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    1. ADMIN--List changes--please read
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. List Members, On Wednesday, 30 August 2006 the WALLES mailing list will switch to a new system. Most of you should have received an announcement from RootsWeb. For those that didn't and for those that may have accidentally deleted it, I am reposting it here. In addition to the changes below, there are some changes specific to digest subscribers. * You can no longer subscribe to both the list and digest with the same e-mail address. I know that is a pain for some. If you have an alternate e-mail address (or if your ISP offers additional free e-mail accounts-some offer as many as 8 free e-mail addresses so check with them) you can subscribe that address to either the list or digest. You can also use one of the free web-based e-mail services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). * If you subscribed to the digest and the "messages" appeared as attachments rather than inline, this will not be happening with the new system. The messages will be in one long attachments. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Now back to WALLES genealogy! Sincerely, Kim Ivey <[email protected]> List Admin -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 6:44 PM To: [email protected] Subject: @CHECK+ RootsWeb Mailing Lists are being Updated Dear RootsWeb mailing list subscriber, We are excited to announce that in the coming weeks, the mailing lists will be moving to a new list management system. Why? The new list management system offers updated technology, better spam control, and more efficient hosting of the lists. When? All the lists won't be updated all at once. In fact, once we start it will take us about two weeks to complete the process. We've posted the additional details about the update and a current update schedule at the link below. This page can also be found by following the link found on If there are any changes to the schedule, we'll update this page to let you know. How will it Affect You? Your current subscription(s) will automatically transfer to the new system so there will be no need to re-subscribe to your list(s), however, because the sending and receiving of list email will be handled by a new system, you may notice a few changes to your list(s). Digest subscribers will notice a small difference in the layout, volume and issue numbers of the list digests. The "-L" is being dropped from the "official" list name. This means the "from" address your mailing list emails come from will be slightly different- [email protected] vs. the current [email protected] You may have to adjust your spam filters or put the new address on your "accept" list to prevent it from being caught in your "junk" folder. This sounds like a big change, but it doesn't have to change the way you use the list. Here's why: - You will still be able to send messages to the list using the "[email protected]" email address you use today. Additionally, you can choose to drop the "-L" and send your messages to [email protected] Both addresses will work after the list has been migrated. - You will still be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to the mail or digest mode by sending your request to [email protected] or [email protected] as you do today. You will also be able to unsubscribe from the mail or digest mode by sending your "unsubscribe" message to [email protected] The tools that list administrators use to manage their list will also be changing. If you are a list admin, you will be contacted in an additional email on Monday with more details and a link to a tutorial. We're excited about the improvements to the lists because we feel confident that they will ensure that the mailing lists continue to run smoothly for years to come. We appreciate your patience while we make this transition and hope that the RootsWeb mailing lists will continue to be a valuable tool in your genealogy research. Thanks, The Rootsweb Staff ********************************************** You received this message from RootsWeb as a one-time email notification of upcoming changes to the mailing list(s) you subscribe to.

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