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    1. [VIRGINIA-INDIAN-SURNAMES] My Virginia names
    2. Kathleen
    3. Here’s a list of my VA surnames. I would like to hear from anyone who has information about them: Christian, Faure/Ford, Hickman. Isbell, Tinsley, Chisholm, Courtney, Haley, Jett, Barbee, Foley, Gough. Hensley, Peck, Wright, Williams, Woodson, Leake, Hunt, Turner, Mask, Turner, Pleasants, Rickabaugh, Martin, Vernon, Austin, Sims, Lewellyn, Powers, Rogers, Barbee, Triplett, Mason, Lewis, Walker, Dulaney, Miller, Slaughter, Crowshaw, Saxton/Axton/Ashton, Hoskins, Jones, (Shrader, Kimbler/Kimball, West VA), Ferris, Jackson, Cooke. My Jett, Foley, Courtney and Jones from Stafford Co., VA go back to the Powhatan Indians and Chief Wahanganoche. The Chisholm’s were Cherokee and possibly mixed with some of the local tribes. My Richard Austin born ca 1670, moved to Lunenburg, VA with his brother, John Austin, who from court records, is known to have married a Saponi woman. I think Richard did too but don’t have court or other records to support it other than the Names John and Richard being on a list of historic Saponi names. . Does anyone have information about him? I have seen one post where it showed his wife as Elizabeth Rice. Can anyone confirm that? Thanks for your help, Kathleen Rogalla

    03/14/2011 04:10:40