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    1. [VANSLYKE] Visiting Breuckelen
    2. Steve Van Slyke
    3. My wife and I are going on a barge cruise and cycling tour of Holland in late June. As it happens the first stop after Amsterdam is Breuckelen. Does anyone on the list have any recommendations of places to visit that might have some connection to Cornelis Antonissen or his relatives? I have been absent from this list for a few years since I changed my email address and forgot to re-subscribe. So hello again. Steven Clark Van Slyke, gggs of David O. Van Slyke of Galesville, WI Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    04/27/2012 09:54:25
    1. Re: [VANSLYKE] Visiting Breuckelen
    2. Hi Steve, I would love to go with you on your barge cruise of Holland. I have many Van Slyke family members on my website at Richard

    04/28/2012 02:17:06