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    1. Re: [WA-CEM] Questions
    2. Charles Dailey
    3. From the standpoint of a historical researcher, having at least one unnamed baby listed can mean the end of the search. I was searching in Myrtle Creek, Oregon for and adult named John Burris Smith, buried in 1901. When the keeper of the records located at least 20 graves named "J. Smith," I knew the search had ended. If no "J. Smith" had been in the records, I would have searched in some other town, although I was certain he was buried in Myrtle Creek. Charles Dailey ---- >I have listed this type as Unknown ,"Our Babies" > alphabetically and then in my date column say... >No date, in the information column >I would say, No surname listed.... >Include any helpful info about the positioning of the >stone, something that might help determine which >family they might be in. > >Usually there is no clue and I am tempted to omit these.. > >I would like to hear someone else's opinion on this one. > >Maggie

    11/03/1999 01:11:57