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    1. [TXZAVALA] Admin Post Please Read
    2. Dee
    3. Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, Rootsweb mail lists are back on-line! Yay! If you need help navigating the new system: <> I hope everyone will begin utilizing this list and the many others available at Rootsweb. If you have any questions about this list please fee free to send me a message! Have a great day! Dee Admin <>

    04/09/2018 11:58:05
    1. [TXZAVALA] J P English Obit
    2. Doyleen Cissy Routh
    3. Hello, Could some kind soul, please lookup the obituary for J P English. J P English died on July 15, 2007 in San Antonio. His funeral was on Thurs July 19, 2007. Leonard Funeral Home in Carrizo Springs was in charge of the services. Thanks in advance for the help. Cissy Routh

    09/22/2007 04:09:28
    1. GRAHAM marriage
    2. jackie
    3. Could someone please assist me? I am searching for the marriage of a William Price GRAHAM to Kate Frances MCCLAIN around 1884 and his brother Elihu M. GRAHAM to Nelda N. ODEN around 1890? Thanks Very much! Jackie

    02/27/2006 12:38:34
    1. GRAHAM marriage
    2. jackie
    3. Need help in locating the marriage of Elihu M. GRAHAM to Neoma ODEN around 1890. Thanks for any help. Jackie

    02/24/2006 04:06:13
    1. Obituary Lookup for Lula M. Payne
    2. Norman Lewis
    3. I am hoping someone could do a lookup for the obituary of Lula M. Payne, wife of David Payne. She died either March 15, 1973 or March 17, 1973 in Crystal City. Thanks in advance. Norm Lewis

    09/28/2005 10:34:46
    1. GRAHAM marriage
    2. Jackie
    3. Need help in Zavala County. Looking for the marriage of ELIHU M. GRAHAM to NEOMA N. ODEN around 1890. Thanks Jackie

    02/24/2005 03:10:36
    1. FW: Re: Maps and Rev War Stuff
    2. geneman213
    3. ----- Original Message ----- To: <> Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 3:32 PM Subject: Re: [INRipley] Rev War and maps >found these and thought I would share them. Census and formation maps >Southern Maps > > and one for the Revolutionary war that is still under construction > according to the webmaster but still has so good stuff none the less. > > >Gene

    03/06/2003 11:08:29
    1. Grace Erma McKinley Goodman d. March 1984
    2. Sandra Daltrey
    3. I am seeking information on Grace Erma McKinley who married Alfred Clyde Goodman. She was born 30 Aug 1900 in Iowa and died in March 1984 in Crystal City, Texas. They had several children: Dorothy, Kenneth, Mary, Robert, Elois and Myra. Is there anyone available to do a look up for her obituary? Thank you for your help. Sandy Daltrey

    06/14/2001 05:34:20
    1. Re: TX-Cemeteries
    2. Hi! My name is Celia Castillo Roesser. Born in Crystal City, TX back in 1960. My mom wanted to claim us from Crystal City and had my sister and brother there, although we lived here in San Antonio. My grandmother was a nurse also which was a major comfort to my mom. Many aunts, uncles and cousins came from Crystal. I have an aunt now in California who was just down there looking at the headstones in the "Mexican-American" cemetary. She wrote a list of those members that she found, but she left back to California without leaving a copy. I looked in the internet hoping to find a cemetary list, but there was none. I found a list, but it was for the other "Anglo" cemetary. Do you know if there is a URL for the one I am looking for and what is its proper name? Also, I am a cubscout leader here in San Antonio. I just read the Boy Scouts and receive the Eagle Scout achievement or other service requirements by taking care of a cemetary by listing all the headstones, etc. Maybe someone out their in ZAVALA county can contact their local Boy Scout Troops and let them know the need of this service. Hope this helps! Celia Roesser San Antonio, TX 8/28/00 ________________________________________________________________ YOU'RE PAYING TOO MUCH FOR THE INTERNET! Juno now offers FREE Internet Access! Try it today - there's no risk! For your FREE software, visit:

