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    1. New Email Address.
    2. Corinne Thompson
    3. Hello Cousins, Please note my new email address [email protected] Kindest Regards ...... Corinne in Melbourne.

    12/08/2005 11:58:10
    1. [VAISEY] unsubscribe
    2. Tim Bickerdike Member - CFHS, Bradford FHS. Researching -BICKERDIKE, CLAYTON, KEMP, VASEY HORSFALL, CRAWSHAW, RILEY, WOLFENDEN <A HREF="">TribalPages Bickerdike</A> <A HREF="">Bickerdike Family Forum</A> <A HREF="">Mailing Lists BICKERDYKE</A> <A HREF="">Bickerdikes Of The World Unite</A>

    09/21/2002 03:05:04
    1. [VAISEY] Re: The Vasey family
    2. Peter Walker
    3. Ben, Not sure that there's anything I can say to confirm or deny a connection between the Vasey family and a Pheysey family. My own Vasey line starts in South Shields in the late 18th century and moved down to London around 1812. I had a researcher tell me that Vasey was a corruption of 'de Vesci' and that this line came over with the Normans. Take you pick! However, I'm copying to the Vaisey list where there might be some other researchers for whom this might ring bells. Peter Walker Researching: Hollyer & variants; Idiens, Danbrook, Fortington Whale, Shale, Hamer, Vasey and more ----- Original Message ----- From: "Arkady" <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 6:33 PM Subject: The Vasey family > Sir, > > My name is Benjamin Myring and over the last decade I have occasionally > attempted to trace my family tree. My own surname is quite unusual and I > have traced it back to at least 1797, but like yourself I also take an > interest in the other branches of my family. One such branch is the > 'Pheysey' line (My maternal great-grandmother was born Edith May Pheysey). > The furthest back I have traced this line is to one Joseph Pheysey, who > married one Ann Preece and whose son Herbert was born in January 1863 at > Upper Millichope, Shropshire (I have a photograph of Herbert). In the 1970s > a distant relative of my Pheysey branch contacted the family, claiming he > had discovered the connection between his line and ours during his research, > and had discovered that Pheysey was a corruption of 'Vasey'. I have never > seen the name written down, so it could be spelled Vesey, Vaysey, etc. > According to him the original Vesey in this country was an aristocrat > (possibly a Count) who was ambassador from the Russian court to our own at > some point in the (dim and distant) past. This Russian character had also > supposedly married a Romanov princess. > > My mother has very clear memories from her youth of this Mr Pheysey (a rich, > upper crust gentleman) unrolling the vast and elaborate family tree which > showed this connection. My own research led me to your site, where you > mention one "VASEY from South Shields, Durham and later London". My interest > was redoubled, as I am currently a student at the University of Durham. I > thought that I would email you on the off-chance that you had some > information to clear up the picture. > > Thanks, > > Ben Myring

    06/28/2002 02:36:45
    1. Re: [VAISEY] VASEY in Australia
    2. Linda Wigley
    3. Thank you for your interest in the Vacey name. We are sorry, but as far as we are aware, there is no connection between 'our' Vaceys and Yorkshire. With kind regards and wishing you every success in your research. Linda D. Wigley. -----Original Message----- From: Jan Stockley <[email protected]> To: [email protected] <[email protected]> Date: 05 June 2002 06:57 Subject: [VAISEY] VASEY in Australia >I am researching VASEYs from Alne, YKS. This is a village about 12 miles >north of the city of York. I have Christopher and Richard VASEY in Alne c >1700. Christopher is my direct ancestor and we believe Richard is either his >brother or cousin. Both men raised families in Alne thru to 1800 odd. My lot >moved to Whitby on the Yorkshire coast 1812 and between 1841 and 1850 my gt >grandfather Thomas VASEY came to Australia, settling in Melbourne. > >Although the Alne Parish Register refers to both my gt gt gt grandparents, >Thomas and Mary (Hodgson) VASEY in the baptism records of their seven >children, we have not been able to find a birth, marriage or death for this >Thomas, who was probably born about 1745, the grandson of Christopher >above. > >Does anyone link up with this lot, would be very interested in contacts. > >Jan STOCKLEY NSW OZ >

