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    1. [VANZILE] Maria Vanzile / Van Zile born in NY died in Ripley county Idiana
    2. Robert Boss
    3. Trying to make sense on this GGG-grandmother. The first that is seen of her is her marriage on December 23, 1823 in Ripley County Indiana. Research of the 1820 census shows a Wm Vanzile in Ripley County with 1 male under 10, 1 female under 10 and himself in the 26-44 range. The 1820 census list an Abram Vanzile family in Manchester, Dearborn County Indiana. The family members are listed as: Males... 1 in the 10-15 range, 1 in the 16-25 range and 1 in the over 45 range. Females are listed as: 1 under 10 and 1 in the over 45 range. What is interesting on Abram's 1820 census is that it also list 4 other individuals as free White's. 2 under 16 and 2 over 25. The total for the household is listed as 10 though. Also on the 1820 census is a Peter Vanzile family. They are listed as: male:....1 in the 16-25 range. Females... 1 under 10 and 1 16-25. They are shown in Manchester, Dearborn County also. The 1830 census shows a William Vanzile family in Ripley County and a Peter Vanzile family also in Ripley County. Suspect that Abram was the father of Peter and William. Suspect that my Maria was one of the free white females that were listed on the 1820 census of Abram but know no way of proving that. Does this connect with anyone? Bob

    10/22/2012 09:24:04