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    1. [WA-OR-Census] Fw: Open Invitation - 1930 Federal Census
    2. Kevin Fraley
    3. > Hi All, > Because it was not really clear, I wanted to let everyone know > that the chat session Tina Vickery has announced is open to all > volunteers in any state or part of the USGW Project. 1930 census work > will be unlike that of any previous year, and the time to learn the > new procedures and get going on it is right now! You will get the > most out of the session if you already have a working knowledge of > census research in previous years. I am doing this as an aid to all > our volunteers, both for their own personal knowledge and so that they > may pass accurate information on to others. I will present some > prepared material, but will also be on hand to answer questions about > all the new procedures. Please pass this on to your state and other > project lists, so your volunteers can take advantage of it. The > session is tomorrow (Feb. 13) at 9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific, at > (port 6667). > > Thank You, > Kevin Fraley > > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: <[email protected]> > To: <[email protected]> > Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 8:04 PM > Subject: [STATE-COORD-L] Open Invitation - 1930 Federal Census > > > > With the approaching date of April 1, 2002, and the release of the > > 1930 Federal Census, I have invited Kevin Fraley to answer questions > > about 1930 Census searches. > > > > Kevin is a noted authority on the Federal Census, and is currently > > engaged in training other NARA volunteers, in an effort to better > > assist the public in their 1930 Census research. > > > > The 1930 Census Search process is different and more time-consuming > > than in any previous census year, and new strategies will be > required > > to aid in research. > > > > Please join the WIGenWeb Project at it's weekly meeting to start the > > process of preparing for 1930. > > > > WIGenWeb Project Meetings > > Place: IRC server: (6667) > > Room: #USGW-WI > > Time: 9 PM EST Wednesday, February 13, 2002 > > > > > > > > Tina Vickery > > SC WIGenWeb Project > > > > <please forward as appropriate> > > >

    02/12/2002 12:29:50
    1. [WA-OR-Census] Merry Christmas
    2. To all USGW Census Project volunteers, I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and joyful new year, and to thank you for your good work of volunteer service to the project. Thanks to your efforts we are once again becoming the most admired and respected part of the greater USGenWeb Project, and we are well on our way to a justly deserved reputation for professional scholarship and excellence. Each of you can take great pride in our accomplishments so far, as well as the goals we intend to reach in the future. Thank you again for all your hard work this past year, and for the good work you will be doing in the next. Kevin Fraley Administrative Coordinator

    12/24/2000 02:21:50
    1. [WA-OR-Census] October SGS meeting
    2. Hello all, The October meeting of the Seattle Genealogical Society will be held Monday, October 9th, at 7:30 PM, at the Society on 15th in North Seattle. For those who may be interested I will be speaking on cemetery and census research, specifically regarding the Washington Cemetery and Census Projects of WAGenWeb, the USGW Tombstone Project, the USGW Census Project, and the USGW and WAGenWeb Archives. Yes, I am painfully aware of how far behind I am, and part of my presentation will be an attempt to recruit assistance in managing these projects. Please drop in and participate if you have the chance. Thank you, Kevin Fraley

    10/08/2000 02:43:17
    1. [WA-OR-Census] SCC class Thursday
    2. Hello All, Logs of the two previous lectures may be viewed at There was a comma in the URL before, maybe this will work better. Thank you, Kevin Fraley Administrative Coordinator USGW Census Project

    07/24/2000 05:30:15
    1. [WA-OR-Census] SCC class Thursday
    2. Hello All, Just a reminder that the third part of our training classes will be this Thursday (7/27) evening at 7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern. This will be the last class covering transcriber procedures, so all interested persons are welcome, whether training to be state census coordinators or not. Logs of the two previous lectures may be viewed at http://www, All are welcome, come to the Rootsweb/IIGS server on IRC, channel #censusclass. The following two classes will be held Mon. 8/14 and Thursday 8/17 at the same time and place. These classes will cover specific procedures to be used by our state census coordinators, so it will be limited to scc's and those training to become scc's or interested in taking this position. I hope to see a good turnout. Please be on time, so the class is not disturbed. Thank you, Kevin Fraley Administrative Coordinator USGW Census Project

