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    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-AUS] Cemeteries of SW Victoria - Port Campbell
    2. Ian Marr
    3. We have been fortunate to be given access to the transcription of the Port Campbell Burial Register 1877 to 1993. As a result, we have completed a fairly major update to the index (125 additional entries plus various, miscellaneous changes). These have been uploaded to the web site (see below). Regards, Ian MARR This message can be considered to be in the public domain. Member A.I.G.S (11528) 14.5m above sea-level at 38°23'10.6"S by 142°36'08.4"E Remember, to EVERY question in life, there is more than one CORRECT answer. The home of SW Victorian Cemetery indexes:

    11/17/2009 05:33:54