    06/05/2002 06:27:09
    1. [VAISEY] VASEY in Australia
    2. Jan Stockley
    3. I am researching VASEYs from Alne, YKS. This is a village about 12 miles north of the city of York. I have Christopher and Richard VASEY in Alne c 1700. Christopher is my direct ancestor and we believe Richard is either his brother or cousin. Both men raised families in Alne thru to 1800 odd. My lot moved to Whitby on the Yorkshire coast 1812 and between 1841 and 1850 my gt grandfather Thomas VASEY came to Australia, settling in Melbourne. Although the Alne Parish Register refers to both my gt gt gt grandparents, Thomas and Mary (Hodgson) VASEY in the baptism records of their seven children, we have not been able to find a birth, marriage or death for this Thomas, who was probably born about 1745, the grandson of Christopher above. Does anyone link up with this lot, would be very interested in contacts. Jan STOCKLEY NSW OZ

    06/05/2002 09:55:25
    1. [VAISEY] Yorkshire Vasey's
    2. Hi .. I have been checking out the archives and it appears there is no mention of any Vasey families in the WRY. Well here is one now ....My mother was Margaret June Vasey daughter of Joseph Vasey and Gertrude Evelyn Lee. She was born in Dewsbury WRY in 1934 one of 7 children. I have only just started looking at the Vasey line but in the 1881 census only two Vasey families lived in Dewsbury one of the families was from Ireland which I suspect is the family from which my mother was decended (all Catholics) I will keep the list informed as i go on or you may like to check out my website occasionally. Best wishes, Merry christmas and a Happy New Year Tim Bickerdike <A HREF="">Bickerdike's Of The World Unite</A>

    12/22/2001 09:16:52
    1. [VAISEY] Martha Frances Veazey's mother Mary Ann
    2. afallon/lee
    3. The Veazey book states that Martha Frances' mother was Mary Ann Lucas who married William Cain Veazey in Sept of 1840 (there's a record of the marriage in Greene County, GA) and that her father was a jeweler who went back to England. No other information is given and I took that as fact till I began to look at the Attala County Cemetery Book. There are a lot of Lucas's buried at Liberty Chapel Cemetery, along with a lot of Veazeys. The Lucas's seem to all stem from one family--Edmond and Frances Copeland Lucas of Greene County, GA (the same place most of the Veazeys who came to Attala County originated--well before coming from SC and Maryland) This family of Lucas's arrived in Attala County sometime after 1842 and before the 1850 census. They had a large family and several of the daughters married in GA. Now while it is true that the Lucas's still had a daughter named Mary living in their household in 1850, it doesn't mean they could not have had two. One Mary Ann and the remaining daughter Mary A. H. Families moved in patterns, mostly coming to a new area because it had just opened up from Indian land or because relatives of theirs were already living in that area. Why would the Veazeys have come to that Particular place and live near particular people if they weren't related or knew them. Anyway here's a pieced together list of this family (except for Mary Ann Lucas Veazey the rest of the children should be pretty accurate). Edmond Lucas April 3, 1790 SC (no clue on his parents yet) died Oct 21, 1853 Frances Copeland November 2, 1796 GA (d/o John) died aft 1860 children: Elizabeth F. Lucas August 10, 1819 (married (The Attala County Cemetery book says his name was George but Greene County Georgia Marriage records say his name was Thomas Thompson--marriage date 12/24/1841--he dies before 1850 and she is living with her brother John) Mary Ann Lucas September 5, 1820 (married William Cain Veazey December 5, 1840) died abt 1895 John Lucas 1821-1887 (married Elizabeth ?) Nancy Lucas abt 1822 (this may be a cousin since she does not move to Attala County) (married Joseph Thompson July 15, 1841) Mary A. H. Lucas June 12, 1826 (married J. B. Hines aft 1850) died 1899 William Jap Lucas Nov. 5, 1829 (married Mary Ann Hovis) died Sept 11, 1898 Edmond E.A.P. Lucas April 25, 1832 (married Amanda Sweatt) died April 4, 1907 Sarah R.D. Lucas abt 1833 Martha J. abt 1834 Washington F. Lucas abt 1837 Martha Susan Lucas June 29, 1838 (married Franklin Turner) died May 21, 1910 Thomas J. Lucas abt 1839 Does anybody have any info on this family? thanks Lee Caldwell-Owens

