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    1. List Admin: Possible Ancestry scam
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. List Members, I normally don't post messages like this, but since RootsWeb is owned by Ancestry/MyFamily, I feel I should warn you. Please be aware there are message floating around on lists and messages boards of offers to "share" an Ancestry subscription. I have a feeling the message is from a someone claiming to be an Ancestry subscriber and wants money in exchange for his/her login info. Only once you pay you will probably not hear from the person again or will be given false login info. Also be aware that the sharing of user names and passwords is strictly against Ancestry's policy. I know Ancestry subscriptions are expensive, and the sharing of a subscription sounds like a good deal. Please don't let these people scam you out of your hard-earned money. There are plenty of kind people who are willing to do look-up's. In fact there is a RootsWeb list just for that. So, again, please, please don't get scammed. Now back to genealogy.... Thank you, Kim Ivey List Admin

    05/18/2006 10:31:28