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    1. [TUTHILL] Still looking for Tuttles but have new info
    2. Theresa Ragsdale
    3. Morning All, I am on the hunt for William Nelson Tuttle's father.  William N. Tuttle was born in April 1844.  I lived in Todd County, MN and Bowman County, ND.  I have recently found out that he came to Michigan in his 20s to work in the saw mills from Canada.  Another recent piece of information is that the family came through Niagara Falls to NY.  It is not know if this was going to or from NY.  William N. Tuttle's father name is Walter Tuttle.  His name could be Walter William Tuttle.  Walter Tuttle and his wife Ella Nelson more than likely passed away in Canada. I would grateful for any thoughts on where to look for information.  On aside note (I do not have access to's Canadian's records).  In addition, I do not know where to look for Canada info.  The only tidbit I have from a US census record is that they could have lived in Canada West. I would also be oh so grateful if anyone would contact me on any family member of there that could possibly be my William, Walter, or Ella Tuttle. Thank you for all the help you have given me in the past. Many thanks you, Theresa

    03/14/2012 01:12:17