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    1. [WA-CEM] King County Cemeteries, part IV
    2. Hello, Here is the fourth of four lists of past and present King County cemeteries and their locations. This fourth part will be cemeteries of Southeast King County. Please let me know of any omissions or errors. Auburn Pioneer (Slaughter, Fawcett) Cemetery T21N R5E S18 Black Diamond Cemetery T21N R6E S15 Cumberland (Mountain Crest) Cemetery T21N R7E S28 Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Enumclaw T20N R6E S15 Enumclaw (Evergreen) Cemetery T20N R6E S15 Old Enumclaw Cemetery T20N R6E S26 Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Franklin T21N R7E S17 Franklin Cemetery T21N R7E S17 Hillcrest IOOF Burial Park, Kent T22N R5E S30 Holy Family (St. Gall the Abbott) Catholic Cemetery, Krain T20N R6E S2 Old Catholic Cemetery, Enumclaw T20N R6E S24 Saar Methodist Cemetery, Kent T22N R5E S7 Lake Youngs Cemetery T22N R6E S6 Landsburg Mine Cemetery T22N R7E S30 Marker (Lagesson) Cemetery, Maple Valley T22N R6E S8 Meridian Cemetery T22N R5E S35 Muckleshoot Indian Reservation (Upper) Cemetery T20N R5E S1 Ravensdale Cemetery T22N R6E S25 Selleck Cemetery T22N R7E S26 Soos Creek Cemetery T22N R5E S22 Courville Cemetery T20N R6E S7 Elder Cemetery, Franklin T21N R7E S17 Lawson Mine Cemetery, Black Diamond T21N R6E S24 White Lake Cemetery, Muckleshoot I.R. T21N R5E S20 Kent Memorial Park T22N R4E S13 Old Meridian Cemetery T22N R5E S22 Old Kent Cemetery T22N R5E S30 Thank you for helping me with this. Kevin Fraley Director, Washington Cemetery Project, USGW

    05/24/2000 12:53:41