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    1. [TUTHILL] Administrator absence -- oceanographic expedition
    2. David M. Lawrence
    3. From the list admin: From June 9 to July 18, I will be on an oceanographic expedition with the Sea Education Association. The ship we will be on, the SSV Corwith Cramer, has no Internet access. If there are any list problems, please be patient -- I will take care of them AFTER I return from Bermuda (where the expedition begins and ends) on July 18. Note, for those of you on a list with a message board gateway -- such as CHINA -- feel free to report abuse on the message board (not the list) if unsolicited commercial e-mail (i.e., SPAM) gets through the gateway to the list. All messages on the message boards have a "Report abuse" link for you to do so. But please make sure it is actually spam. If it is the typical Slovakian/Slovenian confusion that we periodically get on the SLOVENIA list, or something similar, it is not spam. Dave -- ------------------------------------------------------ David M. Lawrence | Home: (804) 559-9786 7471 Brook Way Court | Fax: (804) 559-9787 Mechanicsville, VA 23111 | Email: USA | http: ------------------------------------------------------ "All drains lead to the ocean." -- Gill, Finding Nemo "We have met the enemy and he is us." -- Pogo "No trespassing 4/17 of a haiku" -- Richard Brautigan

    06/07/2010 01:58:33