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    1. [WALLES] LISTOWNER: Weekend Sharing
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Listmembers, I have an idea that I think you will like. It is something that I think will help us find our elusive ancestors. I have decided that every Friday and Saturday will be "Sharing Weekend". The rules are as follows: 1) Put your ancestors' names in the subject line (along with dates and places if you like). 2) The message body can me anything....a list of names, a formal query, something copied from your genealogy program, etc. 3) Do not post info on living people. That's it. Sharing Weekend will begin on Friday, 15 June, 2001. It will occur every weekend until I say otherwise. I hope this will help us all. So, everybody have fun and happy hunting! Sincerely, Kim Ivey [email protected] Listowner

    06/14/2001 06:30:30