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    1. Re: [TX-POLISH] Aavema
    2. J. O Hughes
    3. Dani Brown wrote: >I was told that this surname is Polish. > >Can anybody help me with this surname, as I can't seem to find any information on it - other than a Hays County, Texas marriage March 1887 of Allena Aavema to Frances (Frank) G Hesbrook. > >Any help is appreciated, thanks! >Danielle Brown >[email protected] > >--------------------------------- >Love cheap thrills? Enjoy PC-to-Phone calls to 30+ countries for just 2ยข/min with Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. > > >==== TX-POLISH Mailing List ==== >This TX-POLISH list is currently available for adoption! >Interested in becoming the list manager? Go here: > > > >============================== >Search the US Census Collection. Over 140 million records added in the >last 12 months. Largest online collection in the world. Learn more: > >

    05/08/2006 01:24:13