    07/24/2000 01:18:33
    1. [WA-OR-Census] State census coordinator class tonight
    2. Hello, Just a reminder that tonight will be the second of five or more parts of our training program for state census coordinators. The first part was held Thursday, July 6th, and is posted at The second part will be held tonight (July 17th) at 7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern. The third part will be given on Thursday July 27th. The first and second classes are focused on exact project procedures for transcriptions, so they are of valuable interest to transcribers and proofreaders as well as state census coordinators. All are welcome, come to the Rootsweb/IIGS server on IRC, channel #censusclass. All state census coordinators and those interested in becoming state census coordinators should attend. Please bring your questions. Thank you, Kevin Fraley Administrative Coordinator USGW Census Project

    07/17/2000 12:38:10
    1. [WA-OR-Census] 1850 Benton, OR census online
    2. Greetings, The 1850 Federal Census of Benton County, Oregon Territory has been completed in the USGenweb Census Project and placed online in the ORGenweb Archives. This work is a complete and accurate transcription of the original census record, transcribed by Ila Wakley and proofread by Sonya Bridges. This same team is currently well on the way toward completion of the same work for Clackamas, Marion, Polk, & Yamhill Counties in the same census year. The 1850 Benton census is at: ORGenweb Archives Manager and Benton County Coordinator, please note the address and update your pages accordingly. Congratulations to Ila and Sonya on their excellent work, which will benefit generations of genealogists and historians. Thank you, Kevin Fraley ([email protected]) Oregon State Coordinator, USGenweb Census Project

    06/01/2000 09:47:45
    1. [WA-OR-Census] Where to get and view the census
    2. Hello to all volunteers, This is the first use of our new project mailing list, to which all volunteers working in the USGenweb Census Project in Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii are subscribed. The list is strictly for communication to help us in our work, feel free to offer transcribing tips, and please don't hesitate to ask transcribing or proofreading questions. I have received a number of questions about where to get the census record, and how to go about transcribing or proofreading it. The census record is available to you in several forms, listed in order of preference below. 1) On rolls of microfilm 2) On CD's for electronic images on your computer, copied from the microfilm 3) On books of photocopy images copied from the microfilm 4) On books published of previous transcriptions Please note the following: For the most part only the first three options given above are acceptable for use as a transcribing or proofreading source, but you can refer to previously published transcriptions as a "triple-check" if you wish, in addition to our two levels of transcription using the preferred sources. Options 2 & 3 above may sound great, but unfortunately the quality of the copy is often very disappointing, and reference must still be made to the microfilm at times to decipher entries. In addition, I am not yet aware of any CD's having been produced for our three states, good or bad. As you can see, we are pretty much left with microfilm, always the preferred source anyway. Microfilm is the preferred and the usual source of census records for transcription in this project. Project rules since 1997 have required the use of microfilm for either the first or the second (i.e. proofreading) transcription, with it strongly recommended that ALL proofreading be done from microfilm. Since using microfilm is normally the least expensive method of doing our work as well as the most accurate, you can see why it is usually employed. Microfilm reading equipment is available for public use free of charge at all Family History Centers and most medium size and larger public libraries. All branches of the National Archives and Records Adnimistration (NARA) have numerous free public microfilm readers, including the branch for our region in the Sand Point district of Seattle. All college and university libraries have microfilm reading equipment, most are open free to the public. State Archives and State Libraries have film facilities open free to the public. Many private libraries and historical or genealogical societies also have this available. Nearly every location with film reading equipment also has facilities to photocopy from microfilm. The census films themselves can be found already on the shelf at NARA, State Libraries and Archives, large Family History Centers and large public and private libraries. All of the rest with microfilm reading equipment can quickly and easily order the film in at no charge or for the cost of postage, about three and a half dollars maximum. The usual way of transcribing from microfilm is to write entries out on paper while viewing the film, then enter into the computer later at home. A variation on this is to photocopy from the microfilm at the library, then enter at home, but you must take special care to double check hard to read entries. Some people bring their laptop to the library and enter the data as they view the film, but this does not really work as well as it sounds. If you have any questions at all about any of the above, please ask here on the list. I have locations of Family History Centers in all three states available if you need them. Thank you all so much for the work you will leave behind for the use of generations to come. Kevin Fraley ([email protected]) Washington, Oregon, & Hawaii State Coordinator USGenweb Census Project

    05/17/2000 01:24:37
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