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    1. [Vessey] [ADMIN] Finding Outdated Websites In The Lists
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    3. Hello Listers: Tree-mendous gratitudes to Sally! Let us know of your thoughts today. .... Regards, --Manaia [List-Admin] [email protected] ++++ Sally Rolls Pavia <[email protected]> wrote: You may find a link to a website that is no longer valid in an Archived message. While it is quite possible that an old website has Moved or no longer exists, it is also possible that the website is Still there, but the specific page link has changed. Try "backing up" or removing the ending of the URL and leaving only The domain. For example, if the broken link is, try going To or You could find a new link to the Data you are seeking from this page of the website. CONCLUSION The mailing list archive search engine has opened up a new world Of list posts that were always there but were previously buried and Hard to find. The searches offer us new leads in researching our Family history as long as we become adept at making the most of our Search results. Sally Rolls Pavia [email protected] List Owner: [email protected] Archives: "All incoming and outgoing email checked by Norton Anti-Virus" ____________________________________________________________________________________ Be a better sports nut! Let your teams follow you with Yahoo Mobile. Try it now.;_ylt=At9_qDKvtAbMuh1G1SQtBI7ntAcJ

    11/14/2007 02:14:48