to research in Social Security records, from research in New York to research in California, from lighthouse families to Chicago cemeteries, from Salt Lake City to France on the Internet, there will be much to offer any genealogist. NGS BANQUET ------------------------- Enjoy fine dining at the Milwaukee Hilton. Then after dinner NGS President Curt Witcher will recognize individuals for their excellence in genealogy. The newest member of the National Genealogy Hall of Fame will be announced; the NGS Filby Prize winner, and others who have excelled in genealogical writing will receive their awards. Our banquet speaker is Patty Loew, a renaissance woman. Patty is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, co-host of WeekEnd on Wisconsin Public Television, producer of award-winning documentaries, and recently author of "Indian Nations of Wisconsin: Histories of Endurance and Renewal." Her presentation "Seeing Red: a Family Odyssey into Native American Heritage" is an account of her discovery of the rich heritage of her Ojibwe ancestry. LIBRARIAN PRE-CONFERENCE ------------------------------------------------ Quickly becoming one of many exciting hallmarks of National Genealogical Society conferences, another Librarians Serving Genealogists Pre-Conference is being planned for Milwaukee. Coordinated by Pam Hall Cooper with the cooperation of the Milwaukee Public Library, this Tuesday, May 14th pre-conference will provide a forum for communication and networking between librarians interested in providing the best products and services to their genealogy patrons. The event will take place in the Loos Room of the Milwaukee Public Library and it is necessary to pre-register for the conference. Information on the program and registration is available on the NGS web site. Beginning with check-in and a welcome at 8:00 a.m., sessions will cover topics such as "New & Old Inter-library Loan Resources for Genealogy Librarians," "NGS Book Loan Collection," "Family History Centers for Public Libraries," the "Mid-Continent Public Library ILL Program, and "From Neophytes to Know-it-Alls: How to Help Genealogists." There will be a Minolta Microfilm Reader/Printer 7000 and Book Scanner 2000 demonstration, a tour of the Milwaukee Public Library (Including the Great Lakes Marine Collection), a Database Management Panel session, and Tour of Goethe House. A box lunch sponsored by ProQuest (HeritageQuest Online) will be provided. COMPUTER LABS ----------------------------- If you are a beginner, learn about the genealogy software now available, and if you are an experienced computer genealogist, here's a chance to learn about the latest versions of genealogy programs and tools for genealogy. Instructors will introduce beginners to programs and demonstrate their features. Intermediate and advanced users will have an opportunity to advance their skills and learn special features of their software. Participants share a Windows operating system computer. Those attending must be registered for the conference for at least the day of the lab and pay an extra $50.00 fee. Labs are limited, with two persons to each computer. NGS LEARNING CENTER --------------------------------------- The NGS Learning Center is guaranteed to be a worthwhile stop on your tour of the exhibit hall. We will be offering a daily schedule of educational activities in the form of question and answer sessions, informal discussions, and demonstrations. A small sampling of the topics scheduled include online resources; historic maps; GEDCOM; digital cameras and other imaging devices; genealogical software; the NGS Web site and the NGS Online Census Course. Visitors to the Learning Center will also have the opportunity to leisurely explore a variety of software applications under the guidance of expert volunteers and to participate in daily drawings for genealogical software and other items. EXHIBIT HALL ---------------------- The many exhibitors who fill the exhibit hall will bring many and varied products and services for genealogists. There will be software to assist not only in recording your genealogy, but also for using the Internet; CD-ROMs for researching an expanding series of publications, indexes and databases; preservation materials; books; maps and memorabilia. All in one place! What a great opportunity for hours of productive shopping. At many of the exhibit booths you will find genealogical societies and organizations offering memberships as well as products, services, and free advice. International researchers and societies are a welcome addition to the Exhibit Hall. They seek clients and new members while offering information on research in their countries. WELCOME TO MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN ----------------------------------------------------------------- --- Ethnicity - Place Names and People --- Look at any listing of Wisconsin place names and you will be struck by the obvious variety in ethnic origins of residents of the Badger State. Menominee, Denmark, Brussels, Berlin, Oneida, New Glarus, Wales, Paoli, Pulaski, Oslo, Stockholm, Nashville, Abbotsford, Athens, Albany, Schleswig, New Paris, New Lisbon, New Haven, New Holstein, Pan Yan, Fond du Lac, New Richmond, even New Chicago! And of course we have not even touched on all the places beginning with Wau-. The names signal American Indians, Germans, Italian, New Yorkers and New Englanders, Cornish, Irish, Polish, African-Americans, Kentuckians, Slovenes, Dutch, Belgian, Swiss, the whole panoply of peoples from around the world who came to populate America's Thirtieth State. And more recently Hispanics and South-east Asian groups have added to our exciting mix. --- Genuine American --- Yes, if you have an interest in ethnic backgrounds, you've come to the right place when you come to Wisconsin. And Milwaukee, the site of the 2002 NGS Conference in the States, An American Sampler, is in many ways a microcosm of the many ethnic groups you will find throughout the state. Not only does Milwaukee still have a number of ethnic neighborhoods centered on churches, cultural organizations, and restaurants, but also there are eight ethnically based genealogical societies active in the city or suburbs. When the Convention and Visitors Bureau identifies Milwaukee as 'Genuine American' they're not kidding. In Milwaukee we've got 'em all, it truly is 'An American Sampler!' --- Culture --- Back in the mid-19th Century when Milwaukee was largely populated by German immigrants with a strong interest in cultural activities, it was known as the 'American Athens.' That tradition still exists with the Florentine Opera, Milwaukee Symphony, the jewel-box Pabst Theater, the Milwaukee Ballet, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, and the celebrated African dance company, Ko-Thi. If you like museums there is the Milwaukee Public Museum with its fantastic Butterfly Wing, and you must see the newly expanded Milwaukee Art Museum which perches almost like a butterfly itself on the shore of Lake Michigan. Or perhaps you'd like to visit the 15th Century Joan of Arc Chapel, where daily mass is still celebrated, or Miller Park where the Brewers play. How about the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle plant, or perhaps you'd prefer a brewery tour! All summer-long there is a succession of ethnic festivals. And we dare you to try to eat your way through Milwaukee! There are not only a wide variety of ethnic foods, but scores of restaurants in all price ranges and cuisine are within easy walking distance of the Convention Center. --- Venue --- The venue for the 2002 Conference is the Midwest Express Center, located right downtown at 400 W. Wisconsin Avenue. Just opened in 1998, this is truly a state-of-the-art facility, but one with a comfortable feel and over a Million Dollars worth of public art on display. The Hilton and Hyatt Hotels are literally just across the street, while six more are within two blocks of the Midwest Express Center. --- Weather --- Milwaukee weather in mid-May is usually delightful. Temperatures in the 60's to low 70's, although nights can feel pretty cool as can some days down along the lakefront. Light jackets and sweaters are a good bet. You will also find that Milwaukee, and Milwaukeeans, are a pretty relaxed bunch so informal and casual attire is acceptable almost everywhere. --- Hotels and Travel --- Transportation? Milwaukee County Airport (Billy Mitchell Field) can almost make you enjoy flying again (particularly if you travel by Midwest Express!). If you don't mind changing your mode of travel, you can fly into Chicago and then take Amtrak to Milwaukee, the Amtrak Station is only 2 1/2 blocks from the Midwest Express Center. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! --------------------------------------------------- 2002 National Genealogical Society Conference in the States 15-18 May 2002 Milwaukee, Wisconsin ------------------- National Genealogical Society 4527 17th Street North Arlington, Virginia 22207-2399 Phone: (703) 525-0050 or (800) 473-0060 Fax: (703) 525-0052 E-mail: [email protected] Membership Conferences Learning Center