    08/27/2000 06:42:24
    1. TX-Cemeteries
    2. Donna
    3. Hello, I am proud to announce the creation of a new mail list called TX-Cemeteries. This list has the encouragement of Gerron S. Hite, Cemetery Preservation Coordinator in the History Programs Division of the Texas Historical Commission and he's excited at the opportunity to share his feelings about our cemetery preservation to a large group all at once Others that have been notified, Lee Campbell, Past Representative for the Texas State Genealogical Society {and my cousin} and her friend, Past President of the TSGS Wanda Donaldson. I've let all the following people know about the list and they may join from time to time. Yvonne Pickens, current President of the TSGS. Trey Holt, coordinator for the Texas GenWeb. Wyndell Taylor, creator of GA Cherokee County GenWeb page, {and my cousin}. <Smile> I just have a lot of cousins !!!! The main focus of this list will be to locate and catalogue our endangered cemeteries. Gerron Hite has obtained a new program to help us give our cemeteries "Historic Texas Cemetery Designation". He is willing to help us learn how to accomplish this designation. This will also be a topic for us to address. I am an experienced RootsWeb mail list admin. Currently I manage the mail list for VARoots, SC-Old Pendleton-District, and the Brand surname list. I am also experienced in the survey of large and small cemeteries. In addition to the topics above there will be discussions on how to preserve and restore old monuments with the help of a caretaker with over 25 years experience. To join the mail list simply send a message to with only the word subscribe in the subject line and nothing else. If you prefer the Digest send a message to with only the word subscribe in the subject line and nothing else. I look forward to seeing you there, Respectfully, donna brand

    08/27/2000 10:31:07
    1. John WEST family
    2. Judy West
    3. Seeking any information on the family of John WEST. He was County Judge in the late 1880's in Zavala County. He and his wife Leah Katherine KELLY West lived there with their family. John is buried in Batesville. John & Leah both came from MS after the Civil War. One of their sons Dr. Archibald Kelly West married Mary Jane Hancock. Mary Jane's mother was Maragret Gillian McKINNEY. Anyway, if any of this sounds familiar please contact me as I would be more than willing to exchange information. Thanks for your attention in reading this. Ever Searching, Judy West

    03/08/2000 08:51:28
    1. [Fwd: Wilson and Penelope HALSEL]
    2. Carol Johnson & Richard Greene
    3. This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------409D34F57A12C37C1B93ADFA Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit --------------409D34F57A12C37C1B93ADFA Content-Type: message/rfc822 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Disposition: inline X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 Message-ID: <> Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 18:48:45 -0800 From: Carol Johnson & Richard Greene <> X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.5 [en]C-CCK-MCD compaq (Win98; U) X-Accept-Language: en MIME-Version: 1.0 To: Uvalde Co <> Subject: Wilson and Penelope HALSEL Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Good evening to all from far-too-sunny Northern California! I've just signed on to this List in the hope of finding descendants or connections to: Wilson F. HALSEL and Penelope HALSEL shown on 1920 Uvalde City Census Children: Emma, b. Jan 1990 Maggie, b. Mar 1892 Artie (female!), b. July 1894 Charles/Charley, b. May 1899 Lloyd/Loyd, b. abt 1903 The two boys were still living at home in 1920. How could I find a date of death and obits (!) for these folks? thank you all so much for any help you can give me. Best regards, Carolyn Carter Johnson ( --------------409D34F57A12C37C1B93ADFA--

    01/07/2000 08:53:51
    1. Lolupe (?) GUSSENHOUEN (?) with HALSEL
    2. Carol Johnson & Richard Greene
    3. Nope, I'm not making up these names! :-))) In 1910, Wilson and Penelope HALSEL had "Lolupe GUSSENHOUEN", age 27 F, and her two daughters, Irm age 4 and Ethel age 3 living with them in Uvalde City, Uvalde Co. The Soundex is very hard to read, but I think these are correctly transcribed as best I can. They are identified as Step-daughter and Grand-daughters respectively. But I think more likely they are relatives of Penelope Halsel. Before Uvalde, Wilson & Penelope had lived in Frio and Zavala Counties, so perhaps these folks may be from there also? Sure would be grateful for any information! Best regards from far-too-sunny-and-dry Northern California Carolyn Carter Johnson (

    01/07/2000 08:53:13
    1. The Buffalo Barracks
    2. Clifford R. Williams
    3. To All Whom It May Concern: The purpose of this message is to inform all genealogists & researchers who subscribe to TEXAS Rootsweb Lists, of a very important web site that now has a searchable database of over 1,650 U.S. Regular Army soldiers who once served at the short-lived Buffalo Barracks, between 1835 and 1846. Many of these soldiers had fought in the Indian Wars in Florida and also the War with Mexican, and then the Civil War. It is without doubt that some of the descendants of these men are most likely in every county of the great state of Texas. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT: The 1840 Census of Buffalo, NY lists Colonel James M. Bankhead, of Virginia, and a total 'quantity' of 671 individuals, ranging in age from 1 to 60, as being under his command and/or responsibility. Unfortunately, the census does not list each of these barracks residents by name....only by 'quantity.' (ie. 426 males 20-30 yrs, or 34 females 20-30 yrs) HOWEVER, The Buffalo Barracks Historical Web Site has turned most of the 'quantities' into actual names. The list of these officers and soldiers (and some of their wifes and dependants...see the Barracks Notebook section) are available, free of any charge. The URL for this outstanding web site is: [ ] There, you will discover the "Descriptive & Historical Register Data of Enlisted Soldiers in the U.S. Army," for those who served at this federal military post on the Niagara Frontier. Also available is a wealth of rare and interesting information pertaining to the Buffalo Barracks and it's unique historic value. I encourage everyone to take the time to visit this site. Perhaps you have an ancestor who once served there? Enjoy your visit, Cliff Williams

