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    1. [WHITE-DNA] possible Sabra White connection
    2. John
    3. Ellen do you think it would be help full for me to have a Ancestry and/or 23andme DNA test done, if so which would you suggest? John --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously John, I am replying for my husband, John White, I really can't help you in answering your question, but, I found your letter of interest to me. I have tested my husband John White, in Ancestry, 23andMe, and Family Tree, because I am trying to find his WHITE ancestors. In the results, Family Tree DNA, his closest matches , 111, are HOGG, Hoag, and White surname is "way" down the the "12" connections. I too have wondered about this. Either an "OOOps" on parentage, an adoption, or a name change. I guess. Sabra White does not come up on his matches. I have found that Ancestry and 23andme give the % of chromosomes shared. Thanks, Ellen White On 12/23/2018 9:46 AM, wrote: > I am trying to find out how to determine through use of the DNA if I can be related to Sabra White b 4/4/1810 NY d before 1880 married Daniel Hawley Hoag 7/20/1828 he b 10/17/1805 NY and d 9/19/1868. Does anyone know how I would be able to determine if this is possible or the percent possibility of such. > > > Thanks every so much for any and ALL help

    12/26/2018 10:11:19