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    1. Re: [WILLIAMS-UK] Samuel Williams...b:1809
    2. Hoping for some help or anything.....Researching the WILLIAMS family of Wales. Hi Dave As you will be aware, Williams is (I think) the fourth most common surname in Canada, and the third most common in the UK. It is almost certainly the second most common in Wales. There are now almost a quarter of a million of us in the UK alone. There are therefore many thousands of "Williams" families in Wales, almost always unrelated to one another. Most Welsh surnames derive from patronymics, at the time when English naming practices were imposed on us by the English. This is because the traditional Welsh system was to give people a Christian name only and then append it with "son of" or "daughter of" and the parent's Christian name. Welsh people were able to recite their ancestry in this way through six generations, thus giving them a virtually unique identity. Thus in Welsh I would be "Allen ab Eiriog ap Samuel ap Joseph ap David/Dafydd" and so on (I can't get back any further yet) and not Allen Williams. The English could not cope with this system. What is certain is that in my ancestry there is a William somewhere in the chain who gave rise to the "Williams" English-system surname which has been carried on since. Therefore I would earnestly suggest that you try a geographic-based list to post your query, or direct your research on to the mining industry, to try to find the colliery concerned, and threfore the locality. The Rhymney Valley is traditionally the boundary between Glamorgan and Monmouthshire, so your man may be from either of those counties. Best wishes, Allen Williams Sale Cheshire Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    02/22/2010 01:02:36