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    1. [WALLES] LISTOWNER: Virus postings--PLEASE READ
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Listmembers, I want to remind everyone that virus warnings are not appropriate for the list. Even if you think you have infected someone, please don't tell the whole list. There are reasons for this, and I will explain each one. 1) You cannot get a virus from the list. RootsWeb has filters that prevent this kind of thing. Even if you get a virus infected message/attachment that appears to come from me, it didn't. It probably came from another subscriber who has the list address in his/her address book. 2) If you feel that you have infected someone, please contact them privately. Don't use this list as a public bulletin board. Now, there are things you can do to prevent viruses, so please read this carefully: 1) Invest in an anti-virus program that is capable of scanning e-mail messages and attachments. I know the prices can seem costly, but it's worth it if it protects your valuable research...not to mention your computer. 2) Keep your ant-virus program updated. Go to the program's website and download the last updates or use the programs auto-update feature. 3) Scan each and every attachment you receive regardless of who it's from or what the file name is. With these new viruses, it is possible to get a virus from someone you know. 4) Scan your whole computer for viruses regularly. 5) Make sure you're virus program is running at all times. If you have any questions regarding this list and viruses, please contact me privately. From this point on, please do not post any virus warnings or announce that you may have infected someone. Ok, now that we've cleared the air on's back to scheduled programming. I apologize for the interruptions, and try to keep my "LISTOWER" postings to a minimum. Sincerely, Kim Ivey <[email protected]> Listowner

    04/27/2001 07:56:32
    1. [WALLES] LISTOWNER: The GenFourm chain letter
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Listmembers, I'm sure by now most of you have seen a message floating around regarding selling messages that are posted to GenForum message boards. It hasn't appeared on this list yet, but I thought I would beat somebody to the punch. The message kind of gives the impression that GenFourm is connected with RootsWeb and/or I want to take this time to clear up some things. 1) GenFourm belongs to not to RootsWeb or Any info you post to a RootsWeb message board or mailing list will not be sold. 2) The powers that be at have denied this allegation, and well I believe them regardless of the stories that go around about them. So, if you get a copy of this message, the best thing you can do is delete it with the rest of the junk mail. You would think these people would spend their time and money looking for ancestors rather than spouting off garbage, oh well......... I apologize for the interruption. I know this is the second time in as many days that I've had to post a warring about a chain letter that affects RootsWeb. I wish these crazy people would get a life....or at least spend their online time more productively. Well....anyway...back to regularly scheduled programming. If anyone has any comments about this, please e-mail me privately.

    03/27/2001 05:20:03
    1. [WALLES] LISTOWNER: New Rule--please read
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Listmembers, In the interest of privacy I have created a new rule. From now on, please do not forward messages to the list unless you have permission from the original author, and then state in the message that you have permission from the author. This means that if your Aunt Fanny sends you an e-mail with family info, don't send it to the list unless you have Aunt Fanny's permission, and when you do get Aunt Fanny's permission please say something to the effect that "I have Aunt Fanny's permission to forward this" or something like that. The reason I made this rule is this. People who send you messages may not want the whole world to read it. And if you forward personal messages without permission, you may have done more than just tick somebody off. That somebody could seek legal action if he/she wanted to. And it's just plain good manners to ask first. If anybody has any questions about this, please contact me privately. Thank you for your time. I apologize for the interruption, and try to keep my "Listowner" message to a minimum. Now back to regularly scheduled programming. Sincerely, Kim Ivey [email protected]

    03/22/2001 04:14:17
    1. [WALLES] Possible fraud with
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Listmembers, I just wanted to let you all know that their is potential fraud involved with . The deal is you pay a membership fee to gain access to what are free sites at RootsWeb. Please do not buy into this. ALL SITES AT ROOTSWEB CAN BE ACCESSED FOR FREE! Simply go to to see all that RootsWeb has to offer, and you will see that you do not have to pay a membership fee. So, in the future, if you hear of or receive an offer for access to any site at RootsWeb for a membership fee, please contact me or someone at RootsWeb immediately. If anybody has any questions or comments about this, please e-mail me privately. Thank you. Sincerely, Kim Ivey <[email protected]> Listowner

    03/13/2001 11:45:48
    1. [WALLES] Sharing Week reminder
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Listmembers, Just wanted to remind everyone that we still have a few days left on our Sharing Week. I invite everyone to post your queries. Who knows, you just might find that missing branch in the family tree! Here are the rules again: 1) Names must be in the subject line. Please don't use "sharing", "my surnames", or other useless phrases. The subject line is the first thing people see, and if the names are in the subject line you might get more responses. 2) Only 3 surnames per message, but you can post as many messages as you like (well...don't send 1,000!). Ok....that's it. Everybody have fun and happy hunting! Sincerely, Kim Ivey [email protected] Listowner

    03/07/2001 09:03:30
    1. [WALLES] Cynthia WALLES b. 1779 in NC
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Hello everybody, I am seeking info on Cynthia WALLES b. abt 1779 in NC. She married James ROSEBOROUGH 20 Jan 1801 in Iredell Co., NC. They later settled down and raised their family in Lincoln Co. TN. This is all the info I have on Cynthia. Any help greatly appreciated and will gladly share. By the way would the surname WALLES be pronounced as "wallace", "wales", or "walls"? Sincerely, Kim Ivey [email protected]

    03/04/2001 07:14:51
    1. [WALLES] It's Sharing Time
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Listmembers, I declare March 4-10, 2001 as Surname Sharing Time. During this time everyone is encouraged to post their surname queries. There are a few rules, please read them carefully before posting: 1) Names MUST be in the subject line. Please don't use "sharing", "my brick walls", and other useless phrases. People are more likely to read your message if you put names in the subject line. 3) Please use the list address (which appears at the bottom of each message that is posted to the list) to send new messages to the list. Hitting "Reply" will only send your message to the sender of the message you hit "Reply" to. This means that a message that you intended for the list will go to someone who has no idea what you're talking about. Now, lets get busy perparing our queries. Everybody have fun, and happy hunting! Sincerely, Kim Ivey <[email protected]> Listowner

    03/03/2001 03:02:21
    1. [WALLES] New Listowner
    2. Kim Ivey
    3. Dear Listmembers, My name is Kim Ivey, and I'm the new Listowner for the WALLES-L mailing list. My e-mail address is [email protected] or [email protected] . So, if you ever need assistance, please feel free to contact me. Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in Alabama, and have been a genealogist for over 12 years. A little over a year ago, I thought I would help out at RootsWeb by volunteering to take over some "orphaned" mailing list. I have to say that that it has and is a very interesting experience. Below, are a few list rules. Please read them over, and if you have any questions please let me know. LIST RULES: * Stay on topic. Off-topic posts are not allowed. * No flaming or hate mail. * No roll calls. You are more than welcome to post your WALLES surname queries, but you must put at least put the names in the subject line. >From time to time I will declare a "swapping" or "sharing" week, but the same rule applies here too. * No vulgar/obscene language. That's basically it. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to help make this list a very productive one for all listmembers. Sincerely, Kim Ivey [email protected] Listowner

    02/28/2001 06:46:04