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    1. [TXZAPATA] Admin Post Please Read
    2. Dee
    3. Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, Rootsweb mail lists are back on-line! Yay! If you need help navigating the new system: <> I hope everyone will begin utilizing this list and the many others available at Rootsweb. If you have any questions about this list please fee free to send me a message! Have a great day! Dee Admin <>

    04/09/2018 11:12:21
    2. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We'll all celebrate Mothers Day on Sunday May 12th of 2002 Why not tell our list members about your memories of your mother. Send in a post with her name, her maiden name, and her birth date. Let us know some of your memories of how she touched your life. Give us some insight into what shaped her life and all of her talents. PLEASE! PLEASE! Put her full name in the subject line for us too! Feel free to share everything that made your mother a precious one! Have a little fun as you share your memories of your mother all MAY! OUR LIST ADMINISTRATOR: glenn

    05/10/2002 10:45:25
    1. [TX-ZAPATA] your GRANDPARENTS Biographies
    2. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, 2000 is GRANDPARENTS DAY In honor of their lives, you're invited to post a few facts about them for our other list members, in a short Biography form. INCLUDE: Birthday, Marriage Date, Spouse, Children, Parents, etc. Birthplace, Wedding Site, Locations they lived and burial site. Military Records, their favorite things and other interesting data. Consider this a GRANDPARENT ROLL CALL on a trial basis. ADDRESS TO: SUBJECT LINE: Your Grand Parents Full Name and the state Have a little fun with your posts and WATCH your SUBJECTS Your List Administrator: glenn <>

    09/09/2000 03:07:40
    1. [TX-ZAPATA] TX-Cemeteries
    2. Donna
    3. Hello, I am proud to announce the creation of a new mail list called TX-Cemeteries. This list has the encouragement of Gerron S. Hite, Cemetery Preservation Coordinator in the History Programs Division of the Texas Historical Commission and he's excited at the opportunity to share his feelings about our cemetery preservation to a large group all at once Others that have been notified, Lee Campbell, Past Representative for the Texas State Genealogical Society {and my cousin} and her friend, Past President of the TSGS Wanda Donaldson. I've let all the following people know about the list and they may join from time to time. Yvonne Pickens, current President of the TSGS. Trey Holt, coordinator for the Texas GenWeb. Wyndell Taylor, creator of GA Cherokee County GenWeb page, {and my cousin}. <Smile> I just have a lot of cousins !!!! The main focus of this list will be to locate and catalogue our endangered cemeteries. Gerron Hite has obtained a new program to help us give our cemeteries "Historic Texas Cemetery Designation". He is willing to help us learn how to accomplish this designation. This will also be a topic for us to address. I am an experienced RootsWeb mail list admin. Currently I manage the mail list for VARoots, SC-Old Pendleton-District, and the Brand surname list. I am also experienced in the survey of large and small cemeteries. In addition to the topics above there will be discussions on how to preserve and restore old monuments with the help of a caretaker with over 25 years experience. To join the mail list simply send a message to with only the word subscribe in the subject line and nothing else. If you prefer the Digest send a message to with only the word subscribe in the subject line and nothing else. I look forward to seeing you there, Respectfully, donna brand

    08/27/2000 10:31:07
    2. Dorothy Ann Folmar
    3. Greetings to all, If you had ancestors who ever lived in Pike Co., AL, we hope you will submit information about them to the Pike Co. Heritage book project. There is no cost to submit information about your ancestors for inclusion in this book. This is the biggest genealogy project Pike Co., AL has ever undertaken, under Heritage Publishing Company, & we know that many, many families from Pike County moved to Texas last century. Some left signs in their yards saying "GTT" & all their neighbors knew they had "Gone to Texas." For further information about this project, please e-mail me at If you had ancestors in Pike Co., AL, please let them be included in this book! If you have infor- mation but don't want to write it yourself, please let us know & someone can do the writing for you. Thank you very much. -- Dorothy Ann Folmar Pike Co., AL

    08/19/1999 11:05:33