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    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-US] A new non-commercial website -
    2. Nigel Penton Tilbury
    3. Posted with the kind permission of the Listowner. I have just launched which is a totally non-commercial & privately-owned site and I hope to attract postings from the past as well as new social events. Following the death of a close family member, I was surprised at the charges levied by the local newspaper made for posting just a small obituary. It made me think through the whole 'death notices' thing and I created - which is an on-line repository for all notices of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Engagements, Anniversaries and Missing Persons. This has the advantage of being world-wide, free and doesn't get thrown away! Please feel free to help yourself and post anything which is relevant and appropriate - and it doesn't have to be current. Details of 'Auntie Millie born in 1896' is just as relevant as a modern-day wedding notice. If you like it, please tell your friends, for anyone is welcome to post good news or sad news. .........& if you don't, just tell me! Cheers for now, Nigel ______________________________________________ - the free online repository for all notices of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Engagements, Anniversaries and Missing Persons Doing it for free - unlike the newspapers ! Visit Follow us on Twitter ______________________________________________

    04/05/2010 09:48:07
    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-US] Madeira Mamore Expedition to Brazil, Metropolis Mercedita & Richmond
    2. Bob Moyer
    3. Hello everyone, I have finished indexing the names for a new database for the Madeira Mamore Expedition of 1878 which involved constructing a railroad in Brazil by US engineers, contractors and laborers. The names are mostly PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, WV, KY and Ohio. My project started as a search for person named Philip BOWERS in my family tree who I finally found in one of the newspaper articles and my project since expanded into something much more. Since I had collected so much information I thought it might be a good time to share it with other researchers. The project consists of two web pages: 1) a source or reference page (bibliography) with links to where the names were found, and 2) the database of names to which it is linked You can access both at the web site below: I you have a missing person from this time period you need to check the database, especially if they were from PA, NJ, NY, DE or MD. The names in the list are not currently found by searching the Internet or Rootsweb. Rootsweb support said the names will all eventually become indexed - indexing runs in two month cycles. Short Synopsis: The Disastrous American Expedition of 1878 that included the contractors P. & T. Collins (Col. George Earl Church) and the laborers who went to Brazil to build a railroad was also called the "The Railroad of Death" and a "railroad from no-place to no-where". It was estimated that a worker died for every sleeper that was laid in the jungle and the loss of workers was on a scale that rivaled the Panama Canal project. The purpose of this project is to create a database of names by transcribing newspaper accounts, books and other sources about the expedition. Careful attention has been given to separate these names from the later Farquar/Jekyll expedition of 1907-1912. Thousands of men from many countries lost their lives in both expeditions. I've read that many men kept diaries while working in Brazil and I have a few in my sources but I'm sure there are others. If you have anything to add I would welcome your contribution. Happy Hunting - please let me know if you find anything helpful. Sincerely, Bob Moyer Instructor, Ed2go - Genealogy Basics Researching the Pennsylvania names of Moyer, Rempp, Klug, Mattern, Magargal and BOWERS, the name that originally started this project.

    06/05/2009 01:54:02
    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-US] 3rd party listings
    2. Keith Hunter
    3. All, Has anyone had any experience buying transcripts from eBay vendors? How would you know the surname you're looking for is even there? Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated. Keith Indy

    08/16/2007 02:52:17
    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-US] Transcription files wanted
    2. Hello everybody, I would like to invite people who have been transcribing genealogy data into genealogy software to send me a copy of anything you want to share with the world, in GEDCOM format. This is for public-domain GEDCOM files of deceased persons only, please. You can submit your file right now if you wish by putting, THIS GEDCOM FILE IS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. in the subject line and attaching the GEDCOM file. E-mail it to [email protected] Thank you very much for your transcription work. Tom Alciere [email protected]

    12/07/2006 05:35:48
    1. Re: [TRANSCRIPTIONS-US] Transcription files wanted
    2. Charmain Pierce
    3. Dear Mr. Alciere, My family has a mountain in Hazard Ky, Called Stacy Mountain, Perry Co., Off S.R. 80 Pigeon Roost. I found the same cemetery online and I noticed that there were several persons missing in the cemetery from what I had noted when I was there. I took several pictures of each of the tomb stones so that I could later document my ancestors that are buried there. I'm not sure what to do with this info which could help others as well. Thanks for helping us find our history. Charmain Bausman-Pierce Dayton, Ohio [email protected] wrote: Hello everybody, I would like to invite people who have been transcribing genealogy data into genealogy software to send me a copy of anything you want to share with the world, in GEDCOM format. This is for public-domain GEDCOM files of deceased persons only, please. You can submit your file right now if you wish by putting, THIS GEDCOM FILE IS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. in the subject line and attaching the GEDCOM file. E-mail it to [email protected] Thank you very much for your transcription work. Tom Alciere [email protected] ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to [email protected] with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message Thanks, Charmain Pierce

