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    1. Re: [WA-CEM] {not a subscriber} abbreviations
    2. Hi, I'd rather not have any more rules and stuff than we already have. All I ask is that whatever abbreviations you use, that they make sense to the average person and that you provide a key at the top of your file. Maggie has some abbreviations that she has found useful in her numerous transcriptions, but there is no reason to make any one system mandatory, as long as the reader can easily understand what is presented. Thanks, Kevin Fraley At 12:51 PM 11/10/99 -0800, you wrote: >hello Listers, >I would like Kevin to give us a list of abbreviations for use in our >listings. After talking with a fellow transcriber at a cemetery today, I >realized that we don't all use the same set and think it would be better if >we did. >for instance I use: >s/s = shared stone, but today learned that others use s/w = stone with >s/b = shared base >s/o = son of >w/o = wife of >m/o = mother of >f/o = father of >how about? >s/d = stone damaged >s/t = stone toppled >d/d = duplicate data - I have a couple with double stones >sp/c = spelling correct > >These are some that I already use, some I've seen and some that sound >interesting. >Could I have thoughts on this please? >Pat, Almira > > > >

    11/10/1999 02:06:17