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    2. Manaia Alofa
    3. Welcome! I am Manaia, the list administrator for Rootsweb's WALLIS-AND-FUTUNA-ISLANDS mailing list. You can contact me personally at [email protected] A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Territory of Wallis and Futuna Islands, a French island territory consisting of two groups of islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean between Fiji and the Samoas. I give a wide latitude to list discussion because I believe that the list is here as a research tool for you, the subscriber. However there some things that should not be posted to the list: 1. Remember that all messages to the list are archived by Rootsweb and can be seen by *anyone* at any time by clicking on the Archives link on the Rootsweb home page. Keep that in mind and look your message over carefully before clicking on "Send". If you wouldn't want your mom, spouse, best friend, or clergyperson reading what you wrote, you probably should send the message privately. 2. E-Mail Forwards that are Virus-warnings, Jokes, Chain Letters, etc., no matter how dire, funny or how worthy the cause. If you think the list needs to hear about it, then please email me personally for my thoughts. 3. Flames or rude emails critizing another subscriber's posting. If someone makes a mistake and it is a problem, I will take care of it. This is a list for including people, not excluding them. We need to all work together to solve our research problems. "Remember to post your lines often! Connections can't be made if we don't post." Again, Welcome and Enjoy! Regards, --Manaia [List-Admin] [email protected] ____________________________________________________________________________________ Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.;_ylt=Ahu06i62sR8HDtDypao8Wcj9tAcJ

    05/01/2008 05:52:19