    12/07/2006 01:35:17
    1. question
    2. philip/mary lou garland
    3. We have a book called Garland Genealogies (The Northern Branch) written by James Gray Garland. He mentions that James A. Garland, Jr. ESQ. of Chestnut Hill MA was compiling a Genealogy of the Southern Branch (1896) . Does anyone know whether the Southern branch was ever published? Thanks for any help, Mary Lou Garland [email protected]

    01/06/2006 08:08:45
    1. Transcriber(s) needed
    2. Gene Hall
    3. Hi, FamilyTrackers is looking for people to help index some images from the Oradea Jewish Cemetery in Oradea, Bihor, Romania. The publisher has uploaded the images and offered to share revenue with anyone who will create the indices for the images. There are also some projects in English. It requires someone who can read the names and dates from an image and enter it into an Excel file - then upload the file. When an item sells, payment is made to both publisher and indexer. Details at where you can sign up for free and find available projects. If you are interested in doing something like this, let me know at [email protected] and I'll help you get started and walk you through the process. Thanks. Gene

    09/12/2005 02:46:37
    1. Fw: Marriage/Death Indexes for sale
    2. Marilyn M Heiderer
    3. Dear Listers: I am no longer doing research for others and have decided to sell my microfiche/film collection. This collection includes: CA Marriage Indexes for Brides and Grooms (1960-86), 633 fiche CA Death Index (1940-95), 554 fiche WA Death Index (1907-1989), 9 rolls of film and 61 fiche Please contact me OFF LIST at [email protected] for more details about these indexes. This is a rare chance to purchase the CA indexes as they are no longer available for purchase from the Vital Records Division of California. Michele

    04/15/2005 09:02:57
    1. Copyright Question
    2. Martha Bowes
    3. I am new to the list, and sure this has been addressed, but the server at Rootsweb is down and I can't search the archives. I am transcribing my gr(2x) grandfather's Civil War letters. I take it that because of the continued extension of copyright periods, he or his heirs still own copyright to the originals. But can I have copyright to the transcriptions? I may just provide them to the public for free, but I am putting so much work into them, transcribing, adding photos (my own), index, intro, glossary ... I have considered selling the transcription (except to family) to help recoup costs (not that many people would want it :-). Is this ethical? I don't plan to do it if unethical, but I'm having trouble finding direction on the web. Even if I don't sell it to anyone, which is my leaning, can I put my copyright on it? Has anyone else on this list transcribed Civil War letters? I'd love to know of a list for just this purpose if anyone can point me to one. Thanks for feedback, Martha

    02/09/2005 01:09:35
    1. Hello.
    2. Joan L. Asche
    3. I subscribed to this list some time ago and never see any traffic. Just wondering if it is an active list and was wondering what types of transcriptions are covered on this list. Thanks, Joan

    08/09/2004 06:35:40
    1. Re: [TRANSCRIPTS-US] Hello.
    2. ~~ Leslie ~~
    3. Joan, the mailing list URL at Rootsweb says, of this list, "Topic: land and property research in the United States and its applications in genealogy". I had even forgotten that I was subscribed here, due to lack of traffic. List Admin, will you please fill us both of us in? Leslie ----- From: "Joan L. Asche" <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 9:35 AM Subject: [TRANSCRIPTS-US] Hello. > I subscribed to this list some time ago and never see any traffic. Just > wondering if it is an active list and was wondering what types of > transcriptions are covered on this list. > > Thanks, > Joan

