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    2. Maxine
    3. Hello! It was nice to hear from you and yes, I do have some information to share with you but this was 'given' to me and I have _not_ verified any of it. I have been to the eye doctor so I am not seeing well, but I will send this along and my sight will improve later on today so I hope to hear from you again to see if I have anything you would like. TTUL Maxine On 3/22/2011 11:22 AM, wrote: > In a message dated 3/17/11 3:23:50 PM, writes: > > >> >> > Maxine, I am related to the Tuthills. My records: > Henry (my 7Ggrandfather, b. 28 Jun 1612 in Tharston, Norfolk, England, son > of Henry and Alice (Gooch) > Henry married Bridget Elizabeth Burton 1634 in England, she was born > 1616. I have only one child, John who married Deliverance King and had 9 > children > Would like to compare records with you. > Rev.. W. Melton McNeill > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message >

    03/22/2011 06:10:24