    03/18/1999 08:14:10
    1. To All CADDELL, CADDEL, CADELL, CALDER & Variations researchers:
    2. Bill Caddell
    3. I have through ROOTSWEB set up a LIST "CADDELL-L" for our surname(s). It is now active. This covers all the variations worldwide. This msg is being sent to all lists where family have been known to reside or have resided. If you have any questions, please contact me. Bill Caddell

    01/03/1999 03:19:43
    1. new site with census online and Texas records
    2. Claudia Jones
    3. Hi, I thought I'd pass along this site I found. They have access to a lot of Texas records which I thought might be helpful to somebody. They are putting some census records online too. Regards, Claudia ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at

    12/08/1998 06:06:35
    1. Texas Landmark Project
    2. Frank Saffarrans
    3. Hello again, More on the new TXGenWeb Project: "Texas Landmarks and Vanished Communities." Answers to FAQ: What Is The Objective Of The Texas Landmark Project: The objective of the landmark and vanished communities web pages is to highlight and give focus to the geographical locations of historical landmarks and communities. The prime focus is the actual location on a map. The prime vehicle for accomplishing this is the US Census TIGER map System. Submitters should include a brief description of the feature and may also include a link to another web page for more detailed information. What is Texas Landmark Project Motto? "If grandpa talked or wrote about it then it should be listed in the Texas Landmarks and Vanished Communities Index." What Land Marks Should Be Included? River bends, Valleys, grist mills, cotton gins, river crossings, bridges ferries, battles, hangings, cemeteries, churches, schools, colleges, pioneer ranches and farms, communities, blacksmith shops, stage stands, forts, hills, mountains, homesteads, trading posts, oil camps, ice works, bottling works,etc,etc. This includes information on who various landmarks such as as valleys, rivers and creeks were named after. What Are Some Consideration Concerning Names Of Llandmarks? River bends and Crossings: The USGS map makers only have the option of placing one name for a feature on their map. They use what they deemed the most generally used name. Consider the names of river bends - we have a number of them in Hood County. Most of the bends went by several names in the 1880's. The names of prominent landowners were usually used but there usually were several prominent land owners in the bend, hence several names. The maps today name one Brazos river bend, Walters Bend but you will find historical documents that call it Chicken Gristle Bend as well as Chicken Bristle bend. Our local historian says "the feature names on maps are nothing but gossip and the map maker only talked to a few gossips." People on one side of the river called river crossings by one name where people on the other side gave it another name. Some river bends on USGS maps do not have a name at all but the locals have a name for it. We want to preserve all of these names. Naming variations are also common for other type features as well. To Whom Do These TxGenWeb Texas Landmark Project County Web Pages Belong.?? They belong to the TxGenWeb county coordinator and other county researchers, Genealogical and Historical organizations who submit landmark data. The Moderator, Wayne Moyers and General Administrator, Frank Saffarrans are the caretakers with the main task of providing continuity. What Do You Mean By "Belongs To"? Each landmark submitted is "branded" in the submitters column with the name and address of the individual or organization that submitted the data. In a sense if you "brand" it then it belongs to you and therefore you "own" a piece of Texas. Remember Maverick? - Or is it like the homestead law? This "branded" business is just a game to give credit to those deserving people and organizations that submit data. You may find your county listed in the Landmark & Vanished Communities Index at: TxGenWeb County Coordinators, Genealogical Societies, Historical Societies and individual researchers are encouraged to submit landmark data on those places they are familiar with. With your help the Texas landmark Page will soon be a valuable Texas data source for genealogical and historical researchers world wide. How to Submit data: Do you have some landmark information but don't remember how to use latitude and longitude or don't remember how to determine Latitude and longitude? Check out our Map Blast Instructions at: Or Tiger Map Service at: What is coming up next? We will be adding a web page where you may post queries on Vanished Communities and Landmarks. If you have a landmark with an unknown location you may post a query here and maybe someone will see it and give us the correct location. To those organizations and individuals who are presently submitting landmark data - WE THANK YOU, Keep up the good work!!!. Frank Saffarrans General Coordinator TxGenWeb Landmark and Vanished Community Project

