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    1. [Vessey] [ADMIN] The most frequently asked question of subscribers is:
    2. Manaia Alofa
    3. Rootsweb mailing lists are automatic and are managed by list robots. These robots take care of subscription requests and bouncing (rejected) emails. The most frequently asked question of subscribers is: ***************** "Why have I been unsubscribed?" Answer: If your list mail cannot be delivered for any reason, the list robot unsubscribes you after a certain number of failed attempts. (For the VESSEY list the maximum member bounce score is: 3) This can happen for a number of reasons - some of the more common reasons are that your mailbox is full, your spam filter is blocking the list mail, your ISP is blocking list mail from Rootsweb, you have put an automatic responder on your email.... If you were unsubscribed and did not wish to be taken off the mailing list, simply subscribe again. However be forewarned that if whatever caused the list robot to unsubscribe you the first time is still happening, it will simply remove you again after a specific number of bounces--3--(rejected list mail to your email address). But as a courtesy to all VESSEY listers, I can re-subscribe you manually. Just let me know. ****************** Other questions asked are: "How do I unsubscribe?" Answer: Simply follow the instructions at the bottom of every list mail message. ****************** "Why is my mail not getting to the mailing list?" Answer: Make sure that you are sending from the same email you are subscribed under. The list robot does not recognize names. It only recognizes email addresses. If your sending email address is not on the subscriber list, your email will be rejected. ****************** "Why am I not getting list mail?" Answer: Check the HelpDesk notices in the yellow box for announcements about any technical problems with Rootsweb mail. If you don't find the answer to your problem on the HelpDesk page you need to check if you are still subscribed to the list. You can get a list of all your subscribed to mailing lists from Password Central: If Password Central doesn't include all lists to which you should be subscribed, re-subscribe to any lists that are missing from your subscribed lists by sending a new e-mail to: [email protected] (replacing the word LISTNAME with the actual list name). Put only the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject and message body of your e-mail. ****************** Should anyone need further elaboration then you may give me a contact. GRIN --Manaia [List-Admin] [email protected] My gratitudes to Lorine McGinnis Schulze for sharing.

    11/23/2008 11:26:28