    08/14/2001 02:09:59
    1. [VAISEY] Martha Frances Veazey abt 1844
    2. afallon/lee
    3. Here's some things I know about Martha (Fannie Mae to her daughter and step-children) She married James Franklin (Frank) Tidwell sometime after 1880 and before 1882. He had at least 6 children and together he and Fannie had one daughter Eula Lee Tidwell (not Etta) born about 1882. Eula married William Reason Evans (they are buried at Hebron Cemetery in Montgomery County). Fannie was completely blind by the time her grand-daughter Joy was born in 1915 and was living with her daughter in Montgomery County, MS--this house was Fannie's property as was the land in the Pine Bluff Community (at some point there were two houses with Fannie living separately) --Sometime after she married Frank Tidwell the family moved to Montgomery County. She allowed her son-in-law to sell the house and property so the whole family (9 all totaled) to move to TN where some of her step-children had moved---that didn't pan out so to speak--a series of misfortunes befell the family ---from rabies causing a number of livestock to have to be destroyed to a tornado---Fannie and her daughter's family moved back to Montgomery County within 3 years of moving to TN. It is unclear on whose property they lived at that time or where the money came from. Eula sold butter at one point and William was a moonshiner(he spent every little of what he earned on the family and seems to have rarely been at home except for meals) Sometime near Fannie's death, her eldest grand-daughter walked all over Jackson trying to get Fannie a pension from her husband's service in the Confederacy. She got the pension but died after only receiving it for possibly 2 years. There were 6 grandchildren and her son-in-law only out lived her by 7 years ---he was shot in 1930. Fannie died November of 1923 and was taken back to Attala County to be buried in Liberty Chapel Cemetery (if her parents are buried there their tombstones were unreadable by the time the Attala County, Cemetery Book came out) but a number of Veazeys and Lucas's (her mother's relatives most likely) are buried there also. Her tombstone is concrete and hand hewn by a relative of her son-in-law's Pete Herring. The family was so poor Fannie was taken back to Attala County on the back of a flat-bed truck. My grandmother says someone arrived late (she can't remember if it was a step-child or not) for the funeral --after the coffin had been lower in the ground---whomever this was had them lift the coffin out of the ground and open it so he could get one last look at Fannie. Here's what I don't know exactly--when was she born? The Veazey Book says 1844 and so does the tombstone but on 1880 census her age is given as 30. That would make her 6 years younger than the tombstone says. If she was really 36 and didn't marry for another 2 years, she would have be 38 at least when she had her first child---that's not impossible but not the usual way of things(not for a first child anyway) It would stand to reason that the census age is right and the tombstone age is wrong. But I don't know? The other thing I don't know is about her mother, but I will make that a new post. lee caldwell

