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    3. My Mother was a Trigg, from William Francis Trigg.  All I know about them they were from Illinois. Southern Part. I know my grandfather was William Franklin or Frances Trigg.  He died when I was 2 years Old.  He was married to Fannie Mae Sullenger from KY.  Everyone in the family is deceased..Only us grandchildren are left.  There were 9 girls born of the marriage and they are all deceased.  One was my mother, Pauline Trigg.  I will I could help you but don't know much about the them...I grew up around them but was never talk about family, And unfortunately when I was little and did visit them, my grandmother was a very cold complex person and I never seemed to like her.  To me she was a cruel person, Sorry I could not be of much help.  I have some of all this written down but it is stored away, and right now I amnot very well...but will get my housekeeper to get it down for me an I will try and go through some of it. My mother, Pauline Trigg married Joe David Waldrop.  We were all from the Kentucky area. Let me know If I can help you in anyway. Marilyn Jo (Waldrop) Rose Pasadena. TX >________________________________ > From: TOM F DUNKLIN <> >To: "" <> >Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 11:02 PM >Subject: [TRIGG] JOHN J TRIGGS FAMILY HISTORY: BORN 1794 ENGLAND-DIED 1856 STEWART CO GA > > >Looking to contact any person considered an expert on the history of the above family. Not an abundance of info on line but hoping that a long-time Triggs researcher with more information can be found. > >Anyone know who might be considered the top researcher for this family? Hope to hear from someone that can help me. > >In his WILL, John J mentions a daughter, Maria, who was married to Thomas A Golding. He left her land in Stewart Co GA. In my tree, I have a Mariah or Maria Golding who was married to a Thomas A Golding who also lived in Stewart Co. My family lived in the Lumpkin, Stewart Co GA from ca 1830-1880. However, many of the legal records show different spellings for their surname. We still go by the GOULDING spelling but they were also shown as GOLDING; GOLDEN; and GOULDEN. > > >Unable to find a  real connection between my line and John J Triggs. I really need some help. > >Paula > >------------------------------- >To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message > > >

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