    08/09/2004 04:25:53
    1. [TRANSCRIPTS-US] Website updated with transcriptions,look-ups,photos,documents,links,names etc.
    2. Hello list,     I've updated my website with not only my own family information, but also some data that I've put together to hopefully help others.  Here's what you'll find.   1. Of course my family info with copies of documents such as those that I found at the National Archives in DC in my great great grandfather Louis KIRCHER's (born in Weinsberg, Wurttemberg) Civil War Pension files.  Included in those papers are sworn statements made by friends to aid in the pension eligibility research.   2. I own a few census index cds and have full access to and I am willing to do look ups.  Just click on the census image on my home page and it will take you to a page where there are directions to follow.  Please follow them or I will not be able to answer your request.   3. Some inscriptions that I found on tombstones at Fernwood Cemetery just outside of Philadelphia, PA that were near those of my own family members.   4. The Last Wills of 4 WEINBERG/VINEYARD/VINYARD ancestors.  They came from Lavern, Westphalia, Prussia to Cumberland County, New Jersey.  The wills were provided by Barb and Doug May.    5. Four partial Ships' Lists all Liverpool, England to Philadelphia, PA. 1907 - 1910.  Not all passengers were from England, so look them over for your ancestral names.   6. I transcribed  3 pages from the Philadelphia, PA. Orphan's Court Marriage Records Index 1885 - 1916.  Many names there!   7. I put some old unknown photos from all over the world from ebay on my site in hopes that someone might find a relative there.  If interested,  you should be able to just right click on the enlarged photo and then left click on "Save Picture As".   8. Many fantastic useful free links.  There are a few that provide limited access but still give you enough free information to start out with.  I update the links monthly and mark new ones as NEW with bright red letters that you can not miss.      9.  Photos of headstones at Fernwood Cemetery coming soon.   the URL is...   Some of you might find accessing this URL a little easier, but the graphics don't line up right...       If you should have trouble accessing the page just please continue to try again later.  It just means that a lot of people are trying to access it and I guess AOL can't handle the overload.  I am sending this out to all of the lists that I belong to.  I swear that I am giving the correct URL.     Please forgive my multiple postings, but I think it's important that I let as many people know about my site as humanly possible.  Please pass it on to everyone you know who is interested in genealogy who might be on a list that by some small miracle I don't belong to.  There is definitely something there for everyone from beginner to expert.      If you're reading this from a specific surname mailing list and you can't find the surname in any of the documents/transcriptions or family trees, send me an email.  Most likely that means that the surname is in my family tree but just hasn't found a spot on my website yet.     If you're reading this post off of a Geographic mailing list and no one on my website is from that area, then check the ships'  lists for country/state/city of origin or final destination.  If you don't find anything there, then again, email me.  I have ancestors from there who didn't make it on my website yet.   Happy hunting and good luck, Ella PS. Use the Pico search engine on my homepage to search my site for your specific interest.

    06/21/2003 08:17:24
    1. [TRANSCRIPTS-US] Services
    2. charles wilson-watkins
    3. I am would like to offer my services to any one who might be interested. I live in Swansea, UK. If there is anyone who has family in Swansea or the surrounding area, and would like to found about them, but can not get over to the UK, I would like to offer my services for you to find the your information. I charge a small fee for my services, and they included many things not just looking up the records, I can go to Churches, Cemeteries, Houses where people lived, and take pictures. Please conact me if you want to take my services up Charles _________________________________________________________________ Send and receive Hotmail on your mobile device:

    08/23/2002 08:31:33
    1. [TRANSCRIPTS-US] Transcription Database
    2. Hello, I am working on a research study about a new service aimed at transcribers and small publishers of genealogy data. If you participate, your input will be used to plan the new service. ** Your input is important **. Participants will be automatically entered into a drawing for a $100 prize. To participate, copy and paste the following URL into your browser . . . . . . and answer the questions. Thank you for your participation! Gene --------------------- I hope it is okay to post this to the list. I thought you would be interested since it is directly related to transcribed genealogy records. If you are not interested, please excuse my post.

    05/06/2002 12:27:36
    1. [TRANSCRIPTS-US] passenger lists
    2. Clapsaddle
    3. Wanted to buy, rent, or swap: used microfilm reels of passenger arrival records, Port of New York, 1871 and 1872. Contact Carol Clapsaddle at [email protected]

