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    1. [WA-CEM] {not a subscriber} abbreviations
    2. Pat Rice
    3. hello Listers, I would like Kevin to give us a list of abbreviations for use in our listings. After talking with a fellow transcriber at a cemetery today, I realized that we don't all use the same set and think it would be better if we did. for instance I use: s/s = shared stone, but today learned that others use s/w = stone with s/b = shared base s/o = son of w/o = wife of m/o = mother of f/o = father of how about? s/d = stone damaged s/t = stone toppled d/d = duplicate data - I have a couple with double stones sp/c = spelling correct These are some that I already use, some I've seen and some that sound interesting. Could I have thoughts on this please? Pat, Almira

    11/10/1999 01:51:30