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    1. [WILLIS] Stuck on Nancy Willis b. 1812
    2. Leslie Thomas
    3. William Hunsucker Thomas b. 1810 and Nancy Willis b. 1812 in Yancey and Mitchell County North Carolina wed when they were both terribly young. They had their first child in 1828. Both were mixed blood Cherokee Indian and avoided the Trail of Tears. William was a wagoneer. He carried supplies to the community of settlers that migrated from North Carolina to Union County Georgia and was found on Georgia census in 1840 but back in North Carolina on the 1850 census. Family legend states that these families along with the Davenports and others had traveled between Georgia and North Carolina often and when the roundup for Removal came they had gone back to North Carolina. It was also said that they refused to migrate to Indian Territory and had basically lied to buy land in Georgia because they could pass for white. William 1810-1906 and Nancy 1812-1904 both lived out their lives in Union County Georgia and are buried at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church near the part of Lake Nottely known now as the Boy Scout Camp…. (sorry not politically correct). Their children were: Eliza Beth 1828-1891 m. Harden Sparks Martha 1834-1904 m. John Wesley Hensley Joseph Monroe 1836-1918 m. Naomi Adaline Hayes Catherine 1839-1895 m. John Hayes Syntha 1841-1923 m. Norman Isaacks and Edley F. Beaver John McDaniel 1843-1925 m. Elizabeth Willis and Roseanna McIntyre William Jasper 1847-1919 m. Charity Louisa Self Caroline Zelieus 1851-1927 m Garrett Elexander Adeline C. 1851-1942m m. David E. Davenport Willis Washington “Bud” 1853-1933 m. Mary A. McEntire and Emma E. Taylor After twenty years of actual on the ground running back and forth between North Carolina and Georgia have never been able to ascertain who Nancy’s parents were. Elizabeth Willis may have been a cousin… is listed as the daughter of Benjamin and Hannah Reid Willis. There is a Martin Willis on the census records in Union County Georgia… haven’t been able to tie him in either. Most of these families are buried at either Mt. Zion Baptist or Mt. Olivet Baptist cemeteries in Blairsville Post Office. Leslie Barker Thomas GaTOTA, Past President Gilmer Hist. Soc., President

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