    01/30/2002 08:24:06
    1. Re: [TRANSCRIPTS-US] 1910 Census Transcriptions for RI, VT and NH
    2. Jim Pellien
    3. Hello, The 1910 Federal Census was not completely indexed by the Census Bureau. They only indexed 21 states, leaving 27 states out in the cold. Genealogists looking for ancestors in one of those 27 states are confronted with a laborious page-by-page search of the original census records. Until now!! Census4all of Arlington-VA has spent thousands of hours transcribing three of these unindexed states: Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. Census4all has asked Pellien Research to distribute these transcriptions in HARD COPY to libraries, genealogical societies, educational institutions and individual genealogy researchers. These transcripts are NOT being distributed on CD-ROM and are not available from any other source. The multi-volume sets include the following number of people: - 1910 New Hampshire Census: 363,851 people out of a total population of 430,572 - 1910 Rhode Island Census: 366,639 out of a total population of 542,610 -1910 Vermont Census: 229,320 names out of a total population of 355,956 Note: the missing records are due to the fact that the Census Bureau microfilm copies have very poor quality. Many entries were unreadable or missing. The CENSUS4ALL transcriptions are the best possible under the circumstances and the original census schedules have been destroyed by the Census Bureau. The books are high quality, built to library reference book standards, with 50# paper. They will be published by PageFree Publishing Inc. of Otsego, MN and will be available for purchase within 6 months from Ingram Distribution,,, as well as and "Books-In-Print" at the following cost: New Hampshire: $180.00 per set Rhode Island: $180.00 per set Vermont: $140.00 per set Through a special PRE-PAID OFFER, Pellien Research can provide you a 20% DISCOUNT on the above prices for a Prepaid Direct Purchase BEFORE DEC. 31ST, 2001.. An additional 5% discount is also available if you purchase all three states at one time. You can save a total of $120 off the the retail price of $500 for all three states. Here is the cost breakdown for a direct prepaid purchase: New Hampshire: $144.00 per set (Savings = $36) Rhode Island: $144.00 per set (Savings = $36) Vermont: $112.00 per set (Savings = $28) If you take advantage of the pre-paid purchase on all three sets, your cost is reduced an additional 5 % to $380 total for all three states. IMPORTANT: PRE-PAID DISCOUNTS ARE ONLY GOOD UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR, DEC 31ST 2001. YOUR ORDER FORMAND CHECK MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO DEC 31ST. Please complete the following order form and mail it with your check to: Pellien Research 3145 S. Stafford Street Arlington, VA 22206 THE DISCOUNT FOR PRE-PAID ORDERS EXPIRES ON DEC, 31ST, 2001 ================================================================ 1910 CENSUS TRANSCRIPTION ORDER FORM (PRE-PAID ORDERS ONLY) Your Name: Your Business's Name: Your Telephone Number: Shipping Address: We wish to order the following transcriptions from Pellien Research and receive the 20% pre-paid discount (discount will be honored until Dec 31st, 2001): Number Of Sets _______ 1910 RI Census Transcription @ $144.00 each ($36 Savings) _______ 1910 NH Census Transcription @ $144.00 each ($36 Savings) _______ 1910 VT Census Transcription @ $112.00 each ($28 Savings) _______ 1910 RI, NH and VT Transcription package for $380 a set ($120 Savings) We understand the following: 1. These transcripts do not contain every person in the subject states. This is due to the poor condition of the source material (microfilms) from which the transcriptions were taken. The following describes the extent of these transcriptions: - New Hampshire: 363,851 people out of a total population of 430,572 in 1910 - Rhode Island: 366,639 people out of a total population of 542,610 - Vermont: 229,320 people out of a total population of 355,956 2. Each transcribed entry contains one person and includes a Surname and County of Residence. In most cases there is also a Given Name (and sometimes a middle initial) and Age. 3. There is a Census4all reference number for each person. This number can be used to get a copy of the actual census page. 4. Pellien Research will deliver the transcriptions within six (6) months of this order. Your Name Your Signature Date ____________________ ____________________ ________________ PLEASE COMPLETE THIS ORDER FORM AND MAIL IT WITH YOUR PERSONAL OR BUSINESS CHECK TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS PRIOR TO DEC. 31ST, 2001: PELLIEN RESEARCH 3145 S. STAFFORD STREET ARLINGTON, VA 22206

    11/28/2001 09:47:14
    1. [TRANSCRIPTS-US] 1910 Census Transcriptions for RI, VT and NH
    2. Jim Pellien
    3. Hello, Genealogists will probably be interested in a new genealogy resource that is available for some New England states: Transcriptions of the 1910 Census in RI, VT and NH. For further information about them, please write me at: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> Jim Pellien

    09/21/2001 06:26:06
    1. [TRANSCRIPTS-US] Tuxford
    2. Does anybody please have any listings of Tuxford please Bob Tuxford [email protected]

    09/06/2001 01:33:41