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    1. [ULLRICH] Greetings
    2. James Shuman
    3. Good afternoon fellow researchers! I have just recently been handed the “ownership” of this List, which I see has 50 members, including myself. I had hoped to find out a little more about this particular research list before posting online, but I guess the best way for me to learn things is to just ask. So, here goes: 1. A few tidbits about your “list owner” (that’s me). a. I’m 79 years old, retired, and have had a life long interest in genealogy research. b. I live in California, where I spent my adult career in education, primarily high school. c. I am interested in this list because I have several ancestors with this surname. I am interested in learning more about these ancestors. 2. We are told that Ancestry plans to restore all the Archives eventually, but they are working on the “more active” lists first. For this list, I haven’t found any archives yet. Have any of you found them, or shall we just assume that we are more or less starting from scratch on this list? 3. For those of you who remember the lists from a few years ago, your ability to post and receive messages will function nearly the same, although there are some changes, mostly behind the scenes. That is because Ancestry has invested several months of effort into transferring everything over to a new version of the Mailman program. 4. That’s why I’m here: to help when things misbehave and you can’t get things to do what you want or need. Just send a request my way. Please feel free to help get this list back in functioning order. James Shuman

    05/14/2018 07:59:09