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    2. Keith Elmo Eldridge
    3. A belated Happy New Year to all WILLIAMS-UK Subscribers, The last few months have been somewhat erratic on the RootsWeb mailing lists. The upgrade that started without warning in July is still not complete. A number of functions are still not working correctly. The Archives of the lists appear to be working again, but there are a number of long gaps including much of the last couple of months. There isn't much hope that things will be fixed any time soon. The main mailing list programmer (and possibly the only person who knew how the RootsWeb mailing lists really worked,) Randy Winch, died suddenly, aged 54, at the beginning of December. However, the mailing lists are working and are still a valuable resource. If you posted something in the last few months that isn't in the archives, <>, and might be of interest to others in the future then please feel free to repost it. The main reason for this message is to inform you that one of the functions that is not working is the redirection of the original mailing list address (with '-L' before the '@') to the new (since 2006) address The messages sent to the -L form of the address do eventually get through to me (as List Admin,) but are mixed in with all the spam and therefore will be delayed. ******IMPORTANT******* Please make sure to use (without the '-L') when sending messages to the mailing list. ********************** And please change your address book for all RootsWeb mailing lists to remove any '-L's. <LISTNAME> I would also like apologise for all delays and failures to deal with mailing list issues while I have been moving house. Regards         Elmo. -- --Keith Elmo ELDRIDGE --Crookes, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. --List Administrator of the WILLIAMS-UK mailing list

    01/19/2017 03:57:16