    03/12/2002 04:57:16
    1. Genealogy Research Project
    2. Richard Frazier
    3. I�m a graduate student working on a Masters Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and have been working on my genealogy since 1989. I would like to ask for your help in completing my survey on genealogy research, genealogy travel, and use of the Internet for genealogy research and travel located at Please scroll through the survey as there are intentional spaces in the survey. Your responses will be completely confidential and the results of the survey will be maintained and protected by rules administered by the University of Wisconsin-Stout and in compliance with applicable state and federal laws. The survey should not take more than 7 minutes of your time and will be appreciated and valuable. This research project will have a positive impact on genealogy research and may provide additional insights for government and private agencies that may advance the ability of genealogists to gain access to research materials. Again I ask you to please help with the research project by completing the survey by clicking on the following link: Please scroll through the survey as there are intentional spaces in the survey. ______________________________________________ FREE Personalized Email at Sign up at

    03/01/2001 08:03:15
    1. [WIMENOMI] FW: Newspaper Abstracts Website
    2. Kelly & the Flock
    3. Newspaper Abstracts - where we are finding our ancestors in the news! Over the years many records regarding our ancestors were lost or destroyed in fires, floods and other natural disasters. Newspapers contain much information that may not be found elsewhere such as births, marriages, deaths, court notices, land sales, tax notices, businesses, etc. They hold many glimpses of information in their community news and provide us with many fascinating details about the lives of our ancestors from the businesses they frequented to the hardships and triumphs they endured while building a new life in a new land. Newspaper abstracts came online October 1999 and since that time has grown to over 2,800 pages of data all of which has been contributed by volunteers. This site contains abstracts, extracts and links to newspaper articles across the United States, Ireland and Canada published prior to 1923. More volunteers are also needed in all geographic areas - no submissions are too small or too large! Visit us at: to see how we are finding our ancestors in the news!

    11/03/2000 07:42:09
    1. [WIMENOMI] Wisconsin Chat
    2. Paula Vaughan
    3. I want to thank you all for all of the VERY positive responses. Many of the mail list administrators have stated it is all right to continue to post the reminders I am choosing not too. I did not solely join the county mail lists to place a weekly reminder on them. I felt I could contribute to others research not only by having a gathering place (weekly chat), but I have also answered many questions for many different researchers on the various county mail lists. I was hoping to help others. Should anyone need information on the Wisconsin Genealogy weekly chat-I have this information posted on the Waupaca County Website at the following address I will will continue to post chat reminders on the Waupaca County mail list, WauShaOcon Mail List and Wisconsin Mail List. Hope you all break through those brick walls and find those lost ancestors-have a great week! Paula _______________________________________________________ Say Bye to Slow Internet!

    10/14/2000 08:56:53