    07/20/1998 08:36:17
    1. Zavala County: Texas Landmarks and Vanished Communities
    2. Frank Saffarrans
    3. Tom Graham, Zavala County Coordinator Zavala County Researchers TxGenWeb needs your help. TxGenWeb has a new project - Index of Landmarks and Vanished Communities. A page has been set up with the basic USGS data for your county. Provisions are made for you and others to submit additional data on your county concerning landmarks; vanished communities; historical churches, schools, cotton gins, grist mills, river crossings, river bends; valleys, current and historical cemeteries, historical buildings (log cabins, family farms, early homes and businesses. etc.). In earlier times landmarks were known by several names. We would like to list them all. If grandpa talked about it we would like to give it a location - with the help of researchers in your local area. One Example: River bends, Crossings and Valleys: The USGS map makers only have the option of placing one name for a feature on their map. They use what they deemed the most generally used name. Consider the names of river bends - we have a number of them along the Brazos River. Most of the river bends (and valleys) went by several names in the 1880's. The names of prominent landowners were usually used but there usually were several prominent land owners in the bend or valley, hence several names. For example the USGS maps today call one Brazos river bend in Hood County, Walters Bend, but you will find historical documents that call it Chicken Gristle Bend as well as Chicken Bristle Bend. The Hood County local historian says "the feature names on maps are nothing but gossip and the map maker only talked to a few gossips." People on one side of the river may have called river crossings by one name where people on the other side gave it another name. Some river bends and valleys on USGS maps do not have a name at all but the locals have a name for it. We want to preserve all of these names. Naming variations are also common for other type features as well. Another example: Communities have vanished, some changed name with the comming of a Post Office or railroad. Today, USGS maps may identify some historic communities however some are not listed. or are only in evidence by the name of a nearby cemetery. You will note that "clicking" on the feature name will take you to a page showing tabular data ; then "click" on "Show Feature Location " and you will taken you to the map. You may then "Zoom In" to get more detailed information. The initial Landmark and Vanished Communities County pages do not contain data in the description column as the USGC data did not include this information. The submittal form may be used for you and other researchers to add this information. The far right column of your current county index shows USGS as the submitter as data was extracted from USGS records. Others, such as you, submitting data will have their name and e-mail address in this column. Other researchers can then contact you if they have questions concerning your landmark entry. To get an idea of the type of data that can be added please View Hood County Landmarks at: as an example. Index of All Texas Counties: Your County Listing: : Landmark Submittal Form: Global Search for landmark in all counties: Later we will add a page where researchers can post queries and answers regarding unknown locations of places/landmarks that researchers come across in historical documentation and oral traditions. Wayne Moyers, President Hood County Genealogical Society and member Hood County Historical Society is moderator for the TxGenWeb Landmark WebPages. <> Frank Saffarrans, TxGenWeb Hood County Coordinator is general coordinator for the TxGenWeb Landmark Project.> THE BOTTOM LINE: We need your help in identifying and providing descriptions of landmarks in your county. We believe that Landmarks and Vanished Communities can be a significant research tool that can be used by researchers nationwide. Please provide a link from your county TxGenWeb Page to: http://www.hcnews/~landmark/ and submit locations of Historical landmarks and places grandpa talked about. Please encourage other researchers in your county to do the same. If you have questions or comments about this project please send them to: Frank Saffarrans: Frank Saffarrans General Administrator Texas Landmark Project TexGenWeb

    07/16/1998 02:29:52
    1. Green & related too.
    2. Horse Spot
    3. GREEN(E) WEB PAGE. .............................................................................. ...... You are more than WELCOME to add a Green(e) to the MOST WANTED GREEN(E)'S on my web page. .............................................................................. ...... M E N U "GREENE TREE" Reference Book, 8 1/2" x 11", Spiral Bound, 314 Pgs., 6338 Names "GREENE TREE INDEX" A thru Z, 6000+ names in "Greene Tree, Volume 1" "GREEN(E) RESEARCH" Details on doing FREE research for others and inclusion in Volume 2. "MOST WANTED GREEN(E)'s" MISSING PERSONS LIST OF GREEN(E)'S NAME of GREEN(E)...Yr.......State.........Email Address. If you would like to be added send the above info. & email me. "MORE GREEN(E) WEB SITES" Listing of Web Sites containing additional Info on Green(e) NAME of GREEN(E)...Yr.......State.........Web Site If you would like to exchange web sites send the above info. & email me. ............................................................................. .......

    04/11/1998 06:50:50
    1. Lanham Campbell
    2. Lanham Campbell
    3. subscribr

    04/08/1998 10:57:13