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    3. (Please forward as you deem appropriate) Here's the deal. I'm no good at tooting my own horn. I don't have an ego so it doesn't need to be massaged. Someone nominated me for NC. I believe that Denise is doing a good job and see no reason to replace her. On the other hand I would like to serve. For that reason I nominated myself for NW County Rep. I don't have anything in particular against the current NWCR but I'm not sure I know what they have been doing during their term. [ been kinda quiet ]. When I was a kid my family landed in Thermopolis, Hot Springs county, Wyoming. What a fantastic time and place to be a kid. We weren't there long but it became like a second "home". Some years ago the county was up for adoption so I asked for it. There was basically nothing on the page but I built it up. OK, I admit there is less there than in many other counties. On the other hand the highest the population of the county ever was was around 6,000 in the early 1900's. The current population is right around 4,000 and falling. The small town I live just outside of in Oklahoma has more people than that. Not much happens/has happened there. In 1889 My GGGrandfather made the land run into Oklahoma Territory and settled on a farm in the north-east corner of what became Logan County, Oklahoma. From 1883 until 1890 he had a lease in the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association. One of my Great-Aunts was the first white child born in Indian Territory but there is no proof so the honor goes to someone else. Anyway I also have Logan County, Oklahoma. But that's in another region. I also have Routt and Archuleta counties in Colorado. I have Izard County in Arkansas. In conjunction with Izard county I host and maintain the Izard County Arkansas Historical and Genealogical Society site. I also am ASC for Colorado and Wyoming. My family tree is on Freepages. I also have several books online of historical and genealogical interest on line there. I recently discovered that the Hadley Family website had gone off into whatever electronic limbo web sites go when they disappear. I've been digging through the web trying to reassemble the site. Towards what end I'm not sure yet. At worst I will have it at my personal beck and call. I would like to post it for all to use but that would violate whatever copyright. The original users seem to be gone also so............................... I'm sixty-nine years old. Parent of three and grand-parent to eight. Been married three time. Currently approaching fifteen years together [ July 10 ]. My grandfather instilled in me the idea of doing whatever job your given to the very best of your ability. Do it in such a way that in the future you can point to it and say, "I did that." That "drive" sometimes irritates others. But, the way I see it that's their problem. They must be willing to settle for less than their best efforts. If you might have any questions for me feel free to ask, [email protected] -- Fast is fine, but accuracy is final. You must learn to be slow in a hurry. -Wyatt Earp- _ _... ..._ _ _._ ._ ..... ._.. ... .._

    06/26/2016 08:26:19