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    1. [WALLES] LISTOWNER: Sharing week
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Listmembers, I declare the week of 3 June-9 June 2000 as sharing week. There are a few rules, so please read this message carefully before jumping in. Rules: 1) Please put names/dates/places in the subject line. Do not use ambiguous subject lines such as "my lines", "sharing", "my brick walls", "roll call", etc. Remember, most people don't read each and every list message. They read the ones with subject lines that are of interest. 2) Only 3 surnames per message, however, you can send as many messages as you like. 3) Any query format is acceptable. You can just put a list of names, a report copied from your genealogy program, or whatever. 4) Include your e-mail address. Don't always count on the reply button. 5) Do not post information on living people. This is to protect their privacy. Now I want to discuss how the "Reply" button works on this list. I have this list set to reply to sender. That means when you hit the reply button your message won't go to the list, but to the person who sent the message you hit reply to. So, to send new messages to the list it's always best to put the list address in the "To" field. If you don't, then when you hit reply to a message just to get yours on the list, it won't go there, it will go to the person who sent that message. Ok, that's it. Let's get busy composing our queries. Good luck to everyone! Sincerely, Kim Ivey <[email protected]> Listowner

    06/01/2001 10:37:01