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    1. [TRAUGOTT] Notice to subcribers
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    3. Notice to subscribers Admin Note for AT&T Broadband Subscribers: The transition from AT&T Broadband to Comcast High-Speed Internet Service will begin in the next few weeks. There will be a 60 day transition period during which both your old "" and your new "" will be functional. During that period, please be sure to unsubscribe your "" e-mail address from this and other mail lists, and to subscribe with your new "" address. For more info, see: IF YOU DON'T DO THIS, THE OLD ADDY WILL JUST DIE AFTER A FEW FAILURES. BUT I WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY RESUBSCRIBE YOU.. I CANNOT DO THIS ACCURATELY BECAUSE OF MY TYPING ABILITY OF LATE.. SO, YOU HAVE TO DO IT TO STAY ON LIST.

    02/05/2003 05:50:57