    08/14/2001 02:07:02
    1. [VAISEY] Some Greene Co, GA Veazey Marriages
    2. afallon/lee
    3. Elizabeth F. Veazey m James Askew 11/18/1849 Sarah Veazey m Allison J. Carroll 12/05/1848 Mary Veazey m C.M. Crosley 1/28/1847 Nancy Veazey m Jarvis Fillingham 12/14/1843 Julia Veazey m Joseph Graham 11/04/1819 Sarah A. Veazey m John T. Jones 9/12/1849 Margary Veazey m William H. Moore 3/15/1844 Rebecca Veazey m Hardy Phillips 10/23/1814 Francina Veazey m David Turner 3/16/1796 Albert A. Veazey m Frances Gresham 3/30/1841 Akinson E. Veazey m Mariah McGiboney 3/8/1827 Ezekiel Veazey m Jean Parker 8/21/1814 James Veazey m Polly Moore 12/12/1811 Jesse Veazey m Sarah Aikens 2/13/1823 Jesse Veazey m Ruth Veazey 3/28/1816 John Veazey m Permelia Veazey 11/8/1825 Timothy Veazey m Martha Phillips 10/25/1821 William Cain Veazey m Mary Ann Lucas 12/5/1820 lee caldwell-owens

    08/14/2001 02:05:20
    1. [VAISEY] Veazeys in Attala Co, MS 1880 Census
    2. afallon/lee
    3. Veazeys in the Attala County, MS 1880 census. Adam Veazey 32 born in GA Sarah 26 born MS Jefferson 11 Amanda 9 Cornelius 7 Leonard 6 George 5 Elizabeth 2 Allan 9 months Edward 23 GA Emeline 20 MS Susan 2 Amanda 5months Martin Veazey 57 GA William Cain Veazey 62 GA Mary Ann Lucas Veazey 60 GA Martha Frances 30 GA (supposedly born 1844) Sarah 28 William 24 Isiah 22 Arabella 20 Benjamin 18 Ezekiel 17 Robert 14 John 33 GA Isabella 30 William 6 Mary 4 James 3 John 2 Arthur 8 months Ezekiel 52 GA Elizabeth 52 Mary 24 John 23 William 17 Jesse 13 Sarah 11 Rutha 8 Mary 50 GA Virginia 18 William 14 John 11 Irving 40 GA Mary 35 Savannah 14 John 12 Sophrona 10 Georgia 8 Charlie 4 Arnold 2 Simon 25 Martha 24 Eliza 4 Elizabeth 2 Ruth McCain 58 lee caldwell-owens

    08/14/2001 02:04:56
    1. [VAISEY] Your Mothers Name.
    2. Corinne Thompson
    3. Hello All, This was sent to me and as I feel that it is most appropriate I am passing it on: "Is your Mothers maiden name on her headstone? Does anyone but you know who that dear person was ? Let's all go into our cemeteries and identify as many of the women as we can while we can and record them in as many places as we can. Let's give a name to our Mother's, Sisters, Aunts and Grandmothers while we can. Let's also, from this time forward, put a maiden name on the headstone of all our women. They loved their people. They will love you for seeing that their identity is not lost. I hope that you all think about it and help to spread the word to give our women their names." Kindest Regards ...... Corinne.

    05/24/2001 05:35:17
    1. [VAISEY] John Veysey
    2. Linda Barraclough
    3. Hi List, This one bounced through to me - if anyone can help Maragret, her address is [email protected] Linda List-admin VAISEY > >I' m at a brick wall in researching my father's family name. It stops at my >great-great grandfather John Veysey. He was born in 19 FEB 1810 aboard ship >enroute from England. He ended up in Waupaca County, Wisconsin where he >married Catherine Carrick and settled there. I have no clue who his parents >were. Can anyone help me on this? Thank you. Margaret Veysey Shrull >[email protected] > >

    11/03/2000 12:00:39
    1. [VAISEY] Fw: VAISEY family Rodborough, Glouc's 1700 - 1800
    2. Steve Baker
    3. Hi all, New to this list. Does anyone recognise any names or have connection with the following family: Samuel VAISEY married Sarah WOOD 27 November 1746 They had 3 children (to my knowledge) Mary VAISEY Dec 1746 or 48 married Thomas STRONGE in Cirencester Jan 1766 Samuel VAISEY Oct 1752 Ester VAISEY Jan 1761 Any information or pointers appreciated. Regards Steve Baker

