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    3. NATIONAL EYE INSTITUTE NEWS Gain Perfect Vision in 5 days Go from a minus 7 to clear eyes by adding these drops into your eyes Get Crystal clear vision without any corrective lenses Fox News Exclusive- Full video REPORT Learn the 3 Minute trick to restore your vision to 20/20. Watch the Video that reveals Eye care industry secret re-move your email by going this link go here Or use the Traditional Method and Send a Postcard to : Free Bird Research 2220 Meridian Blvd Suite #AD666 Minden, NV 89423 Visual Acuity, Eyesight and Vision: What's the Difference? Visual acuity. This, literally, is the sharpness of your vision. Visual acuity is measured by your ability to identify letters or numbers on a standardized eye chart from a specific viewing distance. Eye chart, with young girl covering one eye. Visual acuity is tested one eye at a time, with the help of a standardized Snellen eye chart. Visual acuity is a static measurement, meaning you are sitting still during the testing and the letters or numbers you are viewing also are stationary. Visual acuity also is tested under high contrast conditions — typically, the letters or numbers on the eye chart are black, and the background of the chart is white. Although visual acuity testing is very useful to determine the relative clarity of your eyesight in standardized conditions, it isn't predictive of the quality of your vision in all situations. For example, it can't predict how well you would see: Objects that are similar in brightness to their background Colored objects Moving objects Three major physical and neurological factors determine visual acuity: How accurately the cornea and lens of the eye focus light onto the reti The sensitivity of the nerves in the retina and vision centers in the brain The ability of the brain to interpret information received from the eyes Only light that is focused on a very small and highly sensitive portion of the central retina (called the macula) influences visual acuity measurements obtained during an eye exam. Visual acuity typically is quantified with Snellen fractions (see "What is 20/20 Vision?" below).

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