    10/28/2000 09:22:40
    1. [VAISEY] Jesse James Vaesey 1/25/1843
    2. afallon
    3. Does anyone have info on this line--his parents were William Cain Veasey and Mary Ann Lucas. All the John Veasey book says is that it is the Coldwater group--which I suspect means he went to live in the Coldwater community of MS since his parents and a number of William's sibling all moved to Attala County, MS before the 1880 census. (Attala County is middle of the state--Coldwater which I beleive is in Tate County is near the TN line) lee caldwell-owens

    10/18/2000 09:06:26
    1. [VAISEY] Will of Daniel Veysie
    2. Linda Barraclough
    3. Hi List, Looking through some old papers, I find I have this will. I cannto remember where it came from, and I cannot prove any relationship, despite the family being from Wotton-under-Edge (Glouestershire), near my Kingswood Vaiseys. Thought it might mean something, so I am posting it to the list. The will reads: 1647 Effingham P.C.C. (Three pages in regsiter) Daniel Veysie, clerk, R. of Plymtree, Devon, whereas when a marriage was in contemplation between me and my present wife, Anne, the 4th dr. of the late William Arnold Esq, of Queen's Square, London, the said W.A. did transfer to William Moreton and James Byrn ...... [pound symbol]1500, 3% reduced Bank Annuities in trust, and whereas a marriage settlement made previous to the said marriage, and bearing date 27th April, 1798 - whereas the said W.A. by his last will and testament did appropriate a share of his personal estate to the use of his dr. Anne my present wife - the whole in the hands of the trustees ammounting to [pound symbol]10,000, 3% reduced bank annuities - now direct them to pay the interest to my wife Anne for her life, and then to transfer the [pound symbol]10,000 among all our surviving children equally ... my eldest son Daniel Veysie and to William James Arnold, Esq, of Exeter College, Oxford, [pound symbol]1200 ...% consolidated Bank Annuitites, on trust to pay the interest to my sister Anna Veysie of Wotton underedge, Gloucestershire, for her life, and then divide the capital among my three daughters Anne, Mary and Penelope-Gertrude. My son William Veysie. My leasehold cottage in the parish of Plymtree. I do give to my wife all my plate that greater part of which came from her father. Residue to my wife. She sole exix. 10th Jan 1814. Proved in London, 1 Dec, 1817 by Ann Veysie relict and exix. I think what follows is a note that was not part of the will: William James Arnold matric at Oxford 29 June, 1813, aged 20, as son of Wm Arnold Esp, of Grenada, Wiltshire. Cheers Linda Barraclough Briagolong, Victoria, Australia Listowner: VAISEY-L e-mail: [email protected] A descendant of John Vaisey m.1761 at Cam, Gloucs.

    10/18/2000 03:31:16
    2. Linda Barraclough
    3. Hi List, Just passing along a message from Jan <[email protected]> >>>I need some help please in tracking family from the UK >>>to Australia. I'm looking for a Thomas VASEY who supposedly >>>arrived in Melbourne in 1852 from Whitby YKS. In 1855 in >>>Melbourne he married Elizabeth BRINSDEN from Exeter DEVON. >>>I have not been able to trace how either of them came to >>>Australia. Would SKS with access to comprehensive shipping >>>lists please do a lookup for me. > Thomas VASEY, ch Whitby March 1826, 4th son of George VASEY >and Margaret VASEY (LINKLETTER) married Whitby Nov 1817. >Elizabeth BRINSDON ch Exeter Sep 1823 dau of James BRINSDEN >and Mary BRINSDEN (ARNOLD) married Jan 1818 Exeter Devon > >Jan Stockley >NSW Central Coast >researching VASEY LINKLETTER HODGSON SILVERSIDES(allYKS) >BRINSDEN/BRINSDON (Devon, Wiltshire) e-mail [email protected] =========================================================== Linda Barraclough Briagolong, Victoria, Australia Listowner: VAISEY-L e-mail: [email protected] A descendant of John Vaisey m.1761 at Cam, Gloucs.

    10/18/2000 03:31:14
    1. [VAISEY] Mailing list archives and searches
    2. Peter Lakeman
    3. Hello Listers, Recently I have realised that the addresses for the list's archives mentioned in the 'Welcome' message you received when you subscribed to this list (which, of course, you read fully) and on the website FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, has been changed. Also Rootsweb's list search facility had been inoperational for a while, but now seems to be working well. Both the message and webpage have been corrected and uploaded today, but below is the new section, in case anyone (especially those new to the list) want to see what has been posted or to do searches on previous posts. Cheers Peter Lakeman (Linda's little list elf) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since its creation in April 1999, the VAISEY list has been archived by Rootsweb. To look at all the posts to this list, go to and select a month from the next screen. This will show you all the posts to the list for that month. Alternatively, you can search for particular topics/text on the list by going to enter the list name (in this case VAISEY) in the 'Name of List' field and click on the 'Submit Query' button. On the next page, type in a search phrase such as Fred (do not use VAISEY as every post will be found) or London in the 'Query' field, select the year you want to search, click the 'Search' button, and a list of all post for that year which includes that search phrase will be displayed. Then select one of the displayed posts (using one of the blue options underneath each post) to view the actual post. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    10/01/2000 03:28:15
    1. [VAISEY] Changes to home pages
    2. Linda Barraclough
    3. Hi List, Thanks to my beloved's hard work, I have just finished the page about the Vaisey Bible that has disappeared in Australia. It can be accessed at: This page also a copy of the handwritten certificate from the Bible. And, also a reminder that on the List home pages there is provision to permanently list your interests at: >From there, just click on "Research Interests" I don't usually take them from postings to the list, as people may not wish them to be added. But, maybe, just for this week a special offer - post your interests to the list, and add: "Linda, please put on the List Home Page", and they will be added. We have a few new list members, so you never know, someone out there may just be waiting for you to post! Cheers Linda Barraclough List Owner: VAISEY-L email: [email protected] A descendant of John Vaisey of Cam, Gloucs. in 1780

    07/26/2000 06:13:54
    2. DE & G Brown
    3. Hi is there anyone researching the Vaisey surname (spelt as written) the person am looking for is Margaret born on or about 1875 died 29-8-1962 Lancashire (leigh) married John Robert Lee born 1874 Bedford Lancashire (these are my GGrandparents) in the early 1900`s they lived at 15 Turner St Leigh. Could anyone help please as this is all the info I have on this surname. Thanks David Aust

    07/15/2000 01:13:17
    1. Re: [VAISEY] Voisey - Ridler marriage
    2. linda
    3. Hi... have forwarded your e-mail to my fellow VESEY researcher (cousin) David who will get in touch with you when he returns from holidays. Don't know of a connection off hand but he might be helpful as he has much V stuff on file.....Linda ----- Original Message ----- From: pam griffiths (by way of Linda Barraclough <[email protected]>) <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 4:17 AM Subject: [VAISEY] Voisey - Ridler marriage > I am researching the line of my G.G. Grandmother, ELIZABETH VOISEY > > Elizabeth Voisey born abt.1791 from Petherton,Somersetd. aged70 > on > 13.4.1861, at 6, Llewelyn Court, Bristol > Married, > James Ridler(bap.23.5.1790 at Sampford Brett, Somerset) > on > 12.12.1813 at St Mary`s Church, Redcliffe,Bristol. > 8 children > Robert 1811 > Harriet bap 27.10.1816 > Charles.b. 1.9. 1818 > James 1825 > Joseph 1825 > Mary Ann b. 25.5.1825. Walcott Bath > William Robert 1828 (my Grandfather ) > Henry 1830 > > It is likely that Elizabeth was from Devon as I cannot trace many Voiseys in > Somerset and Ridler family originally came from Devon. > Any help please? > > ________________________________________________________________________ > Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at > > > >

    07